Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy holidays! :D

Just wanted to pop in to greet everyone- happy holidays! Merry Christmas and looking forward to the new year!

Ida :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet giveaway (and sale) from Soap n' Sorbet :)

I've been lemming quite badly for Tokyomilk products. I would love to receive any Tokyomilk product for christmas! What a coincidence it was when I found out recently about a website that ships them internationally- And not only that, Soap n' Sorbet currently has a grand opening sale going on, where you can get 10% off any item in the shop upon registering. To top it all off, they're having a giveaway (details at the bottom of this post!)

I'm a total sucker for unique, vintagey, beautiful packaging. If you browse the other items on Soap n' Sorbet you'll find all sorts of pretty things, like these:

Tokyomilk Dead Sexy Parfum

Tokyomilk Let Them Eat Cake Lip Balm

Love + Toast Honey Coconut Hand Cream

Steam Cream Felicity
*All photos from

Sigh...I'm sorely tempted to get these but I'm trying to avoid making any further purchases for myself as we haven't even started shopping for presents yet!

But here's the good news: Soap n' Sorbet is holding a giveaway for one Tokyomilk Parfum (if you win you can choose among the 9 different scents available on the site)!

How to join:

1. Register at the Soap n' Sorbet website.
2. Help spread the word about them and email your friends with a link to their site,, to introduce them to this lovely new online shop.
3. CC or forward Soap n' Sorbet this email at
4. The more friends you invite, the better your chance.

Good luck and you can also email them if you have any questions :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

I haven't abandoned my blog :)

Just wanted to pop in and say that! I didn't feel much like blogging the past few weeks but now I do feel like it and wanted to post photos and stuff, but I'm having trouble transferring photos into this laptop. It's my hubby's and his previous one was replaced a second time, this time with a newer model- Sony Vaio VPCCW16FG.

The memory card from my digicam won't fit in anywhere on it and I'm frustrated. In case anyone reading is familiar with the laptop model, please help? I find it inconvenient to have out go out and find a cord for transferring photos.

It is already December but I don't feel that holiday feeling yet. We haven't done any shopping for presents yet, but tomorrow I'm getting my Dad one cause it's his birthday. I'm enjoying looking at the holiday collections from various makeup brands...Meow's Merry Mayhem collection has pretty funny names :)

I wish I'd start feeling all christmasy already.
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