Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog sale again :)

Time for another blog sale!

Please note:

1. Blog sale is for Philippine residents :)
2. Items will be shipped through Xend Express, just add P50 for Metro Manila shipping, and for areas outside Metro Manila it's around P100- will compute exact amount.
3. Payment methods are Gcash and BDO bank deposit (for this option, must email me a scan or photo of the deposit receipt. Please bear with me as I don't have online access to this account nor do I get to check it often).
4. You can email me at if you'd like more information about any of the products, or buying them.

Here are the items for sale (remember, you can click the photos to enlarge them):

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Strawberry Milk and Lemon, **both SOLD. each used less than 5x, P99 each:

NYX Round Lipsticks in Tea Rose (used less than 5x) and Sunflower **both SOLD. (tested 2x. has a nick on the side, from inside the tube- I found it this way though it was brand new), P99 each.

Tea Rose

Tea Rose opened


Looks overly orange and metallic here because of the flash, but the photo below, showing the nick on the other side, more accurately shows how the color looks in actual.

Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom Body Splash, 2oz, **SOLD. bought recently and used on one occasion, 97% or 98% remaining product, P99.

Barenaturals' Kabuki brush (synthetic hair), washed and used, but remains in good condition, P99. *Sold

ELF Studio Powder Blush in Peachy Keen. Used twice only. P120.*SOLD

The following photo was taken with flash.

And this one without flash.

Ellana Mineral Stick Concealer in Refresh **SOLD. (color described by Ellana as neutral salmon). Used about 3 times. P99.

Ellana Multipurpose Mineral Eyeshadow in Wish (brown black matte which can be used as shadow or liner). Tested once only, so I only pulled back the sifter sticker a bit. P50.*SOLD

Ellana Moisturizing Lip Color in Sensual. Looks dark in the pot but gives a sheer rosy tint on the lips. Still a lot of product remaining. P50. *SOLD

Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Inky Black. About 85% of product left. P90. *SOLD

Silk Naturals Boom Eyeshadow (in 5 gram sifter jar), this is their clone for MAC Shroom e/s. Tested twice. P75.*SOLD

Everyday Minerals Eyeshadows in Greeting Card, Hoppity Hop Hop, and Cotton Tale. 90% product left for each pot. P100 for all three jars.*SOLD

Lauress samples of foundation- **SOLD. Fresh Gold in Minimalist and Pure Gold in Ethereal. Each used once only. P40 each.

Earthen Glow Minerals Lip Balm Tin in Cherry Jubilee. **SOLD. Lightly tinted and smells to me like cherry bubblegum. In cute sliding tin. Used 2-3 times. P50.

Alba TerraGloss in Garnet. Sheer gloss with a mild vanilla scent. Used a few times only and sanitized, P50.*SOLD

I included shoes feet grew wider when I got pregnant and they never went back to their original size. Hehe. These are for size 6 feet. Shipping for these (w/in metro manila) costs P60.

Cute pink wedges, never worn and stored carefully, P199. *SOLD

Soft brown flats, worn once. *Sold.P100.

Wooden bakyas, got them in Laguna. Worn about 5 times, P75.*SOLD

Green flats, which are a darker, but more vibrant green in actual. Worn once. P50.

Red plaid sneaks. I never wore them, but they got dusty and the black tip of the left one has spots. :( Free if you want them, just pay for shipping.*Requested already :)

Also, 2 dresses:

Black print dress **SOLD. (cotton jersey), washed, but never worn. Would fit medium frames. Just ask me for measurements if you'd like them. P100.

Vintagey dress, **SOLD. falls just above the knee. Worn once (when I was 4 months preggy). P75.

Thanks for looking! :)

Avatar and (glittersniffer) solid perfumes this time

We saw Avatar this tuesday, the last day it was showing in the nearby theater. So, are most movies gonna be in 3D from now on? 'Cause that would be awesome! During the first few moments in the movie, I wasn't able to follow the narration, although my eyes were glued to the screen, because I was still trying to take it all in! The feel is almost like being in a video game. Really enjoyed the movie too...if a friend who hadn't seen it yet asked me to go with them, I'd watch it again. The trailers shown before the movie started were all in 3D too, one of them was Alice in Wonderland, which looked great, and which I'm totally looking forward to.

So...I don't know how to segue into this but this post was really meant to be about the solid perfumes I got from Glittersniffer awhile ago. I guess I just enjoyed watching Avatar that much, and wanted to share it. :) I got a pretty good deal on the solid perfumes. These were a cyber monday sale listing and was supposedly for 10 solid perfumes only, but I had convo'd Lela and was asking some questions, when she said she'd throw in 2 additional, yahoo! They were about $10 less than the regular listing, the only difference was that not all the scents were available.

I picked mostly gourmand scents, if you'll notice!

Lime, Caramel Apple, Stitches, Tanning Bed, Pina Colada, Milk Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Glitter, Smores, Birthday Cake, Warm Laundry, and Fruit Salad.

I thought they were going to be in twist-up tubes, but I like these better, they're so cute. And most of them do smell just like the real thing. Cotton Candy is all banged up because my daughter put the whole thing inside her mouth and tried to eat it! Sometimes I feel like doing that myself, especially when I'm hungry and put on Birthday Cake. This remains my fave, and second to it, Lime, which isn't overly citrusy, and quite subtle, as all of these are, but still a bit tangy which I find refreshing in our hot weather.

I use Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy when at home, just because, but sometimes I unexpectedly smell some coconut in them, which I find out of place. Sniffing Smores and Milk Chocolate makes me look for something sweet to eat, Smores especially, which is sweeter and less milky among the two. Fruit Salad I haven't been using much because it smells too much like cream to me, and again had that coconut note.

The non-gourmand scents in the bunch are Glitter, Stitches, Tanning Bed, and Warm Laundry. I do like Warm Laundry, it's much like being surrounded by a pile of still warm and a bit damp from the dryer, newly washed, fabric softener-soaked clothes.

These were a really fun purchase, and I'd recommend you try them if you want something much milder than perfume, if you like gourmand scents and a few unique scents (like Freshly Dug Dirt), or a fragrance in solid form that's easier to tote around. I always have one in my purse :)

Also, I figured out why I was having a hard time getting clearer photos. I forgot to push the macro button on the camera! Haha. I guess that's what happens when you don't blog for a while...

P.S. I'll be posting a cheap blog sale shortly!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tokyomilk Gin & Rosewater (plus samples) from Soap 'n Sorbet

I think The Secret might have been at work again! If you haven't noticed from my last post, I currently have a budding love for fragrances. Since last year, I'd been intrigued by Tokyomilk products. They are beautifully packaged, sweet and unique. But I kept hesitating to get them, because, beautiful as these were, I couldn't get a full bottle not even knowing how they'd smell on me, plus there'd be an added cost for me using a forwarding service 'cause none of the sites I found ship to my country.

But one day I came across Soap 'n Sorbet, which carries Tokyomilk parfums, they are Singapore-based but ships to all over the world, and was holding a giveaway for a Tokyomilk fragrance of the winner's choice! If you scroll down on the page, you'll even see my post about the said giveaway. Can you imagine my delight, when during the holidays, I received an email saying I'd won the giveaway? :D

I had trouble choosing which scent to get and asked Rachel of Soap 'n Sorbet for recommendations. She was quite helpful and suggested Gin & Rosewater for me. If you need help choosing products from her site, you should totally email her, she's really nice and friendly. I also ordered a Perfume Trial Set, which is a set of 5 perfume samples of your choice- these are 1ml vials with dipper tops, and ship for free anywhere, great deal and must-try for deciding on getting a full bottle IMO.

I received my package shortly after the new year. Here's the lovely bottle of Gin & Rosewater:

On the bottle it says- 'Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa, Mandarin'.

I find this fragrance rather lovely. And as the name implies, it's fun, and feminine. Refreshing too- after coming in from the heat outdoors, I like spritzing this on after I've cooled off a bit. Then I feel pretty again, hehe.

I found it slightly citrusy, slightly sweet, and rather cheerful upon spraying it on, and when it was drying down I smelled a hint of rose, which made me smile. I want to wear it again when I'm when I'm in a bit of a flirty, light, mischievous mood. =P

For the sampler set I ordered Dead Sexy, Song in D Minor, Eden, Le Petite, and Kabuki. They were labeled and sealed neatly in small ziploc bags, as you can see below. I lost the sample of Kabuki before I even got to sniff it, and still can't find it 'til now...oh well.

Out of the four, the scents which called out to me were Song in D Minor and Dead Sexy. Song in D Minor is a floral (notes of white orchid, orange flower, gardenia, amber), and I've never really favored florals, but these days I'm more open to exploring. I agree with the description on Soap 'n Sorbet that this is a classic floral scent, this is how it smells upon first sniffing it on my skin. But what I find interesting about it is the drydown. The toning down of the floral notes are mixed with a scent of something like...ashes, perhaps? Which I find surprisingly pleasant and different.

Dead Sexy, I admit, I want to get mostly for the bottle (has a skull drawing). Notes are deep vanilla, woods, ebony, orchid. It's initially a combination of light woods and a sweet caramelly vanilla scent, and as the fragrance progresses into the middle notes, it becomes even sweeter, with the sweetness taking over the light woodsiness until I can no longer detect any of the woods, and it ends with a kind of familiar, fairly common, warm vanilla scent. It can be sexy if you like vanillic scents, which I do, but I guess I was expecting something more different.

Still, I like these well enough to purchase a bottle of each when I get extra cash, along with other goodies on Soap 'n Sorbet like their creams and scrubs (and samples of the other Tokyomilk parfums). I also find them more affordable compared to other perfumes (52 SGD or approx PhP 1720 or 37 USD). I'd be happy to get them as gifts too!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I want to smell everything right now :)

I used to think that I was simply not a perfume person...until about two weeks ago. A significant change in our family's lives took place early December last year, when my ailing grandfather passed away (yesterday marked the 40th day since his death, may his soul rest in peace!). His passing away left me more contemplative, and I had trouble sleeping. A few days before christmas, I felt a bit depressed, and was a bit upset with my husband for some reason...he wanted to cheer me up badly and make it up to me, and came home with a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum Silver Edition.

Daisy had been on my lemming list since I saw the original bottle last last year and found the white plastic petals funny, and pretty. I had also sniffed its scent and found it light and pleasant enough for my sensitive nose. My husband loves perfumes, and remembered that I had wanted this...though I think he may have been sales-talked into getting the silver edition, which over here costs so much more than the original (they still have pretty much the same scent, only this is Eau de Parfum and not Eau de Toilette, and the bottle is different of course).

It does look adorable though. I love seeing it on my dresser! And the sweet gesture did work in cheering me up, along with the christmas gatherings with family and friends, and wonderful, comforting food! I was all warm and fuzzy and happy again :)

A few days after christmas we went to Duty Free, and shortly after browsing around, I got this, courtesy of hubby again:

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance in Baby. I love cute and pretty things...

Isn't she cute, indeed? About the scent, the name says it all- it smells like most baby products! Perhaps a bit sweeter, but it smells most like Johnson and Johnson's Head to Toe body wash. One time I even sprayed it on my hair, then asked my husband to smell it, and he said that my hair smelled of our daughter's shampoo. He didn't realize that I had spritzed on Baby.

It's really appropriate for someone who doesn't wear perfume. It's the most nondescript out of all the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, but I think I chose it just because of that. I'd tested the fragrances at the mall a few weeks back before we bought them, and my non-perfume wearing self decided Baby was the one I could wear, hehe. I wear this when we bring our daughter with us, so that I won't aggravate her allergies. Baby for baby.

Daisy also, if you think about it, is a likely choice for someone who doesn't wear perfume much. It's light, young, uncomplicated...on my skin the notes of strawberry stand out after a while so it makes me think of slightly fruity fragrances and light florals. I do not find it unique, but I like it and find it nice and yummy. And it will probably always remind me of my husband and that particular December.

I've been getting more and more interested in perfume lately, exploring perfume blogs, most notably Now Smell This, and have been reading more about niche fragrances and a hell of a lot more exclusive perfumes. I have an already long and still growing list of scents that I want to try, and thank goodness there's The Perfumed Court for decants! They actually don't ship to my country but no problem, I can use a forwarding service :) There's a somewhat similar store at the local mall called Scents Per Scent who sells decants also, albeit of popular mainstream perfumes only, and just yesterday I got samplers of Lanvin's Eclat d' Arpege and the super popular Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana (I'm very late to this). Last week I got my fix in the form of Tokyomilk parfums from Soap n' Sorbet, which I'll blog about soon.

Seriously I think I'm as interested in perfume now as I am in all things makeup. I wish that I had a comfort scent during the days of my grandfather's funeral, or anytime I need any kind of comforting at all. I look back now on my wedding day and can't recall if I wore any perfume on that day, and I kinda wish I could go back in time and choose one for it. I love the little everyday luxury of wearing perfume. To those reading this, what's your favorite perfume of all time? Share!
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