Thursday, January 14, 2010

I want to smell everything right now :)

I used to think that I was simply not a perfume person...until about two weeks ago. A significant change in our family's lives took place early December last year, when my ailing grandfather passed away (yesterday marked the 40th day since his death, may his soul rest in peace!). His passing away left me more contemplative, and I had trouble sleeping. A few days before christmas, I felt a bit depressed, and was a bit upset with my husband for some reason...he wanted to cheer me up badly and make it up to me, and came home with a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum Silver Edition.

Daisy had been on my lemming list since I saw the original bottle last last year and found the white plastic petals funny, and pretty. I had also sniffed its scent and found it light and pleasant enough for my sensitive nose. My husband loves perfumes, and remembered that I had wanted this...though I think he may have been sales-talked into getting the silver edition, which over here costs so much more than the original (they still have pretty much the same scent, only this is Eau de Parfum and not Eau de Toilette, and the bottle is different of course).

It does look adorable though. I love seeing it on my dresser! And the sweet gesture did work in cheering me up, along with the christmas gatherings with family and friends, and wonderful, comforting food! I was all warm and fuzzy and happy again :)

A few days after christmas we went to Duty Free, and shortly after browsing around, I got this, courtesy of hubby again:

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance in Baby. I love cute and pretty things...

Isn't she cute, indeed? About the scent, the name says it all- it smells like most baby products! Perhaps a bit sweeter, but it smells most like Johnson and Johnson's Head to Toe body wash. One time I even sprayed it on my hair, then asked my husband to smell it, and he said that my hair smelled of our daughter's shampoo. He didn't realize that I had spritzed on Baby.

It's really appropriate for someone who doesn't wear perfume. It's the most nondescript out of all the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, but I think I chose it just because of that. I'd tested the fragrances at the mall a few weeks back before we bought them, and my non-perfume wearing self decided Baby was the one I could wear, hehe. I wear this when we bring our daughter with us, so that I won't aggravate her allergies. Baby for baby.

Daisy also, if you think about it, is a likely choice for someone who doesn't wear perfume much. It's light, young, uncomplicated...on my skin the notes of strawberry stand out after a while so it makes me think of slightly fruity fragrances and light florals. I do not find it unique, but I like it and find it nice and yummy. And it will probably always remind me of my husband and that particular December.

I've been getting more and more interested in perfume lately, exploring perfume blogs, most notably Now Smell This, and have been reading more about niche fragrances and a hell of a lot more exclusive perfumes. I have an already long and still growing list of scents that I want to try, and thank goodness there's The Perfumed Court for decants! They actually don't ship to my country but no problem, I can use a forwarding service :) There's a somewhat similar store at the local mall called Scents Per Scent who sells decants also, albeit of popular mainstream perfumes only, and just yesterday I got samplers of Lanvin's Eclat d' Arpege and the super popular Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana (I'm very late to this). Last week I got my fix in the form of Tokyomilk parfums from Soap n' Sorbet, which I'll blog about soon.

Seriously I think I'm as interested in perfume now as I am in all things makeup. I wish that I had a comfort scent during the days of my grandfather's funeral, or anytime I need any kind of comforting at all. I look back now on my wedding day and can't recall if I wore any perfume on that day, and I kinda wish I could go back in time and choose one for it. I love the little everyday luxury of wearing perfume. To those reading this, what's your favorite perfume of all time? Share!


Golden said...

I'm fond of perfumes too. I, on the other hand, love vanilla scents.

By the way, your hubby is so sweet.

Lots of love,

K said...

how much for the harajuku perfume?

I think we have the same liking for scents. I like baby-ish, powdery or scents rather than fruity :)

Ida said...

Golden, I actually love vanilla scents too. Thanks, yes he is :)

K, at that time the conversion at duty free was $1=P41, so it was around P1600. I prefer powdery over fruity too :)

Khymm said...

ang cute ng harajuku perfume! gusto ko yung scent ng LOVE!

Angela said...

i love the Daisy too. it smells really nice.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

waa i want the harajuku im a sucker when it comes to harjuku,i dont have a lot of harajuku items but i cant seem to resist their stuff.

nikkiz. said...

Condolences Ida.

Wow, that perfume seems nice as I prefer baby, powdery and foodie scents. I'll look for Baby when we go to Duty Free in Feb.

Ida said...

Khymm, ang cute talaga ng bottles nila, pati yung solid perfumes! Love yung pinaka gustong scent ng hubby ko :)

Angela, it does! I just followed your blog :)

Shobe, I couldn't resist either. Their bags and wallets are cute too :)

Nikki, thank you for your condolences.
I like those scents too. When you go to Duty Free in feb I hope they still have the $41 conversion, we got great bargains from that :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im so sorry to hear about your grandpa passing away. at least he is already in peace & is looking after you na.

as for favorite perfume..hmmm..
i don't wear perfumes din e.

i recently purchased Benefit's B-Spot & for a Eau de Toilette i am amazed at the staying power. It stays on me for a whole day! It's insane.

Though i wanted to be able to sniff the Harajuku they have it in SM?
I need to check..if not, maybe in Marionnaud.

As for the Magic Bubble Peeling, it exfoliates the skin. It's a foam then when you rub it on the skin, matatangal ung dead skin cells (pinaganda ko pa yung libag e..hehe). You can literally rub it off!

Sorry i missed this post the day that you posted. Nice to see your post,sis

jehan said...

my condolences Ida... hope you really feel better now...

as much as i love musky and vanilla scents, i only discovered 2 years ago that i'm actually allergic to them, hence, aggravating my acne? like what a derma said... anyway, for my favorite scents, i love the very feminine and almost similar scents of VS's BREATHLESS and Kenzo's Flower. staying power is also great...

Pop Champagne said...

cool I do love pretty perfume bottles. After all it sits on your dresser and also acts as a display right?! :D Currently I'm in love with my Burberry!

Ida said...

Thiamere, yes, we think about how he must be happy now that he's with our grandmother. Thank you sis, you're really such a sweetie :)

I read your review on Benefit B-spot and am curious about that also! I'm not sure if the Harajuku fragrances are available at SM or Marionnaud, but I do know that besides Duty Free, they're also avail at Rustan's :)

I'm adding the Bubble Magic Peeling to my list. Sugod kagad ako pagbukas ng Etude house dito sa south :)

Jehan, hi, thank you for your condolences and concern. I do feel much better now :)

Goodness, I'm sorry to hear that perfumes aggravate your acne! Musky scents are something I'm getting into right now. And ooh, in college I used up a bottle of Kenzo Flower :)

Pop Champagne, yup definitely! I've heard lots of raves about Burberry's perfumes, can't wait to sniff those:)

twinsouls888 said...

Condolences to you girl about your grandfather. My grandfather passed away three years ago and I missed him a lot too. I believe that he's happy now wherever he is but everytime a member of my family mentions him, I still get teary eyed. We're very close ^_^ Everythings gonna be all right girl. ;)

I'm loving and checking out perfumes now too. I love my Light Blue right now but am planning to buy another scent, maybe Lacoste Pour Femme hehe. Just to have an alternate scent.

Happy 2010 to you and your family :)

Ida said...

Hi Ems, thank you for your condolences, and thank you for sharing that. *hugs :)

Light Blue I've tried already, I like how it smells like soap when it's dried down. I'm looking forward to reading what you think of Lacoste Pour Femme when you buy it na.

Wishing you and your family a great 2010 as well! :)

Sush said...

I like one of the harajaku perfumes I think its called Love? Im not really a perfume person but I do have favorites heheh :)

Ida said...

Sush, that was the one my hubby wanted me to get, hehe. I'd love to know what your favorites are :)

prashant said...

By the way, your hubby is so sweet.

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