Monday, January 18, 2010

Tokyomilk Gin & Rosewater (plus samples) from Soap 'n Sorbet

I think The Secret might have been at work again! If you haven't noticed from my last post, I currently have a budding love for fragrances. Since last year, I'd been intrigued by Tokyomilk products. They are beautifully packaged, sweet and unique. But I kept hesitating to get them, because, beautiful as these were, I couldn't get a full bottle not even knowing how they'd smell on me, plus there'd be an added cost for me using a forwarding service 'cause none of the sites I found ship to my country.

But one day I came across Soap 'n Sorbet, which carries Tokyomilk parfums, they are Singapore-based but ships to all over the world, and was holding a giveaway for a Tokyomilk fragrance of the winner's choice! If you scroll down on the page, you'll even see my post about the said giveaway. Can you imagine my delight, when during the holidays, I received an email saying I'd won the giveaway? :D

I had trouble choosing which scent to get and asked Rachel of Soap 'n Sorbet for recommendations. She was quite helpful and suggested Gin & Rosewater for me. If you need help choosing products from her site, you should totally email her, she's really nice and friendly. I also ordered a Perfume Trial Set, which is a set of 5 perfume samples of your choice- these are 1ml vials with dipper tops, and ship for free anywhere, great deal and must-try for deciding on getting a full bottle IMO.

I received my package shortly after the new year. Here's the lovely bottle of Gin & Rosewater:

On the bottle it says- 'Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa, Mandarin'.

I find this fragrance rather lovely. And as the name implies, it's fun, and feminine. Refreshing too- after coming in from the heat outdoors, I like spritzing this on after I've cooled off a bit. Then I feel pretty again, hehe.

I found it slightly citrusy, slightly sweet, and rather cheerful upon spraying it on, and when it was drying down I smelled a hint of rose, which made me smile. I want to wear it again when I'm when I'm in a bit of a flirty, light, mischievous mood. =P

For the sampler set I ordered Dead Sexy, Song in D Minor, Eden, Le Petite, and Kabuki. They were labeled and sealed neatly in small ziploc bags, as you can see below. I lost the sample of Kabuki before I even got to sniff it, and still can't find it 'til now...oh well.

Out of the four, the scents which called out to me were Song in D Minor and Dead Sexy. Song in D Minor is a floral (notes of white orchid, orange flower, gardenia, amber), and I've never really favored florals, but these days I'm more open to exploring. I agree with the description on Soap 'n Sorbet that this is a classic floral scent, this is how it smells upon first sniffing it on my skin. But what I find interesting about it is the drydown. The toning down of the floral notes are mixed with a scent of something like...ashes, perhaps? Which I find surprisingly pleasant and different.

Dead Sexy, I admit, I want to get mostly for the bottle (has a skull drawing). Notes are deep vanilla, woods, ebony, orchid. It's initially a combination of light woods and a sweet caramelly vanilla scent, and as the fragrance progresses into the middle notes, it becomes even sweeter, with the sweetness taking over the light woodsiness until I can no longer detect any of the woods, and it ends with a kind of familiar, fairly common, warm vanilla scent. It can be sexy if you like vanillic scents, which I do, but I guess I was expecting something more different.

Still, I like these well enough to purchase a bottle of each when I get extra cash, along with other goodies on Soap 'n Sorbet like their creams and scrubs (and samples of the other Tokyomilk parfums). I also find them more affordable compared to other perfumes (52 SGD or approx PhP 1720 or 37 USD). I'd be happy to get them as gifts too!


Nina said...

Lucky you! That perfume sounds wonderful!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have never heard of tokyomilk yet..
i'll check out this brand.

thanks for letting us know about it!
great review

i'm curious with the Song in D minor...

Ida said...

Nina, I do consider myself pretty lucky to have won this :) Thank you, it is quite wonderful :)

Thiamere, thanks and glad to introduce you to a new brand! It sound weird, but yes after a while, to me there's a smell that's a bit like ashes...heehee :)

prashant said...

i have never heard of tokyomilk yet..

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Golden said...

Wow! Congratulations for winning their giveaway. Gosh, you have lots of perfume na.

Lots of love,

Ida said...

Thank you! I feel really lucky because I'm very much into perfumes at the moment and I won this :)

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