Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste

I wanted to get a new fragrance for myself and luckily was able to get Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste Eau de Toilette through a swap with Mina, done via a local forum. :)

Product description: Bvlgari presents a new floral fragrance inspired by the precious iridescence of the amethyst: The essence of Omnia Amethyste is as precious and delicate as the scent of iris and rose gardens caressed with the morning dew. Elegant and refined, Omnia Amethyste is dedicated to the young woman who expresses herself through an enveloping, yet fresh fragrance. 

I like the pretty purple color of the bottle.  The design is...different.  I find that I prefer more classic-looking packaging, and something with a cap on it.  Perfume spritzes out by pressing down on the top part of the bottle. It's okay but I don't bring it in my purse. 

When I received this and was unwrapping it from the careful packaging, I pressed too hard and accidentally sprayed some of the fragrance.  Sniffing the bottle, I thought, whew! That's a pretty strong scent. And the sweetness to it somewhat reminded me of Vera Wang Princess.  The following day I sprayed it on my wrist and it seemed vastly different.  I didn't find it strong at all, in fact, it was rather demure.  The scent lingers on for hours, but at times is a bit faint, and is always soft, never sharp or overpowering.

I do like trying scents that are complex, and unique, but most of the time, because of our hot climate, what I find myself wearing are light, summery fragrances.  Omnia Amethyste can be classified as one of the latter, and I find the sort of peppery note combined with the green note that it opens with refreshing, and the slightly powdery, vanillic sweetness of the middle notes very pleasant and yummy (well, I love vanilla).  The scent turns lightly woodsy and more floral as it dries down, and still retains some of its sweetness.

I've been wearing it often since it fits my current mellow, laid back mood.  I also like wearing it when I'm with my husband as to me it smells feminine, soft and pretty.   I am glad I swapped for this and I shall try the original Omnia, and the other flanker, Omnia Crystalline, within the next few days.
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