Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ukay-ukay finds :)

I've always enjoyed unearthing unique, pretty clothing for cheap at ukay-ukays (local thrift stores that sell clothing, shoes, and purses).  When I became a mom though, I began to dress mostly, if not purely, for comfort.  Lately, I've been trying to find my own style again, as well as trying to figure out what'll suit my body type.  So I took the time to visit the ukays again.  Click the photos to enlarge!

 This dress feels cool and easy.  I just put on some flip-flops and I'm done.  I like the cute 'dress' print too :)  I'm not crazy about the puffed sleeves, but I realized that it keeps the dress from looking too casual.  It's white but looks a bit yellow here because of the afternoon sun.

Here's the cute print.

I heart this long top.  The grey cardigan is sewn in with the pretty, blue floral blouse, and the fit on me is very relaxed.  It's kinda sheer, and I like how light the blouse feels.  

I love light grey and heather greys.  Light, breathable fabric again.  I can't bear wearing anything clingy or remotely heavy in this sweltering hot weather.  I like too that it disguises my belly flab and kinda hugs the boobs area, hehe.  It looks a bit askew here, but doesn't, irl.

Cool, this looks like a sepia photo!  I've had this dainty floral dress for ages but only started wearing it recently.  I adore the vintagey, summery feel to it.♥  It was originally too long but I had it shortened to make it into a mini dress.  This is sheer, but the busy print prevents my undies from showing.  I wore it to the supermarket last night.

A close-up of the print.

I found some other stuff but they turned out to be too loose on me.  I'll be visiting the ukays again when I feel that itch for new clothes!

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