Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A late mother's day post

I know this is a late post on Mother's day, but I was quite happy on that day! My husband started off by cooking us all a good, hearty breakfast, helped out a lot with taking care of our 6-month-old daughter so I wouldn't get tired, then took me out for dinner- my choice of restaurant.

He said we could eat anywhere I wanted, fancy places included, but I chose to eat at Pho Hoa even though we're pretty much regulars there, 'cause it's a favorite of mine and besides, I couldn't think of someplace new to eat at Alabang Town Center (went there since we were supposed to watch X-men Wolverine but that didn't push through). I feel satisfied and full each time we eat there, this last time included. Pho Hoa serves healthy (in my opinion) Vietnamese cuisine, we love their noodle soup!

Afterwards we browsed around for things and since our very first anniversary is coming up soon, I decided to get him something he's wanted for while now, Sean John's Unforgivable perfume, which he said smelled good (it does). The Gift with Purchase was a bag:

It happened to be a different brand from the perfume. It looks wrinkled here, but it's clean, summery, and crisp in person. And it's big! Will be using this for me and my daughter's things (aka diaper bag).

I like the plaid detail...

the inside is red plaid as well. Cute!

The perfume salesman was trying to convince me to get DKNY Be Delicious and I must admit, its scent was delicious (heehee) but I if I were going to splurge on something it would be makeup. Too bad there wasn't a MAC counter there. He threw these in as freebies anyways:

Be Delicious plastic toiletries bags. They're wonderfully green and super reusable. I thought that was nice of him.

E.L.F. was having a mother's day special at everything 20% off. I love bargains so I looked around a bit, but didn't feel much like lingering too long over makeup. Wanted to stroll and look for dessert instead so I only purchased one item and left.

ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. I've used it once on my brows, but wasn't sure if it made a difference, maybe it was because I'd just groomed my brows that time.

And that concludes my mother's day freebie/bargain/very mini haul!

I hope you and your mom enjoyed mother's day too! :)


DeBi said...

belated happy mom's day!!!

Pammy said...

belated happy mothers' day! :)

by the way sis, i gave you an award on my blog. please claim it. thanks

Chrissy said...

Belated happy mother's day, and I'm glad you enjoyed yours! :) Nice freebies--I love the toiletry bags. I'm all for being clean and green.

Chrissy said...

Also, gave you an awardon my blog!

Cheryl Anne said...

Hey...what a coincidence! I, too, went for Pho for Mother's Day...and it's also called Pho Hoa! LOL

Sounds like you had wonderful day. Happy Mother's Day!

Ida said...

debi, thank you! :)

pammy, thanks also! and for the award :)

chrissy, i just finished reading your mother's day post a few mins ago. thanks for the award too! :) the toiletry bags are great :)

cheryl anne, could they be the same resto franchise? did you enjoy your food? a belated happy mother's day to you as well! :)

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