Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adorned with Grace Fiber Duo brushes and mineral samples

I've been feeling rather strange lately but hopefully playing with the items from my Adorned with Grace haul will make me all good again! Wonderful customer service as usual. They ship out lightning fast! This is kind of a collective haul, as I ordered one brush a while back when it was still a blog brush. I have partial reviews of the 3 dual fiber brushes I ordered (click photos to enlarge).

The Ingenue Large Dual Fiber
This has a pretty long handle. Here's the Everyday Minerals Foptic, to compare:

Long, huh? It's not heavy at all though, it's quite light. And you can see that the bristles are not as long as EDM's, it's stubbier, and I like it much better. This is a supposed MAC 187 dupe, and I don't own a MAC 187 (yet), but judging from the pics in the AwG blog, they look similar. I purchased this when it was still a blog brush- meaning only a few pieces of it were being sold at that time, at a few bucks lower than its regular price today, $13.59.

Next brush,

The Ingenue Sleek Dual Fiber

The handle is nearly the exact length as that of the Ingenue Large Dual Fiber. This is the brush I ordered a few weeks back, since it was released as a blog brush before the Large Dual Fiber was. Current price is $7.99. Can I just mention that even though this was the only item I ordered then, Franchesca was still kind enough to include freebies (3 e/s samples, which I forgot to photograph).

And finally,

The Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber

Their seemingly most popular brush. Priced at $6.29 each, or two for $11.25, which I chose.

In general, here are what I like and dislike about the three brushes.

-soft, retains the same softness after being washed
-the bristles are not floppy
-easy to use
-achieves that light, airbrushed effect
-they look sleek and not too cheap looking

-they shed, but seem to shed less after I washed them
-the first two are too big to take along during travel

(Large Dual Fiber; Sleek Dual Fiber- used this and haven't washed it yet; Petite Dual Fiber)

On the Ingenue Large Dual Fiber - It's easy to use, for a newbie like me, with either liquid or loose powder foundation, finishing powder, and even blush. I super like it. It makes application quicker too 'cause it's large. Wish I could bring it with me while traveling since I really like it. Good buy!

On the
Ingenue Sleek Dual Fiber and Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber - both are meant for applying blushes, especially very pigmented blushes, and are described to have bristles of the same size and denseness. Supposedly only the length of the handles are different. The handle of the Sleek Dual Fiber is nearly as long as that of the Large Dual Fiber, while the Petite is much shorter, measuring only 5 inches long.

I prefer using the Sleek dual fiber. I guess it's a matter of preference, but I'm more comfortable with its long handle when applying my blushes. I feel like I'm able to blend and spread the color more thoroughly, whereas with the Petite, I feel like I'm concentrating too much color in just one certain area on my cheek. Probably because the Petite feels almost too small in my hand. It also feels like the the head of the Sleek is a bit bigger and denser than the Petite's, even though I've examined them side by side and their heads look the same. I would use the Sleek for my blushes and the Petite for glows or maybe highlighting, and definitely it's easier to bring during travel. Both can also be used for stippling foundie or finishing powder on hard-to-reach areas on the face, or for retouching.

It's my first time to try their minerals too:

Foundation samples. I'm a close match with Hope 4.2 but will experiment more with the other shades.

Lovin' these blushes. I'm partial to shades of pink.

More samples - Beloved eyeshadow and two Finishing powders.

Free e/s samples, got another 3 I forgot to take a picture of. Wonderful colors. Can upload and swatch later.

I think this might be my longest post ever! :) Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them? I hope in the next few days I get more time and energy to blog and read blogs :)


lai said...

Nice haul sis!

mzkrystall said...

niice haul! the brushes look niice! and good qualityy!

Sugar Bunnie said...

great review♥

donnarence said...

all the brushes looks nice.. how much is it in peso?? with shipping? i hate ordering online sometimes shipping costs more than the product i bought.. huhuhuhu

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lots of brushes!

thanks for the great review!

Ida said...

lai, mzkryztall, sugar bunnie, thank you!!! :)

donnarence, i know what you mean! awg's shipping is only $3 though, quite cheap. the sleek and petite dual fibers are less than P500, while the large one costs a bit more...i use paypal and compute $1=P50 to be sure :)

thiamere, yay! thanks for reading it :)

my_makeup_mania said...

LOVE that loose shadows! Esp looks cute your powders!

Crystal said...

finally i've seen reviews about the new FO brushes. i only have the petite, but i might but the large one too.

Soapaholic said...

Nice haul.:) The wrapping is so cute and I'm partial to shades of pink, too.:) I hope you feel better soon!:)

Soapaholic said...

Btw, regarding your comment, I'm glad I'm not alone! I thought I was the only one who got nervous driving around certain areas. In Makati I always feel like predators are out to get me. Indeed they are. :P

Pop Champagne said...

hey your haul looks so good and love your review! Yeah I dislike it when brushes hair sheds on my face too. Hope you feel better soon ;)

Anonymous said...

sis do the brushes bleed when washing and do they stain? :) I just ordered the duo fiber brush duo hehe

Khymm said...

nice haul Ida! How much did you pay for shipping?

Ida said...

my makeup mania, the colors of the powders really do look cute :)

crystal, how do you like the petite? hope my review helped :)

soapaholic, thank you! :) i get nervous driving around areas i'm not familiar with, but especially makati! they're so strict with their policies over there.

pop champagne, aww thanks :) yeah i don't like having to pick little hairs off my face after putting on makeup...hehe

anonymous, i've read about some people's awg fiber duo brushes bleeding, but i didn't experience that at all with these 3 brushes. i don't use brush cleanser, i just deep clean using baby shampoo every week or two. enjoy your brush :)

khymm, thanks! :) i paid only $3. their international shipping is super cheap, always delivered directly to our house pa.

nikkiz. said...

Nice haul! I love AwG blushes and foundations. I see you got a sample of the supreme smoothing powder bec. that's a good dupe of MUFE HD powder. I plan to hoard more FS of that soon. I have a similar brush to your petite brush from SN. It sheds too.

Hope you feel better soon.

Bradpetehoops said...

Amazing Kikay Kit. Have a nice day!

Ida said...

nikkiz, thanks! i've been using the awg blushes everyday and i love them too. i wish i'd ordered more samples of the shimmer ones! the supreme smoothing powder i've tried already and like it well enough...have yet to try celestial though. saw pics of the sn brush and it looks the same as awg's.

bradpetehoops, hi! thanks for visiting and have a nice day as well!

Gel said...

daming duo fiber brushes :) hope i can get one soon.

Pop Champagne said...

great haul, those brushes look super soft!

Ida said...

gel, i'm loving these, especially the large one...go get one na :)

pop champagne, thanks! they are quite soft :)

Anonymous said...

wow! now you made me think to buy mineral make up hehe you are so lucky you have lots mineral make up.and you are so good reviewing the brushes .. :P

Ida said...

chulalouise, you should try it! perhaps you'll like it :) thanks very much :)

Cheryl Anne said...

nice review! hehe, I didn't think it was long enough! :)

Are you Hope 4.2 too? I didn't know that! My shade twin! However, I've been mixing a 9:1 Hope 4.2 to 4.5, since the summer is progressing here.

Ida said...

really? thanks! :)

we're the same shade! hope 4.2 looks like a good match on me, but i want to try hope 3.8 too. if i go to the beach again, will have to mix 4.5 as well :)

Janice said...

nice review! thanks.. I might just go grab a set of the long brushes the big and small one.

Ida said...

janice, thanks! as well as for visiting :) let me know what you think of them when you do order

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