Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Makeup Mix Shop mini haul

Got my Makeup Masala package a few days ago (reached me in record time: 7 days only!)
My (mini) haul:

Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Inky Black, $2 Falsies, EcoTools Retractable kabuki, EcoTools 6-piece brush set, certificate for a free gift on my next purchase, and Makeup Masala mineral eyeshadow in Sangeeta (an iridescent green).

I had to order while international shipping was free for $20 purchases, haha. The minimum to qualify for free international shipping is now $40, but I think the freight charges as well as the item prices are still a good deal.

Finally, my own EcoTools! I gave the retractable kabuki to my mom, while I got the 6-piece brush set. The other brushes were out of stock at that time, but that was a good thing too since it prevented me from overbuying. I'll surely include them in my next order though.

My quick impression on the brush set:

-My definite favorite is the Blush brush. I don't wanna lose this one! It's soft on the cheek, and is just fluffy enough. I like how it feels in my hand- not awkward, easy to use. Lovely brush.
-It's hard to create a thin, precise line using the Eyeliner brush. Good to use if I purposely want to apply thick, heavy lines.
-I like using the Lash and Brow groomer, because I feel the super firm bristles of the brush are effective for my stubborn brow hairs.
-None of the brushes have that weird new brush smell. They don't smell at all.
-I think the brushes look great, and with the brown ferrule + bamboo handles- so nature-y. I do wish though, that all the brushes, instead of just the Blush brush, had the EcoTools logo on their handles.
-The hemp brush roll looks nice with the brushes but it kinda squashes the Blush brush when stored with the rest of the brushes. I kept the plastic container they came in for alternative storage during travel, since it's reusable anyway with the ziplock.
-Can't wait to experiment with eye makeup using the Eye Shading brush and try the Concealer brush as well.

My mother loves her Retractable kabuki. It's quite dense but IMO is multi-purpose. When she's in a hurry she applies her makeup when she's already at her workplace, and prior to this used Ellana's baby buki for everything. The EcoTools Retractable speeds things up since it's much bigger and denser.

I'm playing with my eyes using the falsies, I'm having trouble attaching them though! :)


Shobe said...

buti ka pa sis dumating na yung samin hindi pa sigurp last week ng april umorder si sis kat hehe

Khymm said...

nice haul Ida! Im still waiting for my Ecotools.. **excited mode** hehe

Khymm said...

what glue are you using for the falsies? Try mo yung Aido eye putty.. meron shang stick thingy para madali mong ma press yung falsies sa lash line =)

Fifi said...

7 days?!
Every time I order something from the US it took at least a month to arrive.
I don't know what's up with that. =(

Great haul! I'm dying to try the retractable kabuki, looks perfect for traveling =)

donnarence said...

wow!! 7 days... oh my.. i can't wait to order in june.. :D nice haul.. :D

my_makeup_mania said...

Great brushes!

Pammy said...

nice haul, sis! i love the retractable and my fave is the blush brush too! the concealer brush is also good. :) i'm pretty sure you'll love them too. ^_^

Chrissy said...

It's so sad that they raised the price to qualify for free shipping, no? But it would still be worth it, I think.

I like your haul!! Thanks for the mini review on the brushes. :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you got your own ecotools na din!
the blush brush is also my favrit e


Ida said...

shobe, aww mejo matagal na yun ah, i hope you get your package na rin! :) minsan may matagal talaga dumating na packages...like 1 month...

khymm, hope you get yours very soon also! :) i forgot what the brand was of the glue i used...but i'm gonna try aido next time :)

fifi, i know! 7 days is the fastest time any international package got to me. but a few also take a month or more to arrive! the retractable is good to bring when traveling :)

Ida said...

donnarence, i'm gonna order in june too! hope it takes just as fast to arrive. hehe. thanks! :)

my makeup mania, thanks! also for visiting and following :)

pammy, thanks! i'm loving the blush brush already, and my mom her retractable. am excited to see how ecotools concealer brush is diff from my other concealer brushes :)

chrissy, i agree. what i'm doing is saving up so my next purchase will go over $40 and be shipped for free, heehee. you're welcome ! :)

Ida said...

thiamere, yup! seems like everyone's fave brush from this set is the blush brush, no? :)

Adela said...

looks good! i really do need to go out and buy some new makeup!


Anonymous said...

omg 7 days?? now i want to try makeupmasala service :D I like your haul btw. I am dying to try out eco tools as well T^T i am still thinking of using my brothers CC since i don't have any :p ate if you are going to order again pasabay naman ako XD lol joke lang!!

Sugar Bunnie said...

thanks for the review

Ida said...

adela, thanks, as well as for visiting! :)

gia, yah, based on the dates on the package :) makeup masala's turnaround time is around 3 days though, but toma sends emails to keep me updated. pede naman sumabay if you want, you can pay me na lang by gcash/deposit or another way...kaya lang mejo matagal pa next order ko :)

sugar bunnie, you're welcome! i hope it helps somehow :)

mzkrystall said...

thank you for following!! following back! =] love the eco tools brushes! =]

Vanity's Child said...

congrats on your loot! i'm also waiting for my orders to arrive. I ordered a bunch of ecotools brushes and the avon magix face perfector. excited na ko!

Crystal Gale said...

congrats on the haul! Although I want to have this set, I will not buy it coz I already have too many brushes hehe..good luck on your falsies application..I had a hard time too when I tried it for the first time :)

Pop Champagne said...

great review! Yeah I hate that new brush smell too, and having to apply stuff on your face while smelling the new brush smell. eek!

Ida said...

mzkrystall, thank you! :) i love them too :)

Vanity's Child, hope you receive them na :) which avon magix face perfector did you get? i have the tinted one.

gale, thanks! it's hard to resist buying brushes, good thing you were able to hold back :) yeah, i remember reading your post about trying the falsies :)

pop champagne, thank you :) yeah, that smell can be nasty. i know i should wash new brushes first but i get excited and use them immediately :)

lai said...

Sis, review naman ng brushes!

Pop Champagne said...

omgg I have such issues attaching falsies, and if i get them on successfully they just fall off after an hour! booo I dunno what I'm doing wrong lol

Ida said...

lai, ok sis, will make one when i've used the brushes a few more times :)

pop champagne, hehe falsies make eyes look so dramatic but they're a bit hard to use...and kinda time consuming. i still haven't attached them successfully. lol :)

carla said...

hi! I ordered din mga 2 weeks ago from makeup masala and until now, wala pa :( ang sad

Ida said...

carla, i know, it's so hard to wait for a package! the postal system is not consistent talaga, may mga super bilis dumating like this one, meron din matagal. i'm waiting for one almost 2 months na wala pa :(

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