Friday, June 5, 2009

Check out these wonderful giveaways :)

Wow, look at how many giveaways are going on right now. It's so nice to see them and participate, and wonder if you might win :)

I was lucky enough to have won a few before, and am definitely giving back by having my own giveaway when my blog followers reach to around 100. It would probably take some time to reach that number, but that's a good thing too cause it'll give me time to gather the prizes.

I'm posting the current giveaways in this post. Good luck to everyone who's joining!

Mszcheysser's contest

Contest ends 06/30/09. More details on this contest can be found here.

This is fun. You can choose among a variety of topics, I chose two:

5 Filipino stereotypes that represent me (I don't like stereotypes but I must admit the following apply to me):

1) Filipino time. Haha. How do you explain Filipino time? To me it means: everything is always delayed or starts late. I'm guilty of often assuming this, so I'm always running late. My friends hate this. It's a bad habit I'm (kinda) trying get rid of. Lol.

2) I HAVE to have rice in my meals. I don't feel satisfied unless I eat my rice. I eat loads of rice everyday. Yum!

3) I'm kayumanggi. Kayumanggi is the term for the common skin color of Filipinos: brown. I love it :)

4) I use a tabo. A tabo is something that is used in the bathroom, during baths or whatever else. When I went on vacations in other countries, sure the bathrooms there had bathtubs, showers, and even bidets, but I still missed my tabo badly!
5) And lastly, I eat balut. I'm not posting a picture of this cause it looks disgusting. Lol. It's not my favorite, but I do occasionaly eat this. Not the whole thing though. My parents and hubby really like it...

And, the Filipino celebrity I admire:

Coco Martin. Just because I think he's cute. Heehee. I don't like the suit he wore at the Cannes Film Festival though.

*Note: I do not own the above images. Also, I tried to do an EOTD with our flag colors but I just don't have e/s shades that are the right colors.

That's it for Cheysser's contest :)

Cherrycolors giveaway

I chose prize #2 which comprises of:
  • Essence Mini Lipgloss Trio
  • Essence Show Your Feet - 04 Verry Berry
  • Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish - 29 Glam Girl
  • L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)
Her contest ends 6/15/09! More details about it here.

Whimsical Rose giveaway

NARS products! Her contest ends 06/09/09. More info here.

Narita's giveaway

Oooh, MAC! Open 'til 06/15/09. Click here for more details.

Sassy Jadore's giveaway

Ah, Chanel :) Ends 06/08/09 or earlier :) click here to find out more.

And last but not least,

Robyn's giveaway

A fellow mmu enthusiast :) The rules and other info can be found by clicking here and here. Ends 06/17/09.

Once again, good luck everyone! :)


mszcheysser said...

Hey! Thanks for entering! Oooh! I totally feel the same way with the rice.

PS: Good luck with the other contests.

mzkrystall said...


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i cant ever live in other countries...
kasi i cant live without rice too!

i definitely agree on everything that you posted

Ida said...

mszcheysser, thanks! heehee :)

mzkrystall, thanks also :)

thiamere, haha glad i'm not alone :)

Fifi said...

omg, lots of giveaways! I haven't been around on blogger for a while, I hope I didn't miss too much giveaways!

Ida said...

fifi, you can still join these! it's not too late yet :)

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