Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend photos and clothes rant

A few photos from last weekend- our little family went on a quick getaway to celebrate my hubby and I's very first anniversary as a married couple. We went to this quiet resort in Batangas, where the rooms and dining places were airy, and the greenery so lush! I loved having my daughter breathe all that fresh air. It was a bit rainy, and the water a bit cold, but she still enjoyed splashing in the pool :)

It was a memorable weekend, but there was a downer when we got back home. See, my mother had done some spring cleaning while we were gone and told me she got rid of some clothes. Right now I only have a few items that really fit me cause I (still) haven't lost all of the weight I gained during pregnancy and I'm hoping I'll still eventually fit into my many pre-pregnancy ones. There's this room at home where all our clothes are ironed, and those mentioned clothes of mine are stored there, and what I did was I also put there most of my favorite pre-pregnancy clothes (for inspiration).

And guess what, she discarded most of those items :( The few pieces that fit me AND my fave thin, pre-pregnacy clothes. My clothes were reduced to a small, sad pile. I can't find my favorite vintage shirt! Probably they're now property of household help. Sigh. I was really bummed but at least there were two packages waiting for me- one from Mineraux. More on that later!

I guess it's time to go clothes shopping...using my mom's credit card. Heehee!


Crystal Gale said...

Congrats on your anniversary! and your baby is so cute! :)

abby said...

aww! glad u had an awesome weekend! cute little baby...awww ;)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

congrats on the anniv!
its great that you are able to have a getaway from the hussle & bussle of the city..

im pretty sure it was enjoyable!

too bad about your mom throwing your clothes..but good thing about u going shopping!
yay for that!


mzkrystall said...

thats a beautiful place, and your babys so cuute! happy anniversary!

mszcheysser said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Happy, Happy, Happy to you! :)

I want to get married too. =(( But I have several years to go, I can't wait! I'm getting antsy already! Grrrr.

Batangas! SO PRETTY! Oh myyyyyyyy! Yet, another place in the Philippines that I need to go! Or unless I already did? Lol. I'm not too sure.

Your baby is soooooo cute!

Ida said...

gale, abby, thanks so much! :)

thiamere, thank you also :) it feels really good to get out of the city sometimes, no? and definitely, yay for going shopping, am very excited!

mzkrystall, aww, thanks :)

mszcheysser, thank you :) being married is nice, but you should enjoy your single years too! :) probably you went to batangas already, they have the nearest beaches to the city :)

Sassy Jadore said...

Hi sweetie~
Congrats on your anniversary. =)
That is so awesome that you guys did a getaway to celebrate your anniversary. Lovely photos. =)

I Am Me said...

ei you have a cute little angel! thanks for dropping at my site! God bless!

Soapaholic said...

Thanks for your comment!^_^

The resort does look peaceful.:) I can imagine you had a great time.

Aww having your favorite clothes given away really is quite a bummer, heehee, but at least you can go shopping for free haha.:P That's always a good thing!!

Ida said...

sassy jadore, aww, thanks hun :) and also for stopping by and reading :)

elsa, thank you dear! she's getting cuter by the minute :)

soapaholic, i always enjoy reading your posts! :) thank you much! i know, that was a real bummer, can't wait to go shopping for clothes that'll actually fit! :)

Vanessa said...

OMG what an adorable cutie she is!! And that resort looks very nice, sorry about your clothes though... a nice mummy being a little *too nice*. She had good intentions, I'm sure ;)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

sorry to hear about what your mother did. As a new incentive to lose the baby weight = new clothes :D

your baby is SO cute!!

Cheryl Anne said...

What a pretty place you visited! Your daughter is growing up fast!

sorry to hear about the clothes mishap! As you know, I can't get into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes either, and have relegated myself to larger clothes.

But the upside is that you'll go shopping and get brand new clothes. I know that once I can get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I'll want to buy a few (ok, many!) items to celebrate!

Ida said...

vanessa, thank you! :) that's true about my mum. i know she only had the best intentions so i didn't tell her she'd thrown out my favorites :)

nic nic, it's a pretty good incentive. thanks! :)

cheryl, she really is! :)
i'm still forcing myself into my old jeans...heehee. now being able to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, hell yes that is totally worth celebrating and deserves a shopping spree! :)

Anonymous said...

sis can you email me the resort...thanks....

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