Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hauls - lipgloss, elf, and a tote

Yesterday when I wrote my last entry about just having my tooth extracted, I was like, hey this doesn't hurt too bad...and then the anesthesia and pain reliever I'd taken wore off and ouuuuuuuuch! There was a throbbing pain in my mouth which was so bad I couldn't sleep!

Today it still hurts, but much less, I'm happy to report :) Anyway, here are some hauls from last week and this week:

Silk Naturals Organic Lip Gloss - Darling, Pout, Whirlwind, Breathless, Nectar, and Gold Blush.

Available at Silk Naturals, for $4.50 each. Silk Naturals actually does not ship over here to the Philippines, but I got these courtesy of Gel who went on a trip to the US- she charged me a handling fee which I paid via paypal and promptly sent these to me when she got back home in Manila.

There's a number of shades to choose from, and the colors of the ones I chose are purposefully tame. I wanted everyday colors so some of these are sheer and all of them very natural shades.
I swatched them but they probably look very similar or the colors don't really show up.

In the same order: Darling, Pout, Whirlwind, Breathless, Nectar, and Gold Blush.

They go on so smooth and are quite moisturizing, I can just wear these instead of lip balm! Love them. These can be worn alone or with other lip products.

Most of the shades I picked match my skintone pretty well. Darling is just the right peachy shade for me- not too orangey, nice for summer. Pout is a light pink which I'll probably wear when I'm feeling girly. Nectar is the darkest shade among these, but it's not too dark...I find it to be an earthy bronze-red, it's SN's dupre of Clinique's Black Honey lipstick. Gold Blush does not have much tint to it but it has these micro shimmers which I feel make my lips look a bit more lush. Whirlwind is the only one that's kinda off, but I can easily wear this under another lipgloss :)

They smell slightly like play doh but it's not too bothersome and goes away after a short while. I wish SN would ship to the Phils again, want more of these.

Btw, Gel is selling cosmetics she picked up during her trip. To visit her shop, click here.

I also got a few items from the Elf Studio line, thank you so much to Seppie for organizing a pooling of orders!

ELF Studio Powder Brush and Studio Complexion Brush. Made of Taklon hairs.

A closer look at the Powder Brush- can't wait to use this with liquid foundie!

And the Complexion Brush. Used this already and it's very soft, blends blush nicely.

Also got the Blush and Bronzer Duo. Love that the case looks so sleek and the mirror in the compact. Both the blush and bronzer are quite pigmented, so a light hand should be used. They both also contain shimmers, the blush being more shimmery. Now I like shimmery blushes, but this is a bit too shimmery for me. Will use at night. Also have a Studio Eyebrow Kit on the way.

And something from Etsy's yart sale:

A reusable bag from The Birch Tree. It was only around $5, and was up for free international shipping. The seller is based in the UK, replied very quickly to my inquiries, and shipped the item only a few hours after I ordered! That was so cool. I like the tote, it reminds me of that character from Donnie Darko. It reached our house within a week, and came with a free greeting card :)

Wow, I feel like I have loads of catching up to do with your blogs :)


mszcheysser said...

Wooooooooow! :) Everyone is getting ELF products - I should start trying it out. Meooooooow!

And ouch at your tooth! I hate going to the Dentist. Yeck. Hope it hurt less now.

tinedangganda said...

I ordered the blush and bronzer duo from Make up Masala, can't wait for them, I just hope they have the studio line brushes... hope your pain goes away soon darling!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Cute haul! :) I am in LOVE with the powder brush <3 & I've been debating for a while whether or not to buy the blush & bronzer duo

Golden said...

I also bought a makeup from Gel. ^_^

Pammy said...

Ida, you find the blush shimmery? Mine isn't at all that shimmery. Try using the ecotools blush brush and just keep on blending. Just dab the brush on the blush. :)

Fifi said...

Wow you really love etsy, don't you! Haha
the tote is cute && I've been eyeing on Elf Studio line also, the brushes look promising! :D

Ida said...

mszcheysser, it's probably cause they're cheap hehe. the brushes are definitely a steal at $3 each (but got them on sale at $1.50)! i hate going to the dentist too. it's much better now :)

tinedangganda, it's such a bargain no? toma will probably add the studio brushes on the site later on :)aww, thanks hun :)

dana, the powder brush is a good buy :) it's surprisingly quite soft! :)and the blush and bronzer duo if in case it doesn't work for you, you won't feel too bad as it's only $3 hehe.

golden, what items did you get? :) i'm eyeing her nyx stuff hehe :)

pammy, yeah...i'll definitely try your tip. perhaps i just needed to blend more. i do like the color of the blush, esp when used with the bronzer :)

fifi, hehe, totally, i'm addicted to etsy. the items are unique and the sellers are so friendly. i'm liking the elf studio brushes already :)

becky said...

the packaging of the lippies reminds me of a marker lol but the swatches and colors are really nice though. Ive been dying to try those elf brushes. did it shed on you?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

how nice!
cool stuff!
do a review on the ELF brushes sometime

the bag is perfect for shopping

hope the pain from the tooth extraction will be gone asap

dreamer0703 said...

Great haul! I ordered the elf Studio line brush and blush/bronzer duo too!! very good quality, gotta luv them.

Pop Champagne said...

heh yeah elf is pretty awesome for their price eh?! I can't wait to see a review on those brushes!

Crystal said...

hay i love SN lippies too! and i'm really lemming for the elf studio brushes. how much does gel charge for pabili for SN?

Ida said...

becky, i didn't notice that, but looking at the picture i posted, you're right! they do look like little markers. no shedding with the elf brushes :)

thiamere, thank you so much sweetie :) will definitely do a review sometime, have only used the brushes a few times :)

dreamer, thanks! let me know how you like them when you get them? :)

pop champagne, yeah! and then they seem to have those 50% off sales pretty often too. will try to post soon :)

crystal, i wish they'd ship to the phils again. gel charged $10 pabili. and then she has some elf studio brushes on her multiply store :)

Frond said...

I love SN's breathless... its on my lips almost everyday! its my MMBB shade :)
those ELF brushes look good.. I'm very tempted... hmmm

Khymm said...

I love your ELF haul? How much is the flat brush? the blush/bronzer compact look nice too! i want, i want! heheh

Ida said...

frond, i find that most of them are mmbb shades, very natural looking :) the elf brushes are great bargains.

khymm, thanks! they're all priced at $3 each and were on sale when we bought them :) i think elf still has a sale going on but their site doesn't ship to the phils. sad no? but gelis selling them locally for around P250 i think? included her multiply site in my post :)

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