Friday, July 3, 2009

Update and Etsy makeup: glittersniffer (edited)

I know, I suck for not updating. Hehe. I start writing a blog but never seem to finish so I end up with a bunch of drafts which I just read again and now just want to delete. =P I was also planning to join blogger giveaways, but I think most of them have ended? I actually have an unfinished entry that I wrote for ketmany's giveaway- she had a nice idea for her giveaway, all you had to do was write about yourself, and I enjoyed reading all the entries I came across- but hers has ended too. Heehee.

Anyway, I've been experimenting more with eye makeup lately....I'm a complete newbie to this and it's kinda frustrating sometimes. I really need something to blur fine lines, help prevent creasing, and neutralize my reddish lids. Any suggestions? :)

I already received pretty much all the samples I ordered and wanna show them to you all. Here are my eyeshadow samples from Etsy's glittersniffer:

Top - Mobster, Zombie Girl, Redrum, Shwag
Bottom - Pink Pistol, 86, 24K, Blow
I swatched them all dry, with no base, and this photo was taken in natural light, and without flash.

*EDIT- It was bothering me that the above photo really didn't seem to do justice to how these colors actually look like, so I took more photos.

Still in the same order. Applied wet this time, for comparison. First pic taken without flash, second one with flash- they look pretty much the same though, probably cause it was real sunny out when I took these :)

They are very pigmented and even more awesome when applied wet! A only need a little bit for each application. glittersniffer has a nice collection of eyeshadows (categorized by color), super colorful eyeliners and mascaras, as well as glitter, an intense red lip paint, and solid perfumes. Lela, the owner, not only replies very promptly and accomodatingly to inquiries, she also shipped out my order on like, that very same day (I've had excellent experiences with all the Etsy sellers I've transacted with so far)!

About the sample baggies though, I do wish they came with labels. And that the regular sized eyeshadow came in a different container, like a sifter jar maybe. The regular sized e/s is small but filled to the brim with product, and it's a flip-top container, so each time I opened it I'd spill the powder. So I just transferred it to a jar.

I was excited to play with these when I got them, so here is my first attempt at an eotd (please be kind!). And please ignore my untidy brows...I also didn't use any colored base, just a clear eyeshadow primer, so you'll see the sunspot on my lid that I wish I didn't have...

I wanted to use red for some reason, so I used Redrum on my lids, Blow underneath everything and to highlight, 86 wetlined on my upper lashline, and 24k wetlined on my lower lashline. I realize I should've applied more of Redrum and applied it wet, so it would've shown up better in the photos :) It's more vibrant in person, and 24k is a winner! Love it.

So, would you like to try glittersniffer? Shipping is just $1.50, isn't that cool? :)


my_makeup_mania said...

Such a nice loose powders! Very cute colors!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

the colors are so bright & vivid

your EOTD looks so fresh!
i love that you lined your eyes with gold..!

Gel said...

i love it! ganda sis. i like the e/s you ordered. i would totally wear those shades! they kinda look different when swatched, don't they? although, i like how they look on the swatches more than when they were in the plastic bags.

Khymm said...

i love your EOTD! so colorful!

Ida said...

my makeup mania, they're very nice, thanks! :)

thiamere, aww thanks :) i really like 24k!

gel, salamat sis! :) yeah, they look more like how they look in the baggies when they're used wet (posted a photo). but for everyday wear, they can totally be worn dry for a more toned down look :)

khymm, heehee, thank you :)

Angie said...

Haha, love the colors and their weird names! I like how you lined your upper and lower lash lines in different colors too.

Golden said...

They look pigmented. And the colors are very vibrant.

donnarence said...

very pigmented.. eotd is very pretty.. loving the red and purple liner..

Ida said...

angie, they definitely have fun names. thanks! :)

golden, they really are pigmented and vibrant :)

donnarence, oh wow, thanks sis :)

Pop Champagne said...

wow it's so pigmented! I love it!!

Ida said...

pop champagne, these pigments are pretty awesome :)

Anonymous said...

OOH WOW! I'm inluv with hot pink and gold, very pigmented.. btw nice EOTD, imma try purple liner hihi :)

Ida said...

louie, they're awesome colors, with really fun names, hehe. aww, thanks :)

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