Thursday, July 30, 2009

A taste of Wild Organics

Wild Organics is proudly Philippine-made! Made in Palawan, Philippines specifically. From the Wild Organics website: 'Our ingredients grow wild in the forested area of The Garden’s Secret - an organic farm in Palawan - enabling us to use only the freshest, homegrown ingredients prepared for you without any artificial preservatives.' Oooh. I had to try them!

But the stores selling them were a bit far from where I live...orders can be made via telephone, or email, I believe, but I was too lazy to call or email. Earlier this week though I happened to be at the Market!Market! Mall and there's a wonderful little store there called EcoMarket. It's a small space, but it's right at the entrance- it'd be hard to miss. They sell a number of natural and organic brands, most of which are very affordable. I got a bunch of stuff for my daughter, which we had run out of, and for myself, a few Wild Organics items.

I got two bars of soap: Cocomilk & Honey, and Bayabas or Guava (couldn't find a photo of this one). Cocomilk is for skin smoothening, and also recommended for hair conditioning, as an aid in detoxification, for use as an antiseptic, and for use on children's skin. Bayabas, on the other hand, is for skin healing- for use on an itchy scalp, for irritated skin, for fresh scars, and can also be used as genital wash.

Now, I've only been using these for a few days, but I'm ready to say that I like them. A lot!

I cut the Cocomilk & Honey soap into smaller bars and used those on my daughter and me. My 9-month old baby girl has some patches of healing eczema, and her skin overall tends to be a bit dry. Her skin is noticeably softer after using this soap a few times. Her eczema, since it's healing already, is no longer inflamed or very red in color, but some of the patches are still kind of rough- I believe it's best to use soap on her that is, most important of all, mild, and secondly, it should be moisturizing and soothing. And the Cocomilk soap is pretty much all those! I also tried it on my own dry skin, and it helps moisturize me. Very creamy when lathered, and I don't detect any scent to it at all. Which is just perfect for me right now as my skin is irritated.

I chose the Bayabas soap because my scalp has been itching like crazy, and I was starting to get desperate! I really like the healing powers of bayabas, so I automatically wanted to try this soap. I did try a soap shampoo bar a few years back, it made my hair sticky and disgusting, so I was wary of using this on my hair. I let it lather on my hands (take care to use just a little) and massaged that only onto my scalp, and used my everyday shampoo on the rest of my hair. Afterwards, when my hair was dry, there was no stickiness, not even a trace of greasiness. The itchy feeling was alleviated and the hair at the top of my head was nice and soft.

The other item I got is the Pocket Healer. Now this is interesting, it's supposedly a multi-tasking healing balm, a remedy for insect bites, skin itch, colds, toothaches, and a lot more (just click the photo to enlarge and see ingredents and usage), even pimples! Ah, I wish I had this when hubby and I got sick. These days my nose is runny when I wake up, so I apply this, it feels kinda like vicks but it doesn't smell as strong or as medicine-y. It's in a very handy size, and I'll be using this on all of us, will have to report later on its efficacy when I've used it in more situations. The SA said told me it's one of their best-sellers, I grabbed the last one on the shelf.

The bars of soap are only P125 each, while the Pocket Healer is around P130. Visit their site to find out more. Wild Organics also has a showroom in Makati, and their products are available at EcoMarket as I've mentioned, and maybe at the Echostore at Serendra? I took the product photos from their website, since I'm already using my stuff :)


twinsouls888 said...

I've always browse for interesting products. Tnx for this post Ids ^_^

Soapaholic said...

Ohhh I want to try their soaps!!! Thanks for this review!:)

Pammy said...

Oooh, i wanna try their cocomilk and honey and their ageless soap

adin_22 said...

Thanks for sharing..:)

Ida said...

twinsouls, i'm glad the products interested you :) you're welcome!

soapaholic, let me know what you think when you've tried them? thanks for reading :)

pammy, i'm really liking the cocomilk soap so far. i wanna try kape and papaya next :)

adin, you're totally welcome! thanks for stopping by :)

nikkiz. said...

thanks! i haven't heard of them but now I want to try them out.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Seems like such a naice bath products!

Shen said...

wow! new lemmings. :) the pocket healer got my name on it. i get a lot of boo boo and that one is something truly for me. :)

Golden said...

Hi sis! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. Naku, pareho kayo ni Hubby ng choice.

Those products above look promising. Ako naman, I make sure na organic gamit namin kay baby 'coz they're proven to be safe. Di pa ako nagsisimulang gumamit ng organic sa amin ni Hubby kasi ang hirap maghanap ng organic products na suitable sa amin. I like your loots sis. Parang gusto ko i-try yung Cocomilk and Honey.

Ida said...

nikkiz, you're welcome. glad to know the products interested you :)

anastacia, yes they're quite nice, thanks for dropping by! :)

shen, the pcoket healer is quite a handy remedy. ok siya :)

golden, let us know which dress you end up choosing ha sis? :) ganun din kami sa baby ko, from baby food to body products, i try to go all natural & organic. sa akin ganun din, si hubby hindi. hehe. i find most of them online, or sa healthy options :)

Pop Champagne said...

organic eh? that sounds interesting esp for bars of soap... I like bars better since they don't produce plastic hehe thanks for writing this detailed review!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oooh those soaps sound so pretty. Especially the Cocomilk & Honey ^__^

Ida said...

pop champagne, yeah, i'm a sucker for organic stuff heehee :D that's true! you're welcome!

dana,i wish i'd taken my own photos with a closer shot...they look pretty too :)

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