Monday, July 13, 2009

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I reeeeeally hate getting sick! I can't take proper care of my daughter or do anything when I'm sick. I was at the nearby hospital's emergency room on Saturday because of a bad asthma attack. I seldom get attacks now, but stress can really get to me.

See I had to call an ambulance last week for my ailing grandfather, who's 84 years old. My parents weren't here so I was fully responsible for him, and I decided to bring him to the hospital around 1 AM, seemingly just in time. He was put into the intensive care unit. It was in a smallish hospital that I'd never been to, and our experience with their staff in the emergency room was just terrible, I was so angry but I had to keep myself in check. When I told my mom about it later on, she said 'Now you know the reality of how most Philippine hospitals are. Others are much much worse.' My lolo is still in the hospital now.

I had trouble sleeping when I got home, and many days after. My hubby left for a business trip that lasted nearly a week. I caught a nasty cold, which developed into a respiratory tract infection and the asthma attack. My cough sounds so awful and disgusting. Ugh. *End of rant. Hehe.

Sweet thiamere tagged me! Yay!

10 random things about me:

-My favorite TV series at the moment is Fringe. It's not fashion-related, or anything close to Gossip Girl (though I like that too). It's Fringe as in fringe science. Just awesome. I'm downloading all the episodes!

-I was allergic to shrimp and crab as a child, and eventually outgrew those allergies, but I still can't stand eating those two. All my family and friends love them and are always saying that it's no fun I won't eat them, so one time I forced myself to eat shrimp. And I threw up what I ate for the entire day! Eeew.

-I have a scar on my right eyebrow from a childhood accident. I've never attempted to mask it with makeup, but it's conveniently covered by my bangs or side-swept hair.

-I used to work at a call center for a well-known international bank, and we worked on eastern standard time, so my routine was kind of opposite for day and night. After work my co-workers and I would unwind by drinking and eating, so basically we were having beers when most people were having their breakfast!

-I named my daughter after Isabella, from Twilight. I got hooked on the Twilight saga during the early part of my pregnancy. I knew from the website that it had a solid fan base, but didn't guess that it'd be like a pop culture phenomenon when the movie would come out (still haven't seen the movie, haha)! We were decided on my daughter's first name but couldn't decide on her second name, so I chose Isabella.

-I haven't tasted any alcohol for about a year and a half. Ah, that sucks.

-Speaking of sucking...hehe, I'm still breastfeeding my nearly 9-month-old baby girl. Yay!

-I was 4 months pregnant on my wedding day and was worried that I'd faint during the ceremony. Haha. Thank goodness I didn't, everything went quite well.

-I've worn bangs nearly all my life 'cause I feel conscious of my wide forehead. But I grew them out last year 'cause it's so hot here and I was too lazy to style them. Above is a picture from college (about 3 years ago). So thin!

-I'm a crybaby! Whether I'm angry, sad, frustrated or watching a sappy movie, you won't have a hard time making me cry.

I tag anyone who has read all the way through here (thanks!) and would like to do this tag :) Had fun answering this one too :)


Anonymous said...

I luv isabella - it's such a pretty name!

i can relate with the bangs I also have wide forehead - i remembered high school days " tawag nila paliparan - landingan ng airplane lol" .Ok lang we can hide it namn with bangs ;)

thnx for sharing.. have a great day!.

KRYSTAL said...

love reading more about you! and thats good your still breastfeeding! i wish i breastfed my daughter until she turns 1! but i couldnt handle it, it was too painful for me so i stopped after 2 months. haha

twinsouls888 said...

your baby is so cute Id's prang maliit na ikaw talaga ^_^. Sana ok na grandpa mo , pray ka lang lagi ^_^. Ok lang yung breastfeeding Id's yung baby ko nga umabot ng 1 yr & 6 months ahaha kc malapit lang yung office namin dati sa bahay, umuuwi ako pag lunch time kaya breastfeed me during lunch time. Meron benefits yan Id's nakakasexy hehe, di me tumataba till now ^_^

twinsouls888 said...

1 yr & 6 months na breastfeeding sa one & only baby ko . ^_^. That was 11 yrs ago :)

Ida said...

louie, posted my comment on your blog :)

krystal, thanks for reading! :) ah, breastfeeding is kinda hard at times but i continue doing it because i was really sickly as a kid and want my daughter to be as healthy as possible.

twinsouls, aww sis, thank you so much for your comment. it really helps me, promise :) i hope makaabot din ako ng 1 yr 6 months, or even longer sana, na magbreastfeed. good to know may long term benefit din sa mother :) you totally don't look like you have an 11 year old!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Hi Ida, i hope you're feeling better now. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, i really hope he gets well soon! Your daughter is very cute!! Isabella is a cute name :)

Pammy said...

oh my, i also have asthma attacks when the weather's really bad. and i also have a scar on my right eyebrow. haha!

anyway, i hope you feel better now

Ida said...

nic nic, thanks so much for your get well wishes :) we love the name we came up with for her :)

pammy, yeah, the weather has a lot to do with it too, it's so rainy these days. really? i don't see the scar in your photos :) thanks :)

Shen said...

I love Fringe!! the story line is one of the best I've watched so far from all the spring season! I can't wait for the season 2!! :) Hehehehe! I watch too much series!

Hope gandpop is doing well!

Isabella is just too cute!! :)

Crystal said...

i hope you and your grandpa feel better. i have a big forehead but for some reason i never felt conscious about it. tee hee :)

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, as well as, commenting on the chat box! I hope you feel better, as well as, your grandfather!!!

Ida said...

crystal, thanks so much :) no reason for you to feel look great :)

ahlessa, of course :) thank you for stopping by also, and for you well wishes :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

how's your grandpa now,sis?
is he better?
hope ikaw din

getting sick especially these days is a very terrible experience..
i had respiratory tract infection dn dti...kya ngayon hnd n ko bsta bsta pwde mgkaubo kasi pg npabayaan it can lead to pneumonia..
kya nga lgi ko sinasabi ok lng ang lagnatin..wag lang

actually nakuha ko un nung ngcall center ako..hehe
hnd kya ng powers ko e..buti ikaw nkaya mu

freefinally said...

waaah.. i love shripms. they're the yummiest

Ida said...

freefinally, that's what everyone tells me :D but i really can't stand eating it heehee. thanks for visiting by the way :)

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