Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Etsy Makeup: theallnaturalface and PUREnaturalMinerals

Yes, I have more makeup samples from Etsy and I want even more! Haha. I find that nearly all the Etsy makeup shops that I've come across, particularly those who sell mineral makeup, offer cheap international shipping, so it won't cost much to try and see if you'll like their products.
And as I've previously mentioned, they have very pleasant and accommodating sellers, which is always a plus :)

Here's what I ordered from theallnaturalface. It's a foundation sample kit that comes with a baby buffer brush, costs $7. I chose this kit 'cause I wanted the brush! Doesn't it look cute?

The baby buffer brush (synthetic)- it's described as kitten-soft on the site, which is just what it is! It's small, but very dense and applies foundation like a flat top would. I wish there were a bigger version, so I could cover my face with foundation more quickly. It doesn't shed or smell or anything.

The foundation sample kit I purchased was supposed to be 7 baggie samples only, but it came with about 20 of them! I'm enjoying trying to find my exact shade match. There's also an option to purchase only the foundation baggie samples, without the brush, at 7 samples for only $.20. Yes, 20 cents! The amounts in the baggies should last a number of uses. And then shipping is only $1.25.

The foundation gives medium to heavy coverage, finish I would say is semi-matte, and it did not make me itch nor breakout( please remember though that different products have different effects on everyone), yay! It lasted a fairly long time on me too. There are 49 shades to choose from. I'm a close match with Medium Beige Warmest but I've yet to try a number of other shades I got.

The other freebies I got: eyeshadows, an applicator, eyeshadow primer, mineral veil, and mineral glow (see thiamere's review on the e/s and e/s primer here). Such a generous seller :) Also, don't hesitate to inquire 'cause she replies to convos very promptly.

And here are my samples from PUREnaturalMinerals. I ordered from them during the yart sale, and found a $2 sample set consisting of samples of their 4 blushes, finishing powder, and finishing silk! With generous amounts for each baggie. Also got samples of 2 foundation shades for 50 cents.

I've only been able to try the blushes so far. I was very excited to try them since the colors looked so lovely! Sorry if these photos are dark by the way, I took them at a different time of the day compared to the other photos.

I did swatch them this morning though (photo can be clicked to enlarge, you can totally see my KP), and here they are left to right: Sweet Heart, Peachy Keen, Candy Sparkle, and Rose. Candy Sparkle is the only one with shimmers, the rest are matte blushes.

Color descriptions:
Sweet Heart - This Pink shade is perfect for all skin types. Adds a sweet pink rosie glow to your cheeks.
Peachy Keen - This light peach color will look great on light skin tones or anyone who wants to make there cheeks peachy keen!
Candy Sparkle - This light pink is full of sparkle. This will add sparkle and shimmer to your cheeks.
Rose - This dark red color looks great on any skin tone.

My favorite is Sweet Heart, which I think is a nice mix of pink and peach, and it gives me a nice, light flush of color...I'll definitely be getting a full size of this. Peachy Keen looks so pretty in the bag, but I can't get it to show up on my skin, since it's nearly the same color as me when blended in, I guess I'll try mixing something with it to make it darker. Candy Sparkle is pretty much how it's described, it's sparkly and I'd use it for nights out or for highlighting areas on my face. Rose is not a dark red for me, more like a light pink. Quite sheer, but pretty.

The blushes are not very pigmented, but I do like having the option to choose between heavily pigmented blushes (like Aromaleigh's) and lighter blushes, since I find that the latter is good for when I'm in a hurry, as I can't overapply them. They're also very natural looking even if worn outdoors on a hot, sunny day. Am also looking forward to trying the foundie samples, which have no undertones. Shipping is around $2 only. Excellent communication with seller as well.

Both orders also shipped out the very next day after I ordered...and they were small packages so they were brought directly to our house and I got them in just 1 week! :)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i also did a review of the eyeshadow for theallnaturalface..& i have to say that i love it...also the primer!

im not familiar with etsy yet, actually i just made an etsy profile all because of the thallnaturalface shop..haha

but i think im loving it now!

the blush samples of the pure natural minerals looks nice!

my_makeup_mania said...

Supah cool shadows!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

eeehh.you and thiamere both have shadows from allnatural..how about me!!hehe.still cant buy any makeup related products

Mina said...

super galante naman sa samples! =) nakakatuwa tignan.=)

Ida said...

thiamere, i linked your post :)

i hope you end up liking etsy, there are loads of pretty things there...i ust wish everything were as cheap as the mmu hehe.

my makeup mania, thanks! and also for visiting, super appreciate it :)

shobe, aww, still on a no buy ba sis?

twinsouls888 said...

tnx so much for this post, really very helpful. Shipping of only $1.25 that's cool ^_^. Now I know where to do my mineral makeup hunt hehe ^_^

Golden said...

Wow! Those samples are a lot!

Thanks by the way for commenting on my site. NYX lipgloss is very pigmented. Good thing that I didn't go wrong in choosing the Ginger shade. :D

Pammy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pammy said...

wow! they are very generous. the blushes look gorgeous and the cute little kitten-soft brush- me likey! ^_^

Pop Champagne said...

wow $2?! That's a good deal!! I'm going to do my mineral hunt there next time ;)

Narita said...

Wow nice haulage and swatches, hun! The brush is real cute!

Ida said...

mina, onga eh :) pagbukas ko, wow! dami :)

twinsouls, so glad i could help! so far, theallnaturalface's has the cheapest shipping i've found :)

golden, it looks great on you, you definitely didn't go wrong :)

pammy, the blushes are lovely, just not very pigmented. i love the brush :)

pop champagne, yeah! cheap, good stuff :)

narita, thanks! and for visiting :)

Kay said...

thanks for dropping by dear.. :)

but this is not good.. now i've browsing Etsy for hours because of your haul.. hahaha.. :)

the flat top kabuki just looks so adorable..

lai said...

Mura ha, in fairness.

Anonymous said...

great haul! how do you maintain or care of them did you place them in a jar ?

Ida said...

kay, hi! heehee etsy is really addicting. love browsing through there. will you be getting the brush and makeup? :)

lai, onga eh. yung allnaturalface na yata pinaka murang na encounter ko :)

louie, thanks for dropping by! :) the foundie sample baggies, i only keep the shades which match me, i put em all in a container. for e/s some i put in a jar, some in a binder/album thingie :)

donnarence said...

hi ida.. i was wondering how much shipping?? ang ganda nung buffer brush.. waahh.. i definitely love the pureminerals blushes..

Fifi said...

Ooooh pure naturals sounds awesome! I'm glad you liked the all natural face! :)

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