Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy favorites/wishlist

Wanted to share my Etsy favorites! These are non-makeup related (hope to get the makeup samples I ordered from some Etsy stores soon!). Wish I could afford them all! Heehee. Well my birthday is coming up. But no, I'm on a no-buy! Must stick to no-buy!

Casablanca necklace from Aphrodite888. Soooo fresh and feminine! I love this.

Another piece from Aphrodite888: the Isadora necklace. Told 'ya I love vintage.

Third eye brooch from lilimandrill. I would totally wear this.

The Sexy Librarian Dress from gaiaconceptions. The shop specializes in handcrafting clothes from organic and eco-friendly fabrics. I love how soft the fabric of this dress looks and the neckline- it's got a built in bra to help create a smooth surface.

Organic Cotton Summersweet Bra from OnTheInside. This just looks so comfy and I love the purple lace and the buttons.

Girls Rock Suitcase Gift Set from babycakesanddecor. For my little girl. Comes with clothes and other cozy items inside. I imagine her like pre-school age and carrying this, awww.

Mango Dress from ManiMina. Another one for my daughter. Perhaps I'll get her a dress from there for her first birthday party. Which is still like 5 months away heehee.

Kitty Rosewood Under the Moon wallet from Folk's Shop. So pretty and sweet! Quite affordable too but I only recently got a new wallet. Sigh. *Edit: they're having a giveaway! For details, click here!

Angelina in Brass and Silver, earrings from blissiful. Accessories again. Don't these look so delicate and lovely? There are SO many beautiful accessories at Etsy.

Infused Fragrant Bitchy Bears from GrumpyGirl . Cute, furry, and infused with scents that are supposed to last for months! I would love to have these in our room.


my_makeup_mania said...

wow! such a beautiful style!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

those earrings are gorgeous~!
love it!

dreamer0703 said...

These are great etsy finds, I especially like the anthropology inspired jewlries, decent price too!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i can see why etsy can be an addiction, everything is so pretty!

Angie said...

Ooh, I like the Casablanca necklace and the sexy librarian dress! Also, I nominated you for some awards! :D

Adela said...

i love the first necklace so much, as well as the purple and black bra!


Leanne said...

ah shoot!! i wrote a comment but my 'puter deleted it... :( ANYWAY, just wanted to say thank you so much for entering the folkcraft.blogspot.com giveaway, and for taking the time to blog about my items! i am honored to be among such pretties! i would love to have all of these!


Ida said...

my makeup mania, aww thank you hun :)

thiamere, glad you agree with me :)

dreamer, thank you! i love the jewelry, and it's true they're not too expensive :)

nic nic, definitely. i'm addicted to window shopping there heehee :)

angie, oh thank you for the award! the dress and the necklace would be nice to wear together :)

adela, the first necklace seems right down your alley. thanks for visiting! :)

leanne, aww thanks for leaving a comment! :) i love your creations. it's nice of you to hold a giveaway :)

Golden said...

I love the orange dress for my baby!

Anonymous said...

the mango dress is so cute.. I wish if God bless us another child i hope its a girl ;)

Ida said...

golden, me too! there are a lot of pretty dresses for little girls at that etsy shop :)

louie, i know! kami naman, if we're to have another baby we hope it's a boy :)

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