Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Avon Glazewear Dimensions Lipsticks, from Kikay Exchange's blog anniversary!

Kikay Exchange, which I visit regularly and consider a good read and local shopping guide, recently had their third blog anniversary, for which they held a giveaway. I was one of the lucky winners and received five (five!!!) Avon Glazewear Dimensions Lipsticks. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered I'd won. And believe me, I really needed something to cheer me up at that time. They were sent promptly, and I was quite excited when I got them, I kinda tore at the little boxes while opening them, hehe.

Here are the five shades I received:

Pink Glimmer, Rose With Gold, Spotlight Coral, Nude Gold, and Pink Sugar.

They go on sheer, with lovely fine shimmers that make my lips look a bit more pouty. Feels pretty light on too. I'm sorry I don't have swatches up by the way, I had trouble making the colors show up on my humble point and shoot camera.

I've only really worn Spotlight Coral so far and really liked it. The shimmers are so pretty! I gave my mom one and let her pick out a color she liked and she chose Pink Glimmer :)

So thank you again to Kikay Exchange and Jillsabs! You made this lipstick junkie quite happy! :)

P.S. I'd really like to do my own giveaways soon but I haven't gathered enough prizes yet :)


gracie said...

waaaaw!!! I love the colors!! and congrats sis! you deserve it! and can't wait on your giveaway! haha!

~tHiAmErE~ said...



Pammy said...

Those are really lovely colors. :P

Sassy Jadore said...

Congrats!!!! =)
Those are some pretty colors. Would be awesome if u can do a swatch of them. =)

donnarence said...

congrats on winning ida!! mwah..pink sugar looks nice.. :D

Anonymous said...

wow so lucky .congrats girl!

twinsouls888 said...

Wow congratz girl, I agree with donnarence, Pink Sugar looks nice. I'm so excited with your give away I hope it's mineral makeup yay ^_^

Ida said...

gracie, thank you! i hope i can come up with a good giveaway :D

thiamere, thanks :)

pammy, thanks, yes they are quite lovely :)

sassy jadore, thank you! i tried to do swatches but they just wouldn't show up :( i'll try to post an fotd where i've used these instead.

donnarence, thank you! pink sugar is really cute :)

louie, thanks girl!

twinsouls, thank you :) pink sugar has such cute little sparkles. i will definitely include mmu in my giveaway :)

Crystal said...

i have pink glimmer, pink sugar and shiny rouge. i was so surprised that pink glimmer and shiny rouge look so similar. :P anyway, which of the colors do you like?

Golden said...

Wow! Congratulations! I also have the spotlight coral. I don't like it that much though because I find it too sheer. :(

Ida said...

crystal, some of the colors are a bit similar to each other. the one i like best is pink sugar. i also like spotlight color and pretty much all of them. how bout you which one is your fave? :)

golden, thanks! :) it's true that these are really sheer. sometimes though i do feel like wearing just a very sheer wash of color on my lips. you can try wearing it over a more heavily pigmented lipstick :)

twinsouls888 said...

hi girl, you got the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD, please check it out ^_^

♥ mia said...

so lucky, congratulations! :)

the colors all look so pretty!

natural cosmetics said...

Great to win a giveaway.I love the quality of Avon.The colors also look good to me.There are some organic lipstick which are also very good in quality and protect the lips from damage.

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

They look very interesting but it would be better for us to understand how much opaque with shimmer if you applied the swatches in your hand/arm.organic foundation

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