Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typing warm and toasty in bed - I hope you are too.

Hi everyone! Just popping in on my almost dead blog. Hehe. Anyway, Glee. I've come across a number of posts on this new TV show lately. I'm not really one to follow fads, but I happened to catch an episode 'cause someone left the TV on that channel...and I was so surprisingly charmed by this show! It really cracks me up. I love the singing. And the dancing. And pretty much everything. If you like musicals, or broadway, or music in general, you might like watching Glee. I am downloading the fourth and latest episode as I type this :)

I really also hope that all my fellow Philippine residents are okay. There's currently a typhoon over here and the floods are terrible. The electricity went out for 4-5 hours this afternoon but I'm glad there's not much flooding in our area. I was worried about my husband because he got stuck waiting in traffic and gasoline stations for about 8 hours. Yes, 8 hours. The floods on the highways got so bad that no one could pass through! But hubby got home safely, thank God. His friend from work is sleeping over because his house was flooded in entirely so he has no place to stay. Poor guy. I am worried about my relatives who live in Marikina. Lord, please make the storm go away soon!

Would you still like to see my little Etsy find? :) It's from For Strange Women. This shop sells perfume oils, lip balms, and adornments.

Great packaging. Pretty fast TAT also, around just 2 days. Cheap shipping too. I got a lip balm and perfume oils. Here's the lip balm:

Absinthe lip balm. Unique flavor, eh? There's no actual absinthe in it, but it is naturally flavored with anise star essential oil like Absinthe is. It's a light green color in the tube but goes on colorless. I use this alternately with my Aromaleigh lip balm. They are both wonderfully moisturizing and glide smoothly on the lips. But this one definitely has a different flavor. And I like that it's different.

The flavor is hard for me to describe (I've never tatsed absinthe), but I find it so's on the tip of my tongue but I can't quite remember what this is similar to! It is sweet at times. I like it a lot. It's not too strong or mild, it's just right. There are other flavors on the shop that I want to try (Poison Ivy). I will keep repurchasing this each time I run out.

I also purchased a sample set of some of their perfume oils. This was my first time to use perfume oils. I almost never wear perfume 'cause it makes me sneeze, hehe. These I find to be much milder than regular perfumes. One time I used up like 1/3 of one vial but my husband still couldn't smell it on me, although I clearly could. They don't make me sneeze or give me a headache or anything.

Like the lip balm, these are uniquely scented. They are also made with all-natural ingredients. I recall seeing a number of pure essential oils on the ingredients list. The sample set I got contained these 3 scents: Jaded, Moss and Ivy, and Sweet Androgyny.

Sweet Androgyny is so aptly named. Sniff it straight from the vial and it smells like a man's perfume. But on my skin it almost turns sweet. Almost musky. I know I'll wear this when I feel sexy. I think this is my fave out of the three. I also like Moss and Ivy though, I find it to be earthy, warm, but fresh, and sweet too. Jaded is very floral and feminine. It doesn't smell exactly like it, but it brings the Sampaguita flower to my mind...which always reminds me of church. I don't care much for this one.

If you're not into floral scents or if you don't like how pure essential oils smell, you might not like these. But if you're looking for something unique, earthy, naturally made, mild and pleasant, try out these perfume oils from For Strange Women. My descriptions of the scents kinda suck, but there are longer ones for each scent on their website which you can check out :)


Lyndsey said...

I'm happy to hear that you and your husband are safe. I hope things work out well for your friends and family and everything dries out!

I love the packaging too on these products, like the name too. Good things to hear. I'll have to check it out. I love Aromaleigh lip balm and there aren't too many that I'll use. So this one compares close to AL?

Sush said...

That absinthe lip balm has my name all over it! haha =)

Glad to hear that you and the hubby are safe. One of the lucky ones too. Glad that the rain had finally stopped.

And yes, glee is awesome! hehe I dont really like musicals or too much singing and dancing lol but Glee is one of my faves

Ida said...

lyndsey, thanks so much. i hope so too.

i find the absinthe lip balm equally moisturizing as the AL lip balm. the absinthe one is just a touch slicker. those are the only 2 lipbalms i use right now. i really like 'em both! :)

sush, go get it na :) glad you are safe also! i'm waiting now for the 5th glee episode to be released.

Badet said...

Love the packaging of the lip balm =)

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