Monday, September 28, 2009

I URGE you to help

I know I only blog once a week but the devastating effects of typhoon Ondoy on my fellow Filipinos is something I feel strongly about. The flood didn't go near our house but it destroyed so, so many others! I feel lucky and blessed and gave my daughter many extra hugs today. I was finally able to contact my aunt in Marikina and she says they're okay. I shall visit them soon!

I watched the news today for less than an hour and heard first-hand stories from victims which were so tragic and moving. My hubby and I had to go out to buy my medicine and through the car radio we learned that a landslide had occurred in Rizal which killed many families. Whole families trapped under tons of mud and rock. I had checked the link I had posted earlier to see where the nearest drop-off for donations to our home was and it turns out that the concierge at Alabang Town Center is accepting them so that's where we went.

There were about 20 other names on the list I signed there and I was glad. I was feeling tired so I didn't go through our full bodega and just got this sack of clothes I have up for an online garage sale and went through the clothes in our closets. We filled three bags but I know this is not enough. I'll go back tomorrow. I actually want to donate food which is what the victims primarily need right now but I don't think I can go grocery shopping. I looked through TXTPower's site and they do seem legit. I think they are the only ones accepting PayPal donations (all donations forwarded to the Red Cross). I really think that donating P100 will help, or even $1!

I have lost any sort of lemming for any beauty product right now. It just doesn't feel fair to me to buy makeup. I still browse through beauty blogs though! I'm sorry if it seems as if I'm trying to make anyone feel guilty- I'm not. I just want to share how I feel. On the bright side, I saw photos online of many people buying loads and loads of relief goods, which really brought tears to my eyes. Sorry, I can't help being emotional!

I urge you to visit the TXTPower site as they make it very convenient to donate, from your home, from anywhere in the world (using PayPal), with only a few clicks. They accept donations through (posting this again):

-Paypal ( or click this link)
-Gcash (0917-9751092)
-SmartMoney (5577-5144-1866-7103)

You can also inquire with your local Red Cross, or visit this link to check where the nearest drop-off point for donations in your area is, and other information on how to help.

More about the typhoon and donatins: I just read a recent post from Jbreezy about donating which can be found here. Thebaghag has photos of Manila from airplane window view up on her blog. And Mabuhaygirl keeps it positive documenting good deeds.

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Pop Champagne said...

That's so considerate of you to make a post on this!! You're so sweet and good luck <3

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