Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On hiatus until laptop gets fixed

Hi everyone! Thank you to those who still visit my blog, although there aren't much new (beauty-related) posts. Appreciate it!

Our laptop contracted a stupid virus which corrupted my downloaded episodes of Glee and Fringe, stopped Mozilla from running, and caused the system to become reeeeally slow. I still have my mom's laptop (which I'm using right now) but it has a slow system also and a terrible keyboard, so it's an effort to use it. I can still check email or surf once or twice a day, but blogging will be difficult with a system this annoyingly slow.

I'll still be reading your blogs though, as this is one of my stress-relievers, but please excuse me if I don't leave a comment- as I mentioned, it's hard to type on here. In the meantime, I find that without the laptop, I'm getting a lot more things done! We're looking forward to my daughter's fast-approaching first birthday party, and my hubby has asked me to start putting things together.

I've also been on a succesful no-makeup buy since typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy hit the Philippines, and have realized that giving to others makes me happier as compared to the 'high' of obtaining a beauty item that I've been lusting after. Going after my lemmings entertains me for a while but doesn't really satisfy me. But I find that giving to those in need provides me with a sense of fulfillment and truly makes me happy :)

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