Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yay, I have IDs and glittersniffer Solid Perfumes :)

Photo taken in my daughter's play area, heehee. I finally have 2 valid primary IDs under my married name! Yay! I know that's pretty boring but I'm just so glad I can drive again without the fear of being caught driving without a license. Harhar. And I can do my business at the bank. It took me 2 days to renew my driving license because of trouble with the traffic police, whew. And here's a boring tip for any fellow pinoys who need a primary form of identification and want to get one fast: get a Postal ID. It's a quick process and relatively easy.

On to the beauty-related stuff. Solid Perfumes from glittersniffer! Glittersniffer sells eyeshadows (some of which I've tried), but she also has solid perfumes which are supposedly best-sellers.

The packaging of these were recently changed from small tin pots to twist up tubes, and the remaining stock in the old packaging were put on sale, for just $5 per mystery grab bag of 5 scents. I ordered this last month. I thought this was a great way to try her solid perfumes, so I was pretty game with getting surprise scents. Here's what I received:

Chardonnay, German Chocolate Cake, Almond, Dirt, and Hippy Guy.

Scent descriptions lifted from the glittersniffer site:

CHARDONNAY - Think dining in your favorite swanky restaurant with a big round glass of smooth Chardonnay. Is it happy hour yet?
GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE Need I say more here? Oh, I will just for fun! Our German Chocolate Cake scent isn't a fancy title- it smells JUST like the real thing! Who would have thought that we could REAL German Chocolate, melting butter, pure sweet sugar, fresh coconuts, hand ground pecans, and put it into a bottle! So, none the less, it's our biggest bottle of scent!
ALMOND - Top notes of almond, mixed with sugary sweetness and roasted to perfection.
DIRT - This scent is one that everybody seems to be extremely intrigued by and thus remained in our scent collection for some time now. This really smells like brand new, fresh out of the bag, dark and rich potting soil. Nuffin' else on earth.
HIPPY GUY - Hippy guy is a scent just for the guys. It's rich, musky, woodsy without being overbearing and would probably be most tasteful for the older crowd.

Chardonnay smells girly, and smells a lot like strawberries, I really like it.
German chocolate cake smells very much like milk chocolate, with a hint of nuts and coconut- yummy and the scent makes me hungry!
Almond smells simple but good, smells like almonds and chocolate. I've used this one the most.
Dirt is interesting. I find that it smells exactly how it's described above. It doesn't stink. An earthy smell that I find I can wear.
Hippy Guy is eeew. It smells like a perfume that's years old or something.

I like 4 out of 5 of the solid perfumes I got, not bad! Oh I also received a free sample of Lime which smells lovely! As well as Silk Sheets eyeshadow which is a nice brown color (haven't tried it yet). I can see why the solid perfumes are best-sellers. I will definitely purchase again. Currently the only listing is for 12 scents of your choice for $24. When my no-buy ends I will be choosing my scents :) Plus her shipping is only $2 to anywhere, how great is that?

Edited to add: Sarah of I Heart Cosmetics and Maui of Makeup, Rants, Musings and More both have pretty awesome Halloween giveaways going on! Visit here to join Sarah's giveaway, and here to join Maui's :)


Pammy said...

I like the names of the perfumes. Dirt really caught my attention. :P

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's a steal!

i only tried stila solid perfume.im not sure if i want a twist tube as a container..

but $2 anywhere...
double wow!

that's the great thing about etsy!

Fifi said...

Great find!
Gotta love etsy!

Ida said...

pammy. she has a long list of perfume names which are pretty unique, along with their descriptions. dirt really does smell like dirt hehe :)

thiamere, true! :) i think i'd actually prefer these in tubes, easier to bring along and more...sanitary? though i might mistake it for lipbalm!

fifi, i know! i love etsy :)

Vanilla said...

wow what a steal !:)
i have savannah soap kitchen's solid perfume
tho i find the idea is super cute,i dont really use it.hahah.because it doesnt weork,the scents dissapear after 5 minutes?loll

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Oh, those perfume names sound so delicious :D

Elsa said...

nice name for perfumes... haven't tried solid perfume yet, but that's a great buy sis!

Golden said...

Oh my. I need to get a postal ID myself. Those solid perfumes look interesting. By the way sis, with regard to the white baby shoes, I got it from a not-so-popular dept store near our house. I think you can find similar shoes/booties at SM Baby Co. I think they have it pero Looney Tunes yung character sa mga shoes.

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