Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mineral makeup to play with, and mutiny.

I've still technically not broken my no makeup-buy since I've only been getting myself the littlest things here and there. No major purchases, or hauls, at all. It's pretty difficult but I'll live :)

I alleviated my hunger for mmu by a bit through my purchase from Pammy's Blog Sale for a Cause (all proceeds went towards their outreach program, awesome).

The lot of samples (transferred into jars) and a fullsize EDM blush cost only P100 or about $2. The samples were of blushes, eyeshadows, and a few of foundation, from Monave, Cory Cosmetics, Silk Naturals, Dreamworld Minerals, Meow, Buff'd, and some others.

A pretty good, and cheap way to sample from various brands (some of which were my first time to try), IMO. I've only tinkered with the two blushes from Cory Cosmetics - Cosmo Pink and Promise - and I really like the colors. The goods came with a kind thank you note from Pammy. Thank you as well!

I put a new button on the sidebar (right under the Followers box):

I've been keeping up with all the news but I'm not sure how to express how I feel about the issue just yet, just that I support uniqueness and creativity! Do click the button on the side bar if you'd like to know more (I'm pretty clueless about html and don't know how to make the image above a link), or visit these great blogs: Fresco Phyrra, Sparkle is my Crack, and Lipsticks & Lightsabers.


Jbreezybaby said...

everyone is getting into the mutiny thing. Im not really quite sure what it is and like what you said, whats the issue? Thank you for the comment hun! I like both tea rose and indian pink just equally. I use thalia more often tho and Iris not much. In fact, I only swatched Iris twice and I dont know how else Im going to use it cuz it does not compliment my skin at all!

dulcette said...

ganda pa naman sana ng lippies ng Lime Crime.. eh repackers din naman pala sila :P would you know kung merong local MMU sellers na nagrerepack lang din?

Pammy said...

Yey! I'm glad you liked the Cory blushes. :P They were actually my favorites among the Cory blushes I had.

Maybe some of these indie mmu's minerals get repacked and some people claim it as their own? I dunno. :P

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hi ida!!!hehe.loophole ba ito sa no buy moments mo hehe.i want na din mag mineral make up ulit..kasu hirap nila hanapin eh....shades ko sa joppa cory at kung anu anu pa..saka kokonti lang ang resellers..try ko ulit ellana and blusche.

Lisa Kate said...

Aw thanks for the linky!

I'm very conflicted on the mutiny. I wasn't at first, I was very "you go girls!" about it until I started reading small company owner's blogs about it. Then I started thinking well, maybe it's not such a good idea after all. I'm not sure where I stand, although there is a lot of "bashing" of those who "oppose" the mutiny. I'm staying out of it now. Just gonna keep playing with my makeup!

I haven't tried any of the companies except Meow and EDM! I can't wait to read your reviews!

Ida said...

Jbreezy, i know! it's mainly about certain companies (like lime crime) straight out just repackaging pigments purchased wholesale, and passing them off as their own unique creations (not to mention overpricing them)! re nyx lippies, i'm intrigued about thalia now. iris reminds me of cream w/c i have and doesn't go well with my skintone either :)

dulcette, oo nga eh! mdaming speculations as to whether repackaged or not yung lipsticks, like her pigments, pero wala pa nakakaalam for sure. ngayon lang ako napaisip about idea w/ local mmu.

Pammy, how come you don't like them anymore? that's the issue exactly :)

shobe, lol sis, loophole nga! :D bumili na ko pero mga mura lang hehe. ang mga local mmus natin bukod sa nga yun- mineraux, bare naturals, reseller ng monave, tapos may bago yung sa venus & mars, pureglow ang name :)

Lisa Kate, welcome! that's kind of how i feel, though definitely i'm on the side of supporting the mutiny and not opposing it. i've been reading your entries (though haven't left comments), and i think that's a good thing, so that you won't be stressed out by it anymore :) it's my first time to try some of these brands as well, will be playing with them! :)

oOchaOo said...

hi ida! i haven't tried much on mineral make ups but i really want to give it a try :)

ooh repackaged mineral pigments?? i think that's unfair for the mineral make-up companies heehee

dulcette said...

i ordered more lippies from nyx, one of which is thalia :) i also got circe, strawberry milk, tea rose and lome lipglosses. planning on ordering more soon!

dulcette said...

pero about the mutiny thing, repacking i think OK lang, since yun naman talaga yung point ng wholesalers like TKB, to sell. Pero like limecrime na nagcclaim na unique and all that yung prods nila, and overpriced to top it off ,well that's not really nice.

Ida said...

cha, looking forward to seeing you try mmu and what you'll think about it :)

dulcette, ooh, nice colors! i have tea rose but wanna try other colors also as well as their lipgloss. re mutiny, yeah repacking can't be avoided. but yeah repacking then claiming products as your own is definitely not cool.

Liza said...

I like all natural thing, so how can I ignore my makeup kit. I always prefer mineral makeup products for makeup my face. Thanks for this post.

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