Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lauress mineral foundation and other samples

I've heard many raves about Lauress's mineral foundation, so I was very excited to try them when I received my samples.

Their foundation comes in loose powder form and is available in 3 formulations- Minimalist, which contains only 4 or 5 ingredients and is recommended for sensitive, normal to oily skin, Elemental, which contains an antioxidant called Lauroyl Lysine and is suitable for normal to dry skin, and Ethereal, which is supposed to give the heaviest coverage out of the 3 formulations, has a glowing finish, and is okay for all skin types.

I got 3 foundation samples, one for each formula, in different shades.
Top row - Elemental foundation in Pure Yellow, Ethereal foundation in Pure Gold, Minimalist foundation in Fresh Gold, Luminesce powder in Lustrous. Bottom - Matte blushes in True Love and Perky, and my freebie, Pearl Light eyeshadow in Serene.

Regarding the foundation colors, I find that I have to mix Pure Yellow and Pure Gold (with more Pure Gold in the mix) to match my skintone. The difference between Pure Yellow and Pure Gold is that Pure Yellow has a lot more yellow tones in it than Pure Gold does, and I find it to be a shade lighter.

I think Lauress's foundation really is worth raving about! Finding the right formulation depends on your skin type. Mine is sensitive and dry and I love the Minimalist and Elemental formulas.

Minimalist feels light as air, and did not make my face itch even after I started sweating. It has a matte finish, and I was pretty surprised that it didn't make my skin feel dry and tight like most matte foundations do. I'm satisfied with its coverage, which can be light to heavy depending on application. I also like that it doesn't make my t-zone look shiny in photos.

Elemental is also lightweight, and feels creamy while being applied. This did not make me itch either. It has the same coverage as Minimalist, made my skin feel silky, and really didn't dry my skin out at all. I think they're right to recommend this to people with skin that tends to be dry.

The Ethereal formula I don't like so much because it made my skin itchy once I went out in our hot weather. I 'm not sure what ingredient in it I reacted to, perhaps it was the Boron Nitride? Its finish was also a bit shiny for my taste. I think it offers just the same coverage as the 2 other formulas.

I adore the True Love blush which on me is a cool, soft pink. Perky blush is a bit darker and is described as a dusky rose. The Luminesce powder is for creating a soft and natural glow. I don't find it shimmery or sparkly, and I think it's okay, though I would like it to be more 'glowy'. I like to use it as a finishing powder. Lustrous is a soft tan color which is actually darker than my actual skintone, I use it when my foundation seems a bit light. My freebie eyeshadow, Serene (soft, dusky mauve), is lovely- a subtle color and easy to blend.

If you'd like to try their products, now is probably a good time since Lauress currently has their powders on a 10%-20% off sale. I also ordered during a sale and my order was shipped in about 2 days. International shipping cost about $3. Love how they shrink-wrap everything too, so that nothing spills!

Looks like everyone had a great halloween :) Me, I spent it in the province with my family and in-laws the whole long weekend and I missed being online terribly!


Fifi said...

hmm which formula do you think is more suitable for oily skin? I want something that gives good coverage AND matte finish. Lol. Perhaps I ask too much... but oh well, I'll give Lauress a try since the foundations DO look creamy! :D

Elise said...

the colours are really perfect aren't they ? Thanks for the info

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Thank you for good review :)

I've heard from my friends that Minimalist is VERY good for oily skin :) Mine is dry and I absolutely love Elemental, it just looks so good and feels silky. Ethereal contains silica and my skin can't tolerate it.

Lyndsey said...

Thanks for the review, I think it's worth a try!

Vanilla said...

thanks for the review !heading to their website !hehe

Ida said...

Fifi, as I mentioned on your blog, I think Minimalist would be great for you :)

Elise, thank you so much for visiting. Your blog is so beautiful! :)

Nea, thank you! Elemental does feel exactly that, it just feels so good on my face. Maybe I reacted to the silica in Ethereal also.

Lyndsey, glad I was of some help, thanks for reading!

Vanilla, looking forward to seeing your haul! hehe.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Thats a lot of great products!!
Nice haul!!

Crystal Gale said...

I love Lauress too! I have only tried minimalist though..I'm just waiting for all my mmu foundie samples to be finished then I'll definitely buy myself a full pot of Lauress..have you tried Soft Yellow instead of Pure Yellow? ^_^

Ida said...

Hey Anastacia! Thanks! :)

Gale, I still haven't finished my samples but I'm tempted to buy a FS :D I haven't tried soft yellow, am thinking it might be too light for me.

jehan said...

still have a lot to finish here.. i want to try them too. i love the intense coverage of the ellana foundation i got... i should start worrying now that i'm about to start with my 2nd and last 6gram jar... i somehow regret buying the primer-finishing powder the SA convinced me into buying. i cough everytime i use it.. i should have bought another jar of the foundation instead... looking forward for your further review of these products...


Ida said...

Jehan, it takes a long time to finish mineral makeup, no? :D You must like ellana's foundation a lot if you're on your 2nd jar already! What finishing powder was it that you got? I think they ship internationally. Re Lauress's foundation, they are a definite must-try for mmu foundation users. Just choose according to your skin type :)

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