Monday, November 9, 2009

Erzulie Cosmetics Mineral Concealer and Cream-to-powder Foundation

Let me start off by saying that Erzulie Cosmetics has great customer service! I ordered from them a couple of months ago, and only remembered to leave my feedback on Etsy much much later on. Through my Etsy feedback, I let them know that I liked the product I got, but was looking for something which gave more coverage, and that the concealer I got was too light for me (see this post). Rhonda of Erzulie Cosmetics almost immediately offered to send me a sample of their cream-to-powder foundation which she said gives heavier coverage, and a concealer in a darker shade of my choice. Yay!

Here is the Progress Mineral Concealer in Medium:

It's made of all-natural ingredients, is non-comedogenic, comes in a tube, and costs $6. The medium shade is just right for my skintone. It's got a creamy feel, and is easy to apply. I use my ring finger and tap it on lightly on my undereyes, then set it with mineral powder concealer. This is not sheer, and covers my dark undereye circles, but not completely. At first it seems to leave a bit of a greyish cast on my undereyes which is typical of many concealers, but the good thing about this one is it kind of adjusts to my skintone after a short while and the greyish cast just goes away. I really liked that about it.

The lasting power in our very hot, humid weather was good, it fades after about 4-5 hours, but I'm glad it doesn't leave the concealed areas shiny like the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer. I like the feel of it on my dry undereyes, and it didn't settle much in the fine lines on my eye area, only a bit in the inner corners of my undereye where most of the fine lines are. It also didn't cause any irritation to my skin.

Overall, I like this concealer. I've been using it a lot lately! The finish is quite natural and I would repurchase this, and also get myself their color correcting concealers, most especially green (for the red areas on the sides of my nose), and yellow (to experiment on my undereyes again).

Here are before and after shots of my undereyes, by the way, I'm not sure they're gonna be of much help but I'll post them anyways...

Before photo. It's a little blurry- taken in natural light, with no flash, in the late afternoon. Whoa! You can really see how bad my dark circles are here.

And after. The lighting is different becaue by this time, there was no more sun outside. My skin looks shiny because of the flash.

I also tried the Cream-to-powder mineral foundation:

*Photo from the Erzulie Cosmetics website.

I received a sample of this foundation in Medium Light. It is also all-natural and non-comedogenic like the concealer, and is on sale at $14. This shade is too light for me, though I find that the difference is only very noticeable in photos. In actual I thought it looked all right but would still prefer a darker shade.

My first thought after putting this on is that it didn't really 'turn' to powder. The finish was not matte nor did it have a powdery feel as I was expecting, instead the finish was dewy. Now this is no problem for me since right now, my skin is very dry and dull, so I actually prefer a cream or liquid foundation with a dewy finish, but if you're looking for foundation with a matte/dry finish, this is not it.

It could be that our hot weather affects the product and the outcome, but I've used this a number of times now and the finish is always the same. It retains its cream form and doesn't really become powdery. It doesn't feel greasy though, and I love that it feels so lightweight.

I like it for my dry skin, and as long as my skin is properly moisturized before application, this doesn't emphasize any flaky areas. I'm not sure how it would do for oilier skin types in our hot weather though.

Regarding coverage, it definitely has fuller coverage than their Flawless Finish Clarifying Liquid Foundation. It evens out my skintone very nicely and covers blemishes well. I like this foundation's coverage a lot. I also find it easy to blend (I use a sponge) and apply. No itchies or breakouts either! I will definitely purchase the full-sized product, perhaps in the medium shade or even darker.

Have you tried any products from Erzulie Cosmetics?


teeyah. said...

Aww haven't tried any but the product looks great! :) I'm oily though so it might make me oilier but glad you like it :)

Vanilla said...

omg im will be posting my erzulie review in a few days !hehe

i dont really like the cream to powder maybe coz i didnt use moisturizer

Crystal said...

dear, what's causing your skin to be dry these days? akala ko kasi you're oily e. or maybe just your lids?

Ida said...

teeyah, they're a little known indie makeup company but I think their products are worth trying. Not sure their foundies will do for oily skin though :)

Vanilla, ooh, I'm pretty excited for your review! What happened with the foundation?

Crystal, I'm not sure nga eh, maybe it's the facial wash I've been using. It's a real bummer :( My skin tends to be dry talaga, nagooily lang ng konti or nagiging combination minsan pag super init.

twinsouls888 said...

I think the coverage is really good. There is big difference in the before and after pix.

Tnx so much for introducing this product to us ^_^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

hindi ko pa naririnig ito
thanks for letting us know

i have never tried a cream to powder foundation not going to count skin white kasi nasusuffocate ang balat ko dun e

it's nice that its lightweight. lalo dito satin dahil lagi mainit

Ida said...

twinsouls, really? Thanks :) Aww, glad to do it.

thiamere, hindi kasi sila ganun ka kilala. thanks for reading :) My skin doesn't feel suffocated with this naman. Correct, di puede dito yung mabigat sa face :)

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