Friday, November 6, 2009

A soap that saved me from bacne (yuck)

Yeah, I know, it's disgusting. Bacne started for me around puberty, then flared on and off, and when I turned to natural bath and skincare products, I resolved to find a solution to it. For some of you who have the same problem, you might want to try Venus and Mars' Javanese Lulur Soap.

(Photo taken from the Venus and Mars website)

I purchased this soap via the Venus and Mars (a local seller) website many months ago simply because I liked the product name. I've always longed to experience a Javanese Lulur treatment so this prodcut sounded really good to me.

The ingredients of this soap are: emu oil, tea tree essential oil, turmeric, tea tree leaves, shea butter, arbutin, calamansi, papain, olive oil and coconut oil, mango.

I have sensitive skin so I tested the soap on my arms first, and when no adverse reaction occured, I lathered it all over my back. I noticed that there was a stinging sensation on my skin, especially if I waited too long before washing it off. But it didn't make me itch, nor did it leave rashes, so I continued using it. It had a very mild scent which to me smelled kind of like oatmeal.

After using it everyday on my back for less than a week, I noticed that my bacne was miraculously drying up! I was really surprised. I noticed though, that while it dried the pimples, it also left the skin on my back rather dry, so after bathing I applied a few drops of emu oil on my back, then a bit of lotion. I followed this routine and it improved my back very noticeably. I loved the results.

I remember that I had some zits on my face at that time, so I tried using it on my face as well. This for me turned out to be a no-no because it didn't help with the pimples on my face and dried my face up terribly. I haven't and won't use it on my face again, and definitely prefer my liquid facial washes. I use this soap on my back only.

The skin on my back cleared up entirely at one point so I didn't get myself any more bars of Javanese Lulur, but recently I started getting zits on my back again. So it's back to the Javanese Lulur soap for me and it's improving my skin again just like before. I don't want my skin to become 'immune' to this product though, so I'm still searching for more natural products that will work just as well and which I can use with this alternately.

I don't know if I sound like an ad, but just to let you know, I'm not affiliated with Venus and Mars - I'm just one of their regular customers. Do also keep in mind that products don't have the same effects on every individual, so I cannot guarantee that this would have the same effect on anyone else, but if you suffer from bacne, I highly recommed that you give it a try! It's pretty cheap too at P100 or P195 depending on the size of the bar.


twinsouls888 said...

I'm sooo happy girl you found a good product for the bacne and pretty cheap too. I haven't tried any Venus & Mars products yet but I've been lemming for their antibac brushes hehe. ^_^.

Vanilla said...

i have no bacne but i have acne !lol
and i havent found the solution,its great u have found urs

Tish said...

Ida, I've tried this soap in the past and loved using it both on my face and body. It quickly dried up the zits that I rarely get. I'm thinking of buying it again but the African Black Soap intrigues me so much more than when I first discovered Lulur. I'm heading to Rockwell tomorrow to meet Jamie and to purchase more of her products regardless of how pricey the soaps are (her soaps are the most expensive soaps that I have used).

Lyndsey said...

That's nice you found something that works. My daughter is 15 and I'll have to keep this in mind and check it out!

Nina said...

I've tried the emu soaps from Barenaturals but they didn't work at all for me. I'll try this because I'm on the verge of breaking out again!

Ida said...

Hi twinsouls! So glad to see you here again. venus and mars have pretty good products. I'm lemming for that brush set as well :)

Vanilla, I hate having acne even more than bacne. I hope you find something that works for you soon :)

Tish, I agree that her soaps are one of the most expensive ones out there among the local natural brands, but they are worth it no? :) I'm glad that the Lulur worked for you also! I'm intrigued as well about the new african black soap, will wait for your review! Wish I could go to the bazaar as well.

Lyndsey, thanks, I hope your daughter doesn't get bacne. :) It's pretty annoying!

Nina, I was eyeing those emu soaps from Barenaturals as well, hope the Venus and Mars soaps work better for you :)

Anonymous said...

you know i haven't tried natural soap ..can I considered papaya as natural lol.I do really love here in blog I always learn something new :D.I wanted to try those soap sounds great I like the elements!

hey sis maybe you need to edit my domain in your blogroll :C chulalouie kasi na NOT chulalouise I removed the S..thnx

Ida said...

Louie! Yeah, papaya is natural :) I used papaya soap for a short while too. Thanks for reading. I'll try doing that with the blogroll.

jehan said...

hi! i come by your blog regularly but rarely leave comments/messages really... i love to try this soap too. i hope i could get my hands on it. at the moment, i'm using cyliena (?spelling hehe) soaps i hoarded when i went home last sept. and they're doing a great job on my face.
thanks for the wonderful review/info...

Vanilla said...

haha u used to play sims too?hehehe
shoot i didnt get pureluxe erasesr in my my pureluxe order !but i got their,ummm something liek creamy concealer,i applied it whole face,i thinks its the same as eraser?hahaha

Ida said...

Hi jehan, I used up a few bars of cyleina soaps as well. Glad that they work for you! Venus and Mars' soaps are pretty good too. Thank you much :)

Vanilla, yup I spent a lot of time playing the sims hehe. Ooh too bad you didn't get to include it, but there's always next time :) Would love to know what you think of their concealer.

mojita_yanipot said...

Hi sis!

I tried VnM's soaps too, but I stopped because they tend to dry out my skin, which is a huge no-no for me. But I'm glad it worked for you and cleared up your bacne! =)

As an alternative (so you won't become immune to VnM's lulur), you can try By Nature Handmade Soaps. I love their soaps to bits! =) I guess Very Oatmeal can help with bacne.

Here's their website:

Ida said...

mojita yanipot, it really goes to show that products can have different effects on people, no? :) VnM's soaps dry you out, this dries me out when used all over actually, but I only use it on my back and it really helps with the bacne.

By Nature Handmade Soap naman in Very Oatmeal, natry ko na rin. I thought it was fun to use because of the little grains in it- di na kelangan ng loofah. But it did nothing for my bacne. I still love By Nature soaps though :)

natural soap said...

Really interesting read. Many thanks for the post I found it very useful!

Ida said...

thanks :) cool link.

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