Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sticking to my no-makeup buy

Our laptop's already been fixed, yay! But I'm currently updating using my hubby's new work laptop...I love that it's white. Anyway, my no-makeup buy, yes, I've resolved to stick to it. I looked up the date on the entry where I said that I was longer lemming for any beauty product, and it was September 28. And now, not even a month later, all my lemmings are very much back.

What I'm really, really tempted by are 2 sales - Lauress's sale, with everything at 35% off (only a few days left!), and Sephora's upcoming sale with all items at 20% off (happening on Oct 19 I believe). Both such good deals! And just in time because I tried Lauress's foundation this week and loved it, and I've been lemming for Benefit Coralista for what seems like the longest time. And not to mention the mmu companies coming out with all these great Halloween collections...

But ah, my beauty budget is terribly low right now, what with my daughter's very first birthday party coming up. At first I proposed that we three just celebrate by going out of town, to somewhere we've never been before, but I's not just we three, it's we and our family and our friends. See, my pregnancy was unplanned, and we were not prepared for it. But we got so, so much help along the way. And we are thankful, and will be celebrating with all the wonderful people who have helped us.

So I resolve to stick to my no-buy! My goal is until December. Good thing I got my packages today...I'll have things to play with. And when I watch the news...did you know that another typhoon hit our country and that the northern provinces were badly hit? More casualties, and more people now without homes and going hungry. I still feel like I'm going to cry everytime I watch the news.

It's about realizations and priorities, I guess. I'm keeping myself busy in the meantime- I was in the process of renewing my driver's license and I was already done with my drug test and all, when suddenly, they tell me that I have a record for a traffic violation that happened in 2007 and I have to get clearance for it all the way in MMDA Guadalupe, which is hours away from our home! So I commute all the way to there today only to find out that it was actually some other person's (a complete stranger) violation which somehow showed up on my record. Jeez. BUT I was told to still come back tomorrow and pay a fine (a small fine, but still). My husband said that was totally unreasonable, that they wasted my time, and I should've thrown a fit, but honestly, I was too weary to argue with the MMDA people. Oops, I'm getting off track and ranting now, but fellow Pinoys, you probably know what I'm talking about. Totally third world :)

So how 'bout you, how long did your longest no-buy last? Inspire me with your answers, please? :)


nikkiz. said...

My longest no buy for online purchases was around 1 month. I couldn't last too long or I would splurge! And splurging with no moolah is disastrous. So a little bit here and there does the trick for me so as not to go over board.

Ida said...

i wish mine would last a month as well! i really feel like splurging already...but i can't. i'll try getting just a little at a time, that sounds good :)

Chrissy said...

I'm hoping I can do a decent no-buy.. but really I just find that I splurge if I don't buy anything for a while. But I really don't have money so if my parents will buy something for me then great, but if not then that's okay. I'm saving up for something kasi. Haha.

Advanced happy bday to your daughter!

You know what, I'm very fortunate I didn't have that trouble with LTO, etc. I hate that the system here is very messed up!

Gel said...

good luck on your no buy :) i'm not really a hoarder. i contemplate about buying a certain item for days before i actually place the order. i only started buying makeup a few months ago so essentially, i bought my entire makeup collection in a span of like 4 months? kaya lang ngayon i lost interest na. i had a skinfood fascination last month pero isa lang talaga nabili ko and now i'm looking at clothes naman :)

about the mmda thing, bakit ikaw pa pinagbabayad ng fine eh hindi naman ikaw yun? siguro i wouldn't have a problem about paying a small fine pero to have you come back the next day for that? i'd be a little pissed. i would insist on paying for it the same day siguro..

Anonymous said...

same here longest no buy was only 1 month..3 months is already torture girl lol ..I can't do that esp on December haha gee daming sale nun :P
advance happy b'day to little angel btw! xoxo

Ida said...

chrissy, saving up for something big is a great motivation for a no-buy. when i was a student the few makeup i had was all bought by my mom. hehe. thanks for the greet :) re lto, good thing this didn't happen to you, hope it never does.

gel, that's a good way to shop, para more likely that you'll be satisfied with your item. ako medyo impulsive eh. ang bilis nawala nung interest mo sa makeup, but maybe you bought a lot na? i wish i weren't so fixated on makeup.

bumalik ulit ako sa mmda kahapon, it turns out
2 violations yung nasa record ko - 1 yung sa ibang tao, tapos may 2nd na ako talaga. but i don't recall ever being given a ticket. ang labo. pero at least mabilis yung processing nila :)

louie, wala pa nga 1 month parang torture na hehe...ay sa december bibili na talaga ko :)
thanks for the bday greeting for my girl :)

Golden said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations on your pregnancy.

What the fudge! They had you pay for it even though it isn't your fault? Argh! Those are the things that I hate in our country. It's totally unreasonable. Oh well...

Pammy said...

The longest no-buy for me was 3 months. That was waaay before I was addicted to, well, blushes. After 2 weeks, uh oh. The aftermath was really bad. :P

I really wish you luck with your no buy and advanced happy birthday to your dearest daughter. :)

Ida said...

golden, oh my goodness, i'm not pregnant! what ever gave you that idea sis? :) that was really weird about the traffic violation. those are the type of things that really irk me about living here too.

pammy, woooow, 3 months seems like an enternity. but i can imagine the aftermath. haha :) thank you!

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