Sunday, October 25, 2009

A 'natural' beauty tip. For the lips.

By natural I mean using natural ingredients. I know that there are countless tips out there on using natural ingredients, such as things that you can actually find in your kitchen (bananas, avocadoes, sugar, to name a few) for beauty rituals, and it's rather fun to try them, but do be careful. Definitely do a patch test first! I for one now know that, although I like honey, my skin does not like it.

But I do want to share a tip that I've been incorporating into my routine for many weeks now. I only used two ingredients for it: emu oil and unrefined shea butter. I purchased my emu oil from Barenaturals, a local seller (also available from Garden of Wisdom who ships worldwide), and the unrefined shea butter from Coastalscents (available locally at Botany Works).

I thought of using them when my lips swelled up from allergies. Eeew, yes, I know. After the swelling went down the texture of my lips became very rough, I hated the feeling of rubbing my lips together! I thought of trying emu oil on them since I use emu oil for any insect bites or minor skin irritations that I and my daughter get. Unrefined shea butter I usually rub on my heels, to keep them soft, and on my daughter's eczema.

I just got a small dab of the emu oil and applied it all over my lips. Surprisingly it didn't feel yucky. Then I grabbed a small amount as well of the unrefined shea butter and put it all over my lips also. And after about 2 days my lips were even soften than before they swelled up, I swear! The emu oil and shea butter are gone from my lips after less than an hour, but I continue to feel the moisturizing, softening effect hours later. I now do this when I wake up in the morning, after baths, and after kissing hubby goodnight. It's just super! And if you decide to try this tip, I do hope it works just as well for you!

By the way, have you noticed my beautiful new banner and template? They're courtesy of dulcette, whose payment will be in the form of makeup items. Cool, yes?
Her blog is pretty new, so let's welcome her to the beautyblogging community :)

I am so happy that our daughter's first birthday party turned out quite nicely and that she enjoyed it. My weekend was memorable and happy. How was yours? And do you have any natural or homemade beauty rituals that work well for you? Share!


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I once tried honey on my face when I went to the sauna... And I got a terrible reaction! So no more honey for me ;D

But I do love emu oil and shea butter!

Lisa Kate said...

This is a great tip! I have such dry lips, I'll be doing this for sure!

Aw, happy birthday to your lil one!!!

dulcette said...

happy bday to your kid! :)

Ida said...

Nea, my face also reacts badly to honey- I get hives-like rashes. I also love emu oil & shea butter, they have many uses :)

Lisa Kate, I hope it works for your lips! Thanks for the greet :D

dulcette, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Green tea works as a mask or "face water" (the English name doesn't come to my mind right now).

Emu oil sounds awful, if it's made from the birds :( But i love shea butter.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

emu oil is nice noh?im going organic na din sa skin care prudcts eh.^_^

mojita_yanipot said...

I experience the same kind of swelling when I use Avon lipsticks. :( Same with you, my lips feel very rough and kinda painful after the swelling subsides. In case I get the same reaction from another lip product, I'll try what you did. Thanks for the great tip! :)

LOLanne said...

"...and after kissing hubby goodnight" ... this made me awwwww :)

i have reaaaaally serious allergies to candelilla wax (an ingredient that's in most lippies) anddd every time i accidentally try a product with it, my lips ends up swollen, rough, and everything ugly ugh

im definitely going to try emu oil the next time i get an allergic reaction :)


Ida said...

Anonymous, i'm not sure i want to find out how emu oil is made :( i know i'll feel bad also but then i like the effects of the oil :(

Shobe, oh goodie you're going organic na din, looking forward to seeing the products you use :)

mojita_yanipot, i often get reactions from certain cosmetics and skincare products, and in this case food. i hate how it feels after. i'm glad to share! :)

LOLanne, thanks for visiting my blog! heehee, i do try to apply the oil & shea butter on my lips after kissing so that it won't all smudge off :) wow, candelila wax is such a common lippie ingredient, it must be kinda hard to find lippies that don't irritate. hope this works for you :)

Miss Yaya said...

great tips. I've never heard of emu oil, thanks!

Ida said...

Miss Yaya, thanks for reading!

Golden said...

Hi sis! Good to know that the shea butter and emu oil worked on you. :)

Oh, and belated happy birthday to your baby.

Ida said...

Golden, thank you sis :)

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