Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aromaleigh Lip Product Discontinuation Haul

A couple of weeks ago Aromaleigh announced that they were discontinuing all their lip products and I just had to get myself more of their lip balm, which I love. I also grabbed some of their other lip products to try, before they're gone forever.

Keeping these balms in the fridge to elongate shelf life- Just The Balm Ma'am (plain and unscented), Cremesicle Delight (sweet orange oil blended with vanilla bourbon), Gingersnap (gingery sweet with hints of vanilla), and French Cocoa Bliss (delectable french cocoa- cool, it's brown!).

I just love how they feel so creamy, and are scented delicately, and how they soften my lips. Currently I'm using Pink Grapefruit Parfait, which smells like sweet creamy vanilla mixed with grapefruit. I also like Delicate Vanilla Bean. I sure will miss these when I finish them, but it'll be fun trying other balms too.

I'd only previously tried two of their other lip colors- a Botanical Lipstick in Crush, and Nourishing Color Creme in Candy Cane, which I got during the holidays. I was curious about the Gothic Lolita lippies as well as the Rocks! lippies, so I got two of each to try.

Left to right: Cakewalk, Wallflower, Headoverheels, Notorious, Gossamer, Rosebud.

Swatched in the same order. This one was taken with flash.

Still in the same order. Taken with no flash.

I swatched Candy Cane and Crush as well. That small brown spot is my mole, not the Candy Cane lippie which doesn't really show any touch of nude pink on me, just the pretty iridescence which you can see below.

The lip products are sheer, as you can see in the swatches, but the color can be built up with more swipes. I like them for everyday wear, and my favorite I think is Headoverheels. They're the type of lippies that I can apply in the dark, in a moving car (that's usually where I put my lip color on), and not end up looking like a clown.

Some of the products are still in stock, and I do wish I could get more. AL is on vacation 'til April 5th though.

Oh my gosh, while I was typing this my mother and my sister texted me that they felt an earthquake, and had to be evacuated out of their office and school buildings! I was relieved to hear no one was hurt. No earthquake here in our area, thank goodness. I would've been terrified.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

if only i knew it i would have bought some for myself din. everything looks great!

i also did not feel the friend said that its 6.2 but i really did not feel anything at all..

Ida said...

thiamere, they open naman ulit on april 5 so you can still buy some. :) i think the quake was in certain parts of manila sister was at UST when they felt it.

Golden said...

You love vanilla flavors 'no? Those balms will last you a lifetime (just kidding). Pretty swatches too.

Lots of love,

Ida said...

I do! I really love 'em. Hehe, I wish they would! Thanks :)

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