Friday, March 19, 2010

Leyende Place in the Sun Sunblock

Since Christmas, I've been using Leyende Place in the Sun Sunblock as my daily facial sunblock. It meets a lot of my sunblock requirements- lightweight, gentle, all-natural, affordable, easily available.

This has spf 30 and contains the following ingredients:

deionized aqua, infusion of rosemary and calendula (marigold), organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, tinosorb, vit. E, vit. C, vit. B3, organic calendula & aloe extract, grapeseed extract.

My favorite thing about this product is that it doesn't break me out (not in the least), and does not cause any sort of my irritation on my ultra-sensitive skin. That's really what I'm most afraid of when trying out a new sunblock. This has a barely noticeable, mild floral scent, which is good, because I prefer my skincare products unscented.

Because it's very humid and hot here, I always look for a facial sunblock that isn't thick or sticky, otherwise I'd be sweating buckets. Place in the Sun does fit the bill, mostly, although sometimes, on exceptionally sweltering hot days, I find my skin still a bit damp a few minutes after application, but I easily remedy this by lightly patting my skin with a towel before putting on makeup.

Leyende is a local brand, so I can either go to a store to buy this, or order online and receive my order in a day or two. It costs P400 for a 50ml tube which lasts a relatively long time since the product spreads easily and I only need a dab each time. I've been using mine for about 3 months now and I still have a lot of product left.

I've been using Leyende's products for some time now and my favorite items of theirs are this and their Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Body Scrub (this smells goooood). I hope Leyende also comes out soon with sunblock meant for use on the whole body. :)


Fifi said...

Sounds like a nice product!
I am too have a sensitive skin when it comes to sunblock, I don't know why but they tend to break me out (especially the ones with larger SPF). Weird...
Strawberry Yogurt Body Scrub sounds yum! :)

Golden said...

Nice review sis. I haven't tried a Leyende product yet. As for me, I use Olay Healthy Fairness Day Lotion as my moisturizer. I like it because it is effective in moisturizing my skin, no breakouts, and it has spf 24. :)

Lots of love,

Ida said...

Hi Fifi, having sensitive skin is kind of a hassle, no? I break out way too easily! The scrub smells just like real frozen strawberry yogurt :D

Golden, thanks! Glad you've found a product that works well for you :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

The sunblock sounds like a great product. I know once summer hits I need to find myself a new face lotion or sunblock because the one I'm currently using doesn't have a very high spf & with the summer heat I'll need one that will have more protection.
And goodness the name of the Frozen Strawberry Yogurt scrub makes it sound so Yummy~! XD Sort of makes me wanna go out and eat some now. lol

mojita_yanipot said...

Wow, I think I should give this facial sunblock a try. :) Hope it doesn't make me break out too! :D

Ida said...

Dana, this is a great product but I find myself needing something with higher spf too. I wish this were spf50. It's so hot here and it's not even summer yet. Gosh, now I want some frozen yogurt too hehe.

Mojita yanipot, I totally recommend it and Leyende's other stuff- they're all organic and good! I do hope this doesn't break you out if you try it though.

Golden said...

Hi Ida!

How are you?

Re: You're so sweet sis. Sure, I'll let you know if ever I want to buy something from Etude. Thanks so much. *kisses*

Lots of love,

Ida said...

Hi Golden, I'm doing good. Hope you are too. =) Yes, just let me know, it's really easy for me to stop by festival mall and get some stuff. You're very welcome! :)

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