Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Etude House Good-Bye Dark Circle Eye Patch Review

One of the first things I tried from my Etude House haul. Costs less than P100. This contains one pair of 'Eye Patches' for single use. Here's what you'll see when you open the packaging:

The white strips are not the actual eye patches, but the covering which keeps the product's moisture. Sorta look like nose strips right? The eye patches themselves are not white but transparent, have a jelly-like texture, and were a bit slippery. I failed to get photos 'cause I wanted to try them immediately, hehe.

I made a few attempts to position them correctly on my undereyes- I wanted to make sure all areas with dark circles were covered. At first they felt a bit awkward, like they were poking my eyes alittle, but after about a few minutes they felt comfortable on. These were to be left on for 15 minutes.

I don't think anyone would expect dramatic changes after one use of this product. My expectations were pretty low, actually. I purchased this for fun, thinking it was kind of a gimmicky product. Plus I have very, very dark circles.

But I got a pleasant surprise. I tried this after getting less sleep than usual the night before, and these felt quite refreshing and cooling to my tired eyes. Really nice to have on during a hot day, and while staring at a computer screen typing and doing research.

When I removed them 15 minutes later, my eyes looked and felt much more awake. I think these'd be handy if you had a particularly tiring or sleepless night and wanted to fake a more rested look the following morning. I also think using this before makeup would make the process of concealing dark circles relatively easier. I'll definitely buy it again and would like to try Etude House's Collagen Eye Patch as well. :)

On a side note, gosh, I can't believe my last post was more than a week ago. I'd planned to post regularly to my humble blog, but no. I'm trying to be a work-at-home mom, but sadly it just doesn't seem to be working out. Been busy with little projects here and there, including a new blog far related from makeup/beauty/shopping, but of a subject that secretly intrigues and interests me as well. :)


Vanilla said...

wow cant wait for ur new blog!!
now im curious!haha

Khymm said...

i have dark circles too Ida! Seems like a good product to try.. i've tried several eye creams na, walang effect =P

Golden said...

I haven't tried such eye products. Glad to know that it somehow refreshed your tired eyes. I hope you share with us your upcoming blog. Hehe.

Lots of love,

Crystal Gale said...

Wow! I'll definitely check this out...I really have dark undereye too..I hope this works for me too :)

Ida said...

Hey Vanilla! I think I jinxed it by posting about it. New blog might not pull through :(

Khymm, I don't think this does anything long-term, but it does improve the undereye for a bit, right after use. Haven't found a good eye cream either.

Hi Golden, yes, I'm glad it helped too, somehow. Waah, I regret to say that there might not be a new blog after all. My daughter fell sick :(

Gale, I'd love to know what you'd think of this product.

Sush said...

hmm looks interesting, Might go and buy myself a few and try it on myself hehe thanks for sharing! :)

Ida said...

Sush, glad to share! This may not have made me say goodbye to dark circles forever, but I found it quite refreshing :)

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