Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aromaleigh butterfly hunt

Some of you probably already know about this, but for those who don't, Aromaleigh has this great daily contest :) Miss K posts photos of pretty butterflies each day on her blog, and in order to win you'd just have to find that photo (it appears in the exact same size) on the Aromaleigh website. Here is the most recently posted butterfly:

Miss K has been giving away different Aromaleigh products as prizes. Take note though, that you can only win up to three times. I've already won twice so I'll be picking the last one I join carefully. It's such a fun contest! And once you get the hang of finding the butterfly, it gets really easy. There are 16 more hunts remaining. This is open to both local and international readers. Good luck with the butterfly hunt!

Besides the contest, I really like the new changes Aromaleigh has announced lately- like being able to choose the three free samples that come along with every order, and having their makeup brushes, among other products, included in items for international shipping. Yay! I read about the updates on Miss K's blog, which is a great read with lots of inspirational photos too.

Speaking of contests (and winning them), I received something yesterday that gave me much needed cheering-up! It's from another great blog (for Filipinas), Kikay Exchange! I'd like to take photos first though, so will post about that soon :)


Golden said...

Thanks sis for the prayer. I really appreciate it.

BTW, congrats for winning the contest! Ooh, I bet it isn't that easy to look for that butterfly, eh?

Mimilainna said...

Aw thats a pretty butterfly! Thats a cool contest

Ida said...

golden, update us on your daughter's condition ha? :)

it's easy to find the butterflies, i promise :)

mimilainna, yup we get to look for pretty butterflies. thanks for visitng and good luck if you'll be joining the contests :)

♥ mia said...

cool! imma join this hihi

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