Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New from Bare Naturals - Mineral Liquid Lipstick & more Eye Pigment colors

I'm into exploring local mmu products nowadays, and revisited an old favorite: Bare Naturals. They've been coming up with so many new items lately! The newest of which is their Mineral Liquid Lipstick:

Enriched with Vitamin E, avocado oil, shea butter, and emu oil, it's supposed to keep lips moist, and provide natural-looking color. This shade is called Glamor, which is described as a Pink coral with hint of coral and silver iridiscence. This is a flirty, pretty color. I like it a lot!

Here it is on my lips:

I'm wearing it here as I normally would, using just a sheer layer. It's glossy but not overly glossy or shimmery even. Apply heavier layers (it has a wand applicator) and the color becomes almost opaque- hence its being called a 'liquid' lipstick. It also smells nice, like strawberries with a hint of mint! And definitely more moisturizing than your typical lipgloss or lipstick. It's available for only Php 215 or around $4.50. This'll last me a long time but I'd like to get another color...I think Fame which is a raspberry color or Power, which looks like a lovely peach. Swatches are available on the website.

Bare Naturals also has new Eye Pigment colors. I only ordered a few samples (these are available in sample baggies at Php 40 and the full size at Php 135), but Lami, the owner, generously included a bunch of other baggies and one in the fullsize 5g jar. Yay!

I was glad that the fullsize color I received was Dark Night, which is a matte black. I have no black eyeshadows and I've also been looking to get more matte shades. I also have lots of shimmery e/s but nearly no matte ones. I'll be using this to line my eyes and when I want to try more dramatic looks.

I swatched the other colors I received and labelled them on the following photo. Please click to enlarge:

I like both the shimmery and matte ones. I especially like Twilight and Urban (how many brown eyeshadows can a girl have?) , and Mod because I'm a sucker for gold and bronzey shades, as well as Soldier because I also love green e/s. Cosmo is really nice too, I don't think I have an e/s color like this one.

I'll also be trying Bare Naturals' BB creams, probably today, will post about that soon!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

everything looks nice

i haven't tried anything from bare naturals
but looking at it im pretty sure that its good

gracie said...

love the lips hun~

verina oei said...

love the lippie

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

very nice pigments!!!drooolingggg

Elise said...

Hi, just leaving you a comment becuase you have such a cool blog here. Full of interesting posts and pictures - thanks so much for sharing them ! Best wishes....

Crystal Gale said...

the lipstick is cool..you make me want to purchase one even if I'm on a no-buy mode for lippies (i have so many!) lol ^_^

Crystal said...

i want the liquid lipstick too! i have some of the BN e/s and they're nice nga.

donnarence said...

nice!!! nakakatempt yang liquid lip color ah.. plus the eye pigments are really pigmented and vibrant too..

Sush said...

The Mineral Liquid Lipstick looks very pretty on you! :) Ordered from bare naturals just a few days ago too! cant wait to get my order :)

Ida said...

thiamere, BN is definitely a local mmu worth checking out :)

gracie, shucks, thanks! :D

verina, it's a lovely color and consistency. i love it too!

shobe, aww, they are quite nice :)

elise, your comment is very much appreciated! best wishes to you as well. i went to your blog- i love the beautiful photos :)

gale, oh i totally understand that feeling! hehe :D

crystal, another lippie lover :) this was my 1st time to try their pigments, they're great.

donnarence, i know! i was tempted to get the lippie in multiple colors but i wanted to try it out first. the pigments are nice :)

sush, can't wait to see your post about your BN goodies :)

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