Friday, August 21, 2009

Fyrinnae haul, and thoughts

My order from Fyrinnae is finally here! It took 8 days before it was shipped, as Fyrinnae prefers to make fresh batches of products, and I had no problems with the processing time (which is always displayed on the webste) anyway. It was the postal system that was slow, it took a whole month to reach me!

I'm glad to report too, that since my post office rant, I've claimed 4 packages (which came in pairs) from them, and all were completely unopened. What a relief! I'm waiting for a bunch more, and after I receive those I think I'll lay off ordering internationally for a while. Sad for me. Happy for my credit card. Harhar.

Here are my new Fyrinnae eyeshadows (photos can be enlarged by clicking):

Upper row, left to right - Leif, Tamarin, Marshmallow Puffs, Polar Bear.
Bottom row, left to right - Blue-footed Booby, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Cookie Dough, Koala (my freebie).

Color descriptions:

Leif - Brilliant shimmery green with pale copper sparkle.
Tamarin - Matte peach, leaning torward a soft light orange
Marshmallow Puffs - Satiny white, no sparkle
Polar Bear - White-gold, shimmery and soft
Blue-footed Booby - a pale, soft neutral sage green with a slight satiny finish
Rapunzel Had Extensions - Stunning golden pink-peach
Cookie Dough - Satiny light taupe
Koala - A medium rosy taupe, this shade has a satin finish.

Swatched dry, picture taken with flash:

I switched the two rows...
Upper row, left to right - Blue-footed Booby, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Cookie Dough, Koala.
Bottom row, left to right - Leif, Tamarin, Marshmallow Puffs, Polar Bear.

I'm sorry that the colors didn't show up so well. They are so, so much more vibrant in actual, especially Leif! It's a vivid, striking green. My favorite though is Rapunzel Had Extensions. It looks like a simple peach color in the jar, but once applied, wow! It's like this iridescent, golden light-peach color. I also love Polar Bear, a beautiful subtle gold shade with shimmers. It is just SO pretty. And I know it'll look even more striking on darker skintones. All of these shades are very wearable during the day. I haven't tried applying them wet.

Also got samples of two of their Glow Blushes.

Hypnotize and Enrapture Glow Blushes.

They have just a little shimmer to them, Enrapture has nearly none, but I wouldn't call them matte. They have a satiny, sort of pearlescent finish, and do provide a nice glow to my cheeks. Hypnotize is a light dusty-peach, while Enrapture is a dusty rose pink.

Lip Lustre in Type A and Inks Liquid Eyeliner in Flattery Will Get You Everywhere:

I got another Lip Lustre, this time a red because I realized that I don't have any red lippies. Type A's color is described as a rich, shimmery garnet red, which I found to be true. It's got a metallic finish to it, and when applied heavily looks just like the picture below, but I find that I can still wear this shade during the day as long as I apply it sheer, and top it off with gloss.

The Inks Liquid Eyeliner in Flattery Will Get You Everwhere is described as a deep cool brown/pewter shade on the site. I wouldn't call it a cool brown, but yeah it's a pewter shade (this is a type of metal). It's not as dull as it appears in the photo below, it looks much more alive in person. I like the color because oftentimes I'm not as precise in applying black liquid eyeliner as I want to be, and it ends up a bit thicker than I want. I also find black liquid liner a bit too dramatic for daytime, so this shade is fun and just right for me. Too bad though, 'cause this has no staying power on my lids. I didn't use primer when I used it though, I'm gonna try it again.

Lip Lustre Type A and Inks Liquid Eyeliner FWGYE swatched:

I really like my haul and I think Fyrinnae products are worth the wait. What do you think about Fyrinnae products?


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i wanted to try fyrinnae ever since i heard about their primer...ill definitely buy it next month!

nice haul!

love that lip lustre

dreamer0703 said...

Very pretty pigments! how do you know so many mineral makeup brands that i've never heard of? :)

verina oei said...

wow so pretty..
and the lip lustre,nyummyy.hehe
fyrinnae is actually quite famous yeah?hehe

twinsouls888 said...

Very nice pigments I like it ^_^. Tnx for droppin' by my blog Id's appreciate it a lot :). BTW, do you know of any Aromaleigh resellers in manila? I love to get 3 of their Ultra Resolution finishing powder (Translucent,English Rose & Peaches N' Cream) .

Crystal Gale said...

nice haul! I haven't trried fyrinnae yet since I have so many e/s already..and i'm lucky I don't have paypal or else I will be ordering online a lot haha :)

Golden said...

I like your purchase sis. My favorite is the green eyeshadow (Leif). ^_^

Have a nice weekend.

Tish said...

Wow Ida! These are such beautiful colors! Care to do a look with these?

Anonymous said...

wow you got lots of mineral e/s "drools* buti pa kayo panay haul *envy mode* lol ..they're all gorgeous but the green standout wee ganda!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very nice haul! I like the natural shades! They're looks so nice and wearable!

Crystal said...

i've never tried them since i've read that the TAT is really long. i'm glad to know that they're worth the wait though.

Pop Champagne said...

the pink blush looks really nice! that'd look really good on your cheeks :) I hate the postal service as well, things I get from the US takes 2-3 weeks and we're right beside the US! what the hell!

Ida said...

thiamere, can't wait to see what you get :D i'm curious about their primer too but i forgot to include it in my order.

dreamer, hehe, there are sooo many mmu brands that are good but not relativly known, i think i just read about fyrinnae in a blog :)

verina, thanks :) nah, they're not famous. but i know that many mmu lovers like their eyeshadows :)

twinsouls, thanks din! :) hmm, no, i don't think i know any resellers of aromaleigh here in the phils, but do try searching on i do hope you find a seller there :)

gale, thanks! really, no paypal? not having a paypal account would be good for me i do too much online shopping hehe :D

golden, thank you :) leif is indeed a pretty color. hope you had a great weekend!

tish, shucks, i'd love to but honestly i've not been posting eotds 'cause i feel like i still suck with e/s application. but these really are beautiful colors :)

louie, matatapos na pag haul ko, hehe kailangan na bayaran credit card :D i love the green one :D

anastacia, thank you! yes i picked colors that i feel i can wear during daytime :)

crystal, yeah, i won't hesitate to order from them again. and they always include a nice freebie :)

pop champagne, i love the pink blush :) geez, maybe the postal service just sucks everywhere?

Pammy said...

I love the blushes, Ida! Particularly the Hypnotize one. So pretty.

Ida said...

I'm beginning to get addicted to blushes pammy :D ako naman i like enrapture- the pink one. fast becoming my go-to blush.

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