Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aromaleigh samples + eco bag haul

Another first with Aromaleigh! And I think it's the start of something good. I like how they shipped out fast, that their international shipping fee is okay ($5 for orders under $40), and that they gave out some freebies. The local post office was very good and delivered these to my house, got 'em 11 days after ordering.

My AL samples (click on the pics to see them in bigger size):

Ultra resolution finishing powder in English rose, Translucent, and Peaches and cream. I LOVE Translucent!

Illuminating Perle Powder in Afterglow and Mirage. Afterglow is really not that scary dark in actual, Mirage is a tiny bit lighter too.

Gothic Lolita Rouges in Dolly, Corset, and Rococo. These are amazingly pigmented. A few tiny specks are all I need so these will go a long way with me.

Glissade foundations in 3W and 3WL. I chose the wrong shades- 3WL is too brownish/pinkish on me, and 3W I haven't tried yet but looking at the bag it looks too light. Hope it looks better on.

Twilight Supernatural Face and Body Powder in Sparkle (super curious how this would look like on my skin), and these 2 came for free (yay!): Eye Lustre in Kiki, and Pure Eyes Frost in Mocha.

Kiki and Mocha swatched.

I put Sparkle on my hand here but you won't see it unless you click the pic :) I'll be getting the 2 other Twilight Supernatural Face and Body Powders next time (Lustre and Dazzle).

Samples of Color Infusion Botanical Lipsticks and and 1 Gothic Lolita Nourishing Color Creme: Karma (another freebie), Pinafore (this is the Gothic Lolita one), Sassy, Coquette, and Crush. These all go on really sheer...they're not really like lipsticks, but more like liptints or tinted balms.
Very wearable colors plus they don't dry out my lips.

Tip: visit their coupon + deals page as well as the new at aromaleigh page before ordering. You'll see items on sale, and applicable coupon codes for your order. I used FIRSTORDER since of course this my (duh) first order, which took $5 off the total.

And my newest eco bag. I'm guilty of forgetting to bring my eco bags with me when I go out and shop. Must remember to put them in my bag before going out!

Mama Earth Canvas Bag. All wrinkled from being folded up in the package. Got it from Indigo Manila where I regularly purchase my baby's bath and body and other items. I cannot get enough of their products, they're heaven-sent for nursing moms like me and for those who prefer all-natural products for their babies (or for themselves).

How 'bout you, what's your favorite Aromaleigh product?

Do you use eco bags when you go shopping?



Anonymous said...

i am kind of curious with these e/s! hehe do a look using them :D I want to see how pigmented they are. ^_^ thank you for the post! I totally love it. I like the gothic lolita line hehe. :p

Chrissy said...

Yay for eco bags! I have a few of my own, and sometimes I just make my own. I'd love to see swatches of those e/s. :)

Crystal said...

i love AL! i hope you like yours too! i don't have an eco bag though :(

~tHiAmErE~ said...

eco bags..
i love those bags especially now that i am going green!

do make a review about the samples that you got

Ida said...

gia, i'll totally try to do a look soon..though i don't know the first thing about eye makeup! hehe. and i don't have an eyeshadow brush yet....but one's coming in the mail :)

the gothic lolita line has amazing colors :)

chrissy, true we can just make our own eco bags or just use totes. i'll edit the post and add swatches of the e/s :)

crystal, i am liking it very much. no worries, there are lotsa cheap eco bags around, some even come for free with purchase (like at bench) :)

thiamere, me too! sure thing, i just have to finish going through them :)

Cheryl Anne said...

Thanks for following my blog! I like your site...VERY informative! You have me reading more and more!...

Your little one in your last post is a real cutie,even if she seems grumpy. :)

Ida said...

hi cheryl, thank you! i like reading your blog too :)

thanks, i love that grumpy girl. i saw your birthday post, and can i just say, your 2 boys look adorable! i want to have a baby boy next :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the pigments look really pigmented!! <3 the eco bag, really cool!

Ida said...

they are! AL is a good brand :) thanks, i think it's cool too :)

mszcheysser said...

Ooh. I like the eco bag - I need to start putting mine in my bag too. Ahhh =) Yours is cute!

Ida said...

mszcheysser, thanks! currently reading and following your blog :)

Miss Girl Interrupted said...

I've been wanting to try AL's URFP for the longest time. Does it really give a flawless look? thanks.

Ida said...

yup! i think it softens the appearance of my fine lines and pores. didn't change the color of my foundie either, and no white cast :)

Anonymous said...


I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
Hope to see you follow me soon.



Ida said...

glad you got your old blog back already :)

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