Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More EDM

How did your Easter go? My hub and I got sick while on vacation but things still turned out quite well. My baby had a lot of fun playing in the water! :)

My EDM package arrived soon after we got home. I got new brushes:

the Baby Buki

and the Oval Concealer brush! A closer look:

Just like the other EDM brushes, these are very, very soft. The baby buki is good for those places that a regular kabuki would have trouble reaching. Size is perfect for travel. And it just looks so damn cute. Hehe.

I like how the Oval Concealer brush's bristles are so soft that they have no chance of irritating the skin, even the delicate undereye area. The handle is long and thin, making it pretty easy to control. I prefer this over the other concealer brush that I have, which is Ellana's.

I also restocked on the Flat top, Foptic, Long Handled Kabuki, and Angled Blush Brush, and I'm still selling them at Php 450 each! I have pictures in this previous entry. You can also get the Baby Buki at Php 3oo, and the Oval Concealer Brush at Php 250. Just email me at if you'd like more details :)

'Course I also availed the free sample kit, and got the ff:

Foundation all in Original Glo - Winged Butter, Light Tan, and Buttered Tan
Back to School Blush
and Mint Color Corrector.

I liked the last blush that I got, which is Snuggle...a light, sheer pink that's very easy to wear. Back to School seems like an even lighter shade, will test it out soon. I wanted to get more of their blushes but I held off because I have some other packages that should soon arrive (if they don't get delayed in customs).

Also got these lippies as freebies:

The one on the left is called Missing Socks, while the one on the right is Fresh Linens. I tried each just once, and I love lippies especially if they're free (heehee), but unfortunately I don't care too much for these two. If you're getting the brushes and would like these I can just send them to you :)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

hurray on your EM stuff!

Good thing that you are all well now.

Crystal said...

hmm, it seems like the freebie lippies that EDM gives are not so wearable. hihi

Ida said...

thiamere, hurray for hauls! thanks :)

crystal, true...they don't impart much color which is ok. but the consistency...quite waxy.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

sis, how is the mint concealer?
does it suit your tone in concealing red blemishes?
i tried the joppa green concealer, but i dont think it suits did neutralize the redness but it just doesn't look natural on me

seo service said...

Are the EDM brushes good?

Ida said...

sis thiamere, i tested the mint concealer on my cheek today (which has a number of blemishes), and i like it. on the edm website it's advised to lightly dust this all over then apply foundie, i think that should work. i think it's ok for my skin tone (medium w/slight yellow undertones). it's probably not for darker compexions though, as the powder's a bit light.

seo service, i think they're pretty good. they're affordable, nature&animal-friendly, they look nice, and do the job pretty well. i like the flat top and long handled kabuki most :)

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Ida said...


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