Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Garden of Wisdom Haul

My first Garden of Wisdom order :) And there will definitely be a second (third, fourth) one!

At first I had no idea what to get, as GoW not only has a lot of finished products, they also supply pretty much everything you'd need for formulating your own all-natural skin care line. Their forum is a big help, and Markey (the owner) replies lightning-fast to emails and let me modify an order I'd already submitted. Very nice people.

I had to pay around $13 for international shipping, since GoW is based in AZ, USA, but it's worth it.

Fresh out of the box:

Heather Blossom Cleanser
Neck Sculpting Serum (freebie!)
Winter Balm
Coconut Cream
Banana Hydrating Mist
Glacial Clay
Microfiber Cloth
German Chamomile Hydrosol

I chose to get the small sizes to see how my skin will react. Been using all these for nearly a week now. No irritations from anything. First impressions:

Heather Blossom Cleanser - creamy and I only need a small amount for my entire face, has small and few exfoliating beads, not drying and seems to clean thoroughly, very faint herbal smell. I'm liking it so far.

Neck Sculpting Serum - it's supposed to tone and firm, which I don't really need, but it's also kinda hydrating which I like. Great that I got this as a freebie 'cause I don't own anything for neck care yet.

Winter Balm - guess it seems a bit strange that I got this when we have no winter and right now it's soooooo hot here in the Phils, but my skin is just so dry! I use this as a night cream, and for the first time in months I didn't wake up to flakey skin. Smells a bit like lemon tea :)

Coconut Cream - for spot treatment. It works! Reduces swelling and the morning after the zit just dries right off and sloughs off when I wash my face.

Banana Hydrating Mist - a number of scents to choose from and I just ended up with banana 'cause I wanted something moisturizing. Smells like banana cake. Yum.

Glacial Clay - I've only tried it once and I got the consistency wrong. Will try again.

Microfiber Cloth- ooh, good for exfoliating. Shouldn't rub too hard though.

German Chamomile Hydrosol - it actually does reduce redness but I think it might be drying out my skin a little. Will be getting a hydrosol specifically for dry skin.

Next I want to formulate my own day cream and sunscreen :)


DeBi said...

wow!! this one sounds promising. but 13 dollars for shipping? that's a big ouch!

Crystal said...

i think i want the coconut cream and microfiber cloth! but yeah, $13 is a lot.

Ida said...

debi, i know! the items are bulkier and a bit heavier than the usual mmu samples i get that's why shipping costs more. i can't get enough of GoW though :)

crystal, the coconut cream really helps :) yes, $13 is a lot...costs the same (if not more) as having full sized mmu shipped no?

Anonymous said...

How much did your shipping cost? I want to have items from GoW too:)

Ida said...

hi happyskies, thank you for passing by my blog :) shipping for these to manila cost around $13. i'm gathering items for my 2nd order already :)

babysaffron said...

sis...the 13$ is straight to your house? Love your blog....BTW...
Sana may sub-box.
Thanks again.

Ida said...

hi babysaffron! thanks so much! :) i had to claim this one at the post office. put a sub-box already (under the followers box).

Zabazaba said...

Hi how long did you shipment take to arrive at your place? thanks

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