Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying out Earthen Glow Minerals

Been hearing a lot of good things about Earthen Glow Minerals! So I decided to try their stuff. The minimum is $10 per order, and domestic and international shipping for orders under $20 is at a fair rate of $2.50. My items were shipped out about 2 days after I submitted my order. I just got samples, as usual.

The Get Acquainted kit at $3.50 consists of baggie samples of 1 finishing powder, 1 blush, and 3 mineral foundations. I chose:

Soft Focus Finishing powder in Tan, and Cherry Blossom blush

Foundations in Jocelyn (youthful glow), Soon (cover me), and Jin (youthful glow)

3 more freebie foundations were included: Kaylee, Mia, and Maria. All 6 shades are from the yellow family. I haven't tried them yet but judging from the color in the bags, Jin, Kaylee, and Mia seem to be my closest colors.

I wanted to use the Liquid Minerals first:

Medium Golden and Tanned Warm ($4 per 5g jar)

From the EG website-
"Liquid Minerals"
Our Premium liquid Mineral foundation. Its base formula also contains PRIMROSE oil, which has proven beneficial, soothing skin conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis. This natural foundation is mineral based and provides medium coverage with a matte finish. Liquid Minerals is ideal for those who prefer using a liquid foundation. It applies effortlessly and provides coverage that lasts well into the night. This is the liquid foundation for women who celebrate their beauty naturally.
Anyway, here's me:

Please excuse my face (I made the picture small 'cause I am soooo shy). Heehee. My skin is still pretty bad and very dry that's why I wanted to try the liquid minerals.

I just applied it using my fingers but I'm not sure I did it right. Next time I think I'll use a sponge or foundation brush for a more even application. It feels light on my face and it turns into a powdery finish once it's dried. No irritation or itchiness. I like it but Medium Golden is a tad bit light for me. And Tanned Warm, I don't know why I chose that shade- it's way too dark on me.

In the photo I am wearing Medium Golden mixed with a bit of Tanned Warm...still not sure it's the right shade for me though. I applied a light sheen of the Tan finishing powder, and Cherry Blossom blush (I like this one a lot). Also some Aromaleigh lipstick in Crush but it seems to have worn off.

Staying power seemed okay but today was a cool day. I only went out for a quick errand then came home and gave my daughter a bath but I didn't sweat much. It's be better to test this during a typically hot day in Manila.

I'm pretty excited to try the mineral foundies, wish I'd discovered EG before their Buy One Get One sale. Well. Will get more of their blushes and glows next time!


Chrissy said...

I didn't know there was liquid mineral foundie! Thanks for the info. :) I'll check them out! ^_^

DeBi said...

have seen a video that it is way better to put foundie with a brush cause the sponge will absorb it or a stippling brush to have an airbrush look (i can email the link)hehe. it looks good on you.

FuN and MakeUp said...

i never heard of these.. i should give them a try.. i like minerals e/s except i dont like the messyness it causess.. lol

Crystal said...

why are you shy? don't be! hehe. EG's shipping is one of the cheapest! their prods are good too. i haven't tried the liquid foundie though.

Ida said...

chrissy, glad to have let you known about them! i'll be trying other brands of liquid minerals too :)

debi, didn't know that about the sponge, thanks for saying :) have heard about using a stippling brush, i think i'll try that! yes, please email the link when you have time, at thank you debi! :)

fun and makeup, they're worth checking out :) it's true though i find that the downside of minerals is they tend to be a bit messy. i'm too lazy to transfer baggies into sifter jars :)

crystal, i'm shy because of my skin :( it's still acting up, but it should get better soon. yes, i definitely want to try more of EG :)

Anonymous said...

I envy you. I like to try the liquid foundation as well. is it not messy if it is contained in jars and not bottles?

Ida said...

hi! :) eg's liquid foundie is nice. it's not too messy as long as the jar is placed on a flat surface.

Fifi said...

by "Tanned warm", did you mean "warm light tanned or is it "medium tanned golden"??

I love EG minerals and I plan to get the liquid foundation.. but I can't decide which shade I should get. Any recommendation?

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