Monday, April 6, 2009


Been feeling a bit tired lately and a bit worried as well that some of my packages have gotten lost in the mail, but hey! It's lenten season which means holiday. I can't wait to visit the beach :)

Lately I've become really conscious about my eye area. I have premature wrinkles! This due to years of bad sleeping habits, not wearing spf, and being a former smoker. I've got dark undereye circles too, but I've had those forever.

I've only tried a few eye creams, and used The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream for nearly an entire year (applied everyday), and it was mild and hypoallergenic and all but it had no effect on my eye area whatsoever.

Dunno if you've noticed, but these days I'm more drawn to small companies rather than drugstore/mall finds. Here's what I'm using for my eyes now:

Skin Hour's Revitaleyes.

Ingredients: organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil, coconut stearate, collagen, vitamin k, calendula extract, vitamin e, grapefruit extract and orris root extract.

I thought the product name was cute, and at only Php 100, I had to try it!

Product description: An unscented eye balm applied under the eye during the night to diminish puffiness, firm skin and reduce lines. It also lightens dark circles and moisturizes the most sensitive area of the eye.

The texture is much like that of a lip balm, but softer and easier to spread. Not too sticky. As advised though, use this at night. I tried applying this during daytime on a hot day and it made me sweat even more. It's totally unscented and caused no irritations on the sensitive skin of my undereye area.

I remember getting this in Christmas packaging, which means I've been using this regularly for more than 3 months now. Of course I was hoping it would help, but honestly I wasn't expecting much, hehe. There has been no reduction of fine lines nor dark circles. I keep using it though because I like how it keeps my undereyes more dry patches since I included this in my regimen. The skin on my undereyes is quite smooth.

Once I run out, I'll be buying this again. Mainly because I haven't found a better eye cream. I recently ordered from Garden of Wisdom and ohh, I'm so excited to try the items I bought. I forgot to get one of their eye creams though. Ugh. Must remember to get that next time!


Crystal said...

i have this too! i like it because it keeps my undereye moisturized too but like you i haven't seen other changes.

Ida said...

i like it for that too :) it's a nice enough product for P100.

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