Monday, March 30, 2009

From Venus and Mars

I love bath products and have known about Venus and Mars for sometime but I've been ignoring this brand. Just happy with the stuff I already have from my trusted stores, I guess. Recently though, I decided to try emu oil and since VnM has it I browsed by their website...and I ended up getting some other stuff as well.

Here's the emu oil! It supposedly gives a whole lot of benefits to the skin but I mainly decided to try it to see if it can help with my suuuuper dry skin and eczema (both my daughter and I have it). I've only been using it a few days, and so far haven't had any negative reactions. Can't say yet whether it really helps with my skin condition. Sells at Php 395 per 30 ml bottle. Goes a long way since I only need 1-2 drops a day.

Spa milk salt, a new product (Php 95 for 100 grams). Ingredients: Skim milk, Spa salts, Vanilla beans/Mango mandarin/Coffee mocha/Orange. I chose the Yummy Vanilla scent. And oh, it does indeed smell yummy! Very milky-vanilla. The consistency is just like that of powdered milk:

For exfoliating, whitening, and getting rid of pesky backne. So far I've only used it once in the shower, and mixed it with water but it turns out it's better to apply the product directly to the skin. There was a bit of a stinging sensation which wore off after a while. After my bath my skin was definitely softer! I like the scent very much, I love vanilla :)

Emu lip detox. Contains emu oil, avocado butter, avocado oils, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, jojoba wax, peppermint essential oils, beeswax and vitamin E oil. Colorless, unscented, with the teeeniest bit of a minty sensation on the lips. I was curious to see how it compares with my favorite Ilog Maria lip balm. Can't say yet. Definitely non-irritating and moisturizing though. Affordable too, at Php 170.

(Poppy Plush, Javanese Lulur, free sample of Minty Geranium Mud)

Still have bars of soap in my closet but I couldn't resist the name: Javanese Lulur! Read about this once. The javanese lulur is an ancient ritual performed on brides-to-be for royalties in Java, Indonesia. It's a very luxurious ritual, done everyday for 40 days straight before the wedding date. The bride's skin is pampered and massaged all over with oils and spices and a lot of other nice stuff. Can you imagine how soft their skin would be by their wedding day?

Venus and Mars' Javanese lulur smells something like a cross between soy or oatmeal, quite subtle, not stinky or anything. A bit abrasive so I lather in my hands first. I use it in tandem with the emu oil for the pimples on my back. Yuck, I know. I hope it helps somehow. Ingredients: emu oil, tea tree essential oil, turmeric, tea tree leaves, shea butter, arbutin, calamansi, papain, olive oil and coconut oil, mango.

My favorite out of the bunch is the Poppy Plush soap. Didn't irritate my skin or dry it out. Vanilla-scented so I love it too! Doesn't smell too strong but lingers on my skin. Our bathroom smells nice too. Love it. Beware of the poppy seeds in the bar though, they can can cause minor cuts. Just let the soap lather in your hands first, don't rub directly on your body. Each VnM 60 gram soap bar costs Php 100.

They have excellent customer service! Kudos to Jamie of Venus&Mars!


Badet said...

I love Venus & Mars! I am ever loyal to the Emu Lip Detox and the Poppy Plush soap. :)

Ida said...

I'm starting to love them too :) poppy plush and the spa milk salt smell so good. and the lulur soap really works!

Lysa said...

I love VNM! I love Emu Oil and Lip Detox! I'll be reviewing Emu Oil when I have time. Yey, cheers to Organic products! :)

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