Monday, March 23, 2009

Barenaturals clearance sale haul

Featuring another local mmu brand: Barenaturals

Their stock are currently on clearance since they're in the process of releasing new products. So I waited 'til now to make my purchase. Hehe.

Barenaturals haul:

Mineral liptints in Coralberry, Delusional, and a freebie with no label :)
Got them at about Php 130 each. Delusional is actually my mom's- she loves nude lip colors. Sweet freebie. It looks pink in the tube but imparts no color when applied on the lips, only a slightly noticeable frosty pink sheen. It's the only one I've tried so far...

Blushes in Dollface Cheenee and Prettiest pinky-peach.
Dollface looks so natural on the cheeks. It gives a natural dewy look which I really like. Got it at Php 185 and Prettiest pinky-peach at Php 170. Pinky peach is my first peach blush. I wonder if peach blushes will complement my color.

Plus freebie blushes: Viva Sofia, and two new shades- Dainty and French Kiss.

Brushes: Softest Focus Flat Top brush and Kabuki brush
The flat top is like an EDM flat top dupe, hehe. The kabuki, hmm, not sure about this yet...initially I found it felt velvety and soft but after I used it some more it seems a bit scratchy. I've washed them a couple of times though, neither shed nor bled. Priced, respectively, Php 419 and Php 495.

Therapeutic skin perfecting foundation in golden neutral- medium, illumiglow finishing powder in invisiglow, and therapeutic skin perfecting concealer. About Php 170 each. Ok, I haven't tried any of these three yet.

My mmu excitement has been dampened a bit because my skin has been horrible lately. Not just on my face, which is so dry and seems to be breaking out again, but also my allergies have been flaring up. Ugh. And my baby girl has eczema, the poor thing. So I've been focusing more on eating right and finding good natural skin care products. I also went to Healthy Options to get me some vitamins, which is mainly to benefit my daughter and her skin condition (am exclusively breastfeeding her), but I hope it helps me too. I take these everyday:

vitamin a, c, &d in one antioxidant tablet
vitamin b
evening primrose oil

I do hope they help my daughter and I. I'd love to continue experimenting with mmu, post an fotd... :)


reynakatarayan said...

put some emu oil on the dried skin of your baby. i've read that it is good for eczema. barenaturals have emu oil....:)

Ida said...

thanks for the suggestion. been hearing a lot about emu oil and will try it soon for both me and my baby :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i hope you and your baby get better soon :) btw, regarding the BN brush. it's true that it gets scratchy after a few washes, but i still like it because it's so dense. perfect for applying foundies :)

Ida said...

thanks crystal :) re the bn brush, it wasn't just my imagination pala, scratchy nga. true though, it's very dense and i still use it too :)

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