Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've found THE lip balm for me

Ilog Maria's Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm!

Made from: refined beeswax, Propolis Gold, Virgin Honey and a medley of fruit oils.

Price: Php 71.50 or approx $1.50

I can't believe it's so cheap! I would buy this even if Ilog Maria were to raise their prices much higher.

My skin has always been dry and sensitive, and my lips are the same way. But they have remained soft since I started using this lip balm. I use it everyday, and find that's it's best to reapply throughout the day to get really smooth, soft lips. I used to buy a lot lip balms from different brands but these days I tend to look at other stuff. I guess 'cause I've already found my HG lip balm. Yay!

Regarding the product's scent, my friend finds it a bit medicine-y but I think it smells like banana & honey flavored oatmeal. It's subtly scented anyway, not at all overpowering.

I also like that it doesn't have a nasty taste, in fact it doesn't seem to have any taste to it at all. It gives a a slight minty sensation when applied on the lips, which I find rather soothing. All in all, a great find.

This is available at the Ilog Maria Farm in Cavite or through their website - which overwhelmed me with all the products the first time I visited it (I've since tried a lot of them, by the way).

*Photo from the Ilog Maria website.


BY NATURE said...

i looove lip balms, too, and all products for the lips! :)

i also got myself this one from the echostore months back. the thing is, it does have a funny smell and taste i couldn't describe. i did try it for a few days but even my hubby would react to the smell whenever i'd apply it. it doesn't smell anything like banana or honey at all, just a strong minty scent with the funny odor :(

Ida said...

me too, i can't get enough lip products :)

you know what, aside from my friend, my sister and my hubby complain whenever they smell this on me too. i've been using this so long i've probably gotten so used to how it smells and tastes :)

i recommend the lip balm i tried most recently, from venus&mars. now that one really has no taste at all. and one time i used it and my hubby thought i'd just brushed my teeth even though i hadn't yet. haha. probably 'cause of the peppermint content :)

BY NATURE said...

oh, so at least it's not just me, hehe! :) maybe it's really a matter of getting used to it. for now, i'm loving burt's bees' strawberry lip gloss (but it's more of a lip balm). i'd love to try vnm's lip balm but it contains emu oil. i avoid using products with ingredients from animals. just my personal preference. but just like most women, i'm always in the hunt for a great lip balm! :)

Ida said...

probably a matter of preference too, with scents. i'm highly tolerant of herbal smells, hehe.

re vnm lip balm, gosh,i never thought about this before, but now i wonder how they get the emu oil from the birds :(

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