Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally got my Everyday Minerals loot

Yahoo! Got it 17 days after I ordered. Now I have their brushes, which I have yet to try (just got them today) but I thought I'd post some pics, since aside from my own set I have more of these and am putting those up for sale:

the foptic

the angled blush brush

the long handled kabuki

and the flat top

Don't they look nice? They are sooooo soft. The blush brush is the cutest thing. Love it!

I used a different camera this time by the way, and if you click on the pictures you'll be able to see them in further detail.

For anyone in the Philippines interested in buying, they're only Php 450 each. Hehe sorry if this post is too advertise-y. But anyway, I'm glad I own some EDM brushes now...I can't wait to show them to my mom who also recently got into mmu.

Of course I got the free sample kit too.

Clockwise from top left:
Blush in Snuggle
Multi-tasking concealer
Golden medium tan(original glo)
Medium beige neutral foundation (intensive)
Golden light (intensive)

On a sidenote, I was afraid I was going to get charged customs tax but the alabang post office really is the best, they just charged me the usual Php 35.

I can't wait to try everything!

By the way if you'd like to get these brushes, simply leave a comment or email me at Happy weekend!


musicalfanlovesminerals said...

you'll love the edm brushes. i'm still waiting for my fiber obtic brush though. ain't mmu the best? i've never tried edm's mmu before though.

Ida said...

i road tested 3 of the edm brushes and they really are soft, didn't irritate my skin at all :) i'm lovin mmu. did you order through the edm website? so great that they give out free mmu sample kits.

Soapaholic said...

Hi!:) Great great blog!!:) Following it from now on. AND PLEASE RESERVE ONE FLAT-TOP BRUSH FOR ME, IF IT'S NOT YET TAKEN.

Ida said...

hi there! thank you!:) the brushes are now currently all sold out, but i'll be having new stock in a about a week or two, will inform you when they're here!

latysha said...

hi there!
can i get a flat top and baby buki? pleeease say you still have it.

Ida said...

latysha, hi! thanks for passing by :)
i still have the baby buki but no more flat top. would you like me to inform you when i have stock of the ft again? just leave me your email :)

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