Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sad news about Dreamworld Minerals

I just heard that Dreamworld Minerals is now closed, although Ellie says she still hopes to reopen soon. Such sad news for me because I was only able to try my DW samples recently and I thought they were awesome! I ordered a bunch of samples and they were promptly shipped out but they got delayed in transit and for some reason took 6 weeks to arrive.

Anyway, today I got out the samples and chose a foundation shade to try on. I sprayed my Garden of Wisdom hydrating mist on my kabuki just before applying the minerals on my face and that felt SO great, creamy, and I felt like that made my make-up stay on longer. I was happy that the DW foundie did not make me itch (unlike the first 2 mmu brands I tried- bare escentuals and joppa), gave pretty good coverage, and didn't dry out my skin.

The creme topping is love. It definitely brightened my face and goes on smooth and light. I so loved the slight color and glow it gave me. And this finishing powder miraculously did not dry my skin up either. I was set on ordering my first FS mmu, 'cause this seemed like my first successful try at mmu, but oh! The site is now closed for business. I hope it's not for too long.


Pure Luxe Eraser for primer
Dreamworld Minerals foundation in Hebe (luna)
DW Ecstasy for blemishes
EG Liquid Minerals in Medium Golden for undereyes
DW Minerals Pasiquea for undereyes
DW Butterscotch Creme Topping
DW Minerals Ciara blush
Pure Luxe High Voltage lip wand in Lewd

Still all about foundation and working towards putting on eye makeup :)
I initially found Hebe too light for my skin tone but after a few hours it seemed to darken a bit, which made it a better match for me. Is that how it usually is with mmu?

Hours later, with my baby girl here who's looking grumpy. She was starting to get bored because we got stuck in traffic. I was, too, so I just took photos of us two.

How did your Friday go? My weekend started early and I'm glad. Enjoy yours! :)


Chrissy said...

Good morning!! First of all, your baby girl looks so so sweet. :) And yay for your weekend starting early.

Oh no! That's so sad to hear an MU company closing--how come?

You look really nice, the foundie matches you well. :)

Ida said...

morning chrissy! thank you dear :)

i'm not sure why she's closing but an update on the site now says it'll be closed for 2 weeks. yay! :)

Crystal said...

i read this. i hope it's not long before it opens again. it's a good brand!

Phyrra said...

It says it will be closed for about 2 weeks, so that's good news!
I agree the silk creme toppings are awesome!

Vanity's Child said...

DW is a good brand, so i really hope they'll not be closed permanently. i love their banana creme toppings. =)

Ida said...

crystal, yes, hopefully it's really only temporary.

phyrra, yup! just enough time for me to go through the samples. i love the creme toppings!

vanity's child, let's hope so! i've tried butterscotch and am going to try banana next :)

mayaari said...

some mineral foundations oxidize after a few hours...I noticed that with Silk Naturals when I used it, but my Meow Cosmetics foundation stays pretty true to color

Ida said...

ohh, okay. meow cosmetics is another one i want try!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

your baby is so cute..
makes me wanna pinch her cheeks..

nakakatuwa naman!!!!!

Ida said...

we all love her chubby cheeks :)

everyone is always pinching or kissing them! ♥

thanks for replying re strawberrynet!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for following you and and baby looks so cute together! love your natural look!

Ida said...

thank you nic nic! :)

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