Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hauls - lipgloss, elf, and a tote

Yesterday when I wrote my last entry about just having my tooth extracted, I was like, hey this doesn't hurt too bad...and then the anesthesia and pain reliever I'd taken wore off and ouuuuuuuuch! There was a throbbing pain in my mouth which was so bad I couldn't sleep!

Today it still hurts, but much less, I'm happy to report :) Anyway, here are some hauls from last week and this week:

Silk Naturals Organic Lip Gloss - Darling, Pout, Whirlwind, Breathless, Nectar, and Gold Blush.

Available at Silk Naturals, for $4.50 each. Silk Naturals actually does not ship over here to the Philippines, but I got these courtesy of Gel who went on a trip to the US- she charged me a handling fee which I paid via paypal and promptly sent these to me when she got back home in Manila.

There's a number of shades to choose from, and the colors of the ones I chose are purposefully tame. I wanted everyday colors so some of these are sheer and all of them very natural shades.
I swatched them but they probably look very similar or the colors don't really show up.

In the same order: Darling, Pout, Whirlwind, Breathless, Nectar, and Gold Blush.

They go on so smooth and are quite moisturizing, I can just wear these instead of lip balm! Love them. These can be worn alone or with other lip products.

Most of the shades I picked match my skintone pretty well. Darling is just the right peachy shade for me- not too orangey, nice for summer. Pout is a light pink which I'll probably wear when I'm feeling girly. Nectar is the darkest shade among these, but it's not too dark...I find it to be an earthy bronze-red, it's SN's dupre of Clinique's Black Honey lipstick. Gold Blush does not have much tint to it but it has these micro shimmers which I feel make my lips look a bit more lush. Whirlwind is the only one that's kinda off, but I can easily wear this under another lipgloss :)

They smell slightly like play doh but it's not too bothersome and goes away after a short while. I wish SN would ship to the Phils again, want more of these.

Btw, Gel is selling cosmetics she picked up during her trip. To visit her shop, click here.

I also got a few items from the Elf Studio line, thank you so much to Seppie for organizing a pooling of orders!

ELF Studio Powder Brush and Studio Complexion Brush. Made of Taklon hairs.

A closer look at the Powder Brush- can't wait to use this with liquid foundie!

And the Complexion Brush. Used this already and it's very soft, blends blush nicely.

Also got the Blush and Bronzer Duo. Love that the case looks so sleek and the mirror in the compact. Both the blush and bronzer are quite pigmented, so a light hand should be used. They both also contain shimmers, the blush being more shimmery. Now I like shimmery blushes, but this is a bit too shimmery for me. Will use at night. Also have a Studio Eyebrow Kit on the way.

And something from Etsy's yart sale:

A reusable bag from The Birch Tree. It was only around $5, and was up for free international shipping. The seller is based in the UK, replied very quickly to my inquiries, and shipped the item only a few hours after I ordered! That was so cool. I like the tote, it reminds me of that character from Donnie Darko. It reached our house within a week, and came with a free greeting card :)

Wow, I feel like I have loads of catching up to do with your blogs :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally, a visit to the dentist

I have to admit, I haven't been taking good care of my teeth. I kinda forgot about the dentist and just stopped going altogether! Ack. I should've made time for it. Cause I got a terrible toothache which hounded me for the past week! It was such an annoying pain which prevented me from doing and enjoying the things I normally do. Today I was finally able to schedule a visit to the dentist and I had to get the tooth extracted. My mouth still hurts from the extraction but I'm SO glad I won't have that toothache anymore.

I'm totally marking my calendar for my next visit, I want this to be a fixed routine! It's recommended to go every 6 months, but I'm making mine every 3 months. I still have to get a wisdom tooth removed. Geez. But for now onto teeth whitening! I'm thinking natural remedies or maybe crest strips.

It should really be a no-brainer, but for ladies who are more busy or have forgotten, please visit your dentist regularly! My daughter doesn't have any teeth yet, but once she gets them, I'm gonna make sure she keeps all of them :)

Now I can enjoy my hauls! I've received nearly all of the items I ordered online (there's a bunch) and will post about them soon.

*Note: I do not own the image included in this post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy favorites/wishlist

Wanted to share my Etsy favorites! These are non-makeup related (hope to get the makeup samples I ordered from some Etsy stores soon!). Wish I could afford them all! Heehee. Well my birthday is coming up. But no, I'm on a no-buy! Must stick to no-buy!

Casablanca necklace from Aphrodite888. Soooo fresh and feminine! I love this.

Another piece from Aphrodite888: the Isadora necklace. Told 'ya I love vintage.

Third eye brooch from lilimandrill. I would totally wear this.

The Sexy Librarian Dress from gaiaconceptions. The shop specializes in handcrafting clothes from organic and eco-friendly fabrics. I love how soft the fabric of this dress looks and the neckline- it's got a built in bra to help create a smooth surface.

Organic Cotton Summersweet Bra from OnTheInside. This just looks so comfy and I love the purple lace and the buttons.

Girls Rock Suitcase Gift Set from babycakesanddecor. For my little girl. Comes with clothes and other cozy items inside. I imagine her like pre-school age and carrying this, awww.

Mango Dress from ManiMina. Another one for my daughter. Perhaps I'll get her a dress from there for her first birthday party. Which is still like 5 months away heehee.

Kitty Rosewood Under the Moon wallet from Folk's Shop. So pretty and sweet! Quite affordable too but I only recently got a new wallet. Sigh. *Edit: they're having a giveaway! For details, click here!

Angelina in Brass and Silver, earrings from blissiful. Accessories again. Don't these look so delicate and lovely? There are SO many beautiful accessories at Etsy.

Infused Fragrant Bitchy Bears from GrumpyGirl . Cute, furry, and infused with scents that are supposed to last for months! I would love to have these in our room.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Etsy yart sale!

I'm always online window shopping at Etsy since I love anything vintage and adore unique, intricate, handmade creations (they have make-up there too!) . Now it's time to actually shop! Etsy is having a yart (yard + art) sale- just search 'yart' to see sellers who are participating. Some items are also up for free shipping to the US and Canada ***EDIT: some items are for free worldwipe shipping as well! I hope my bookmarked Etsy shops are participating! Yart sale runs from June 10th to June 14th.

Coming up soon: my mmu sample haul from Etsy shop TheAllNaturalFace :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New: Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals

An exciting new addition to Philippine mmu brands: Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals

They had their grand product launch last May 23, which unfortunately I was unable to attend. Melissa of Mineraux was kind enough to ship over their products, here they are:

Full sizes of Warm Medium foundation, Apricot eyeshadow, and Mauve blush.

Swatched on my arm:

The foundation seems a tad light on my skin in this photo, but I can't really say much about it yet as I haven't been able to try it on my face. The Apricot eyeshadow is close to the shade of apricots in actual, although a bit lighter and with more pink to it. I used it to highlight my brow. The Mauve blush is my favorite though! If you're not into shimmery blushes you might not like this, since it's quite shimmery, but not overly sparkly or glittery, just right for a shimmery blush IMO. I'm into shimmery blushes, and I love this.

Lasting power of the e/s and blush are okay, I'd say after more than half a day you'd still be able to see the colors on my face. Good thing they didn't make me itch too! And I love black, so I like how the jars look. These are pretty much just initial are blogs on Mineraux with photos of their other products: SwipeSomeGloss, Cosmetic Fixation, and Shen's Addiction.

You can get a faint idea of their products' colors from this chart (click to enlarge):

And here is their pricelist:

Affordable, right? :) I don't think their website is set up yet, so in the meantime, if you are interested or have any other questions, you can email or Melissa at, or contact them via mobile at +639178870760. She replies very promptly to emails :)

I want to try their other eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers! What are you interested in getting?

Weekend photos and clothes rant

A few photos from last weekend- our little family went on a quick getaway to celebrate my hubby and I's very first anniversary as a married couple. We went to this quiet resort in Batangas, where the rooms and dining places were airy, and the greenery so lush! I loved having my daughter breathe all that fresh air. It was a bit rainy, and the water a bit cold, but she still enjoyed splashing in the pool :)

It was a memorable weekend, but there was a downer when we got back home. See, my mother had done some spring cleaning while we were gone and told me she got rid of some clothes. Right now I only have a few items that really fit me cause I (still) haven't lost all of the weight I gained during pregnancy and I'm hoping I'll still eventually fit into my many pre-pregnancy ones. There's this room at home where all our clothes are ironed, and those mentioned clothes of mine are stored there, and what I did was I also put there most of my favorite pre-pregnancy clothes (for inspiration).

And guess what, she discarded most of those items :( The few pieces that fit me AND my fave thin, pre-pregnacy clothes. My clothes were reduced to a small, sad pile. I can't find my favorite vintage shirt! Probably they're now property of household help. Sigh. I was really bummed but at least there were two packages waiting for me- one from Mineraux. More on that later!

I guess it's time to go clothes shopping...using my mom's credit card. Heehee!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Check out these wonderful giveaways :)

Wow, look at how many giveaways are going on right now. It's so nice to see them and participate, and wonder if you might win :)

I was lucky enough to have won a few before, and am definitely giving back by having my own giveaway when my blog followers reach to around 100. It would probably take some time to reach that number, but that's a good thing too cause it'll give me time to gather the prizes.

I'm posting the current giveaways in this post. Good luck to everyone who's joining!

Mszcheysser's contest

Contest ends 06/30/09. More details on this contest can be found here.

This is fun. You can choose among a variety of topics, I chose two:

5 Filipino stereotypes that represent me (I don't like stereotypes but I must admit the following apply to me):

1) Filipino time. Haha. How do you explain Filipino time? To me it means: everything is always delayed or starts late. I'm guilty of often assuming this, so I'm always running late. My friends hate this. It's a bad habit I'm (kinda) trying get rid of. Lol.

2) I HAVE to have rice in my meals. I don't feel satisfied unless I eat my rice. I eat loads of rice everyday. Yum!

3) I'm kayumanggi. Kayumanggi is the term for the common skin color of Filipinos: brown. I love it :)

4) I use a tabo. A tabo is something that is used in the bathroom, during baths or whatever else. When I went on vacations in other countries, sure the bathrooms there had bathtubs, showers, and even bidets, but I still missed my tabo badly!
5) And lastly, I eat balut. I'm not posting a picture of this cause it looks disgusting. Lol. It's not my favorite, but I do occasionaly eat this. Not the whole thing though. My parents and hubby really like it...

And, the Filipino celebrity I admire:

Coco Martin. Just because I think he's cute. Heehee. I don't like the suit he wore at the Cannes Film Festival though.

*Note: I do not own the above images. Also, I tried to do an EOTD with our flag colors but I just don't have e/s shades that are the right colors.

That's it for Cheysser's contest :)

Cherrycolors giveaway

I chose prize #2 which comprises of:
  • Essence Mini Lipgloss Trio
  • Essence Show Your Feet - 04 Verry Berry
  • Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish - 29 Glam Girl
  • L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)
Her contest ends 6/15/09! More details about it here.

Whimsical Rose giveaway

NARS products! Her contest ends 06/09/09. More info here.

Narita's giveaway

Oooh, MAC! Open 'til 06/15/09. Click here for more details.

Sassy Jadore's giveaway

Ah, Chanel :) Ends 06/08/09 or earlier :) click here to find out more.

And last but not least,

Robyn's giveaway

A fellow mmu enthusiast :) The rules and other info can be found by clicking here and here. Ends 06/17/09.

Once again, good luck everyone! :)

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