Saturday, April 24, 2010

By Nature Handmade Soap in Olive Beauty

By Nature Handmade Soaps has soooo many scents and different types of soaps, and I've tried a bunch of them, but I've finally found my favorite- Olive Beauty!  Oh, how my dry skin loves this simple, mild, skin-softening soap.

The soap ingredients contain a lot of oils:  Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Plant Extracts, Fruit Extracts.

The high oil content is probably what makes it best for dry skin.  And they are right to recommend this for those with sensitive skin as well.  It is so gentle that it has never aggravated my eczema. My baby girl uses this daily, and her skin loves it too!  We both used to use their Baby Blue soap, which is also nice- mild and helps calm and dry out skin irritations, but I find Olive Beauty more moisturizing.

I find that it really does help retain moisture in the skin, yet does not leave a sticky film behind, just softer skin.  Completely unscented, and smooth, with no exfoliating grains or ingredients.  I also like that I can use it on my acne-prone back and not get any breakouts, just the same skin-softening effect I get all over.

One thing I dislike about it is it seems to melt much faster than all the other variants, so we run out of this kinda fast.  Best to store it in a soap dish that doesn't retain any water at all, and away from the shower.

Got my last order through fellow blogger Dianne's shop, Organic Hub.  She's the perfect seller for impatient types like me.  I received replies to each email, like, minutes, after sending them.  She also nicely included a free sample of Sweet Sampaguita, which smelled just lovely, though not much like the Sampaguita flowers which remind me of church.


jehan said...

there are lots of homemade organic soaps here too but i just find them really expensive. at the moment, my peppermint soap is still my HG soap --no real big or problematic breakouts so far and back acne.. i think i never had back acne anymore eversince i arrived here in korea... i just found it difficult to look for the product that best works for my face... maybe i'll just request my friends to bring me some soaps from home when they come visit...

have a great week ahead...

Ida said...

Jehan, what brand is your HG peppermint soap? I'm still trying to find the right products for my face too. Btw, what soaps do you want from home? :)

mojita_yanipot said...

Hi sis! Glad you're loving your Olive Beauty bar. It's true that it melts faster than all the others, so it's always best to keep it dry and away from moisture when not in use. :)

Ida said...

Hi sis, yeah, I do that, I don't like how it gets all melty if I don't keep it dry. :)

johndaddy said...

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