Monday, April 26, 2010

A nice way to start the week... by receiving and passing on a Beautiful Blogger Award! It's been a while since I got one of these.

Always a delight to receive one, even more so when it's unexpected. This is from Cathy, who shares my addiction to mineral cosmetics and creates beautiful, flawless looks with it! Thank you :)

I am passing on the award to these ladies, who might have received this before, but whom I'd like to say thank you to as well, just because.:

And here are seven random things about me:

1. I have three dogs- a lovable big yellow labrador, a cute shitzhu, and a hyperactive cocker spaniel- whom I love and seemed to have sparked my little daughter's liking for pets.
2. I didn't start putting moisturizer on my face or have an actual skincare routine 'til I was already 18 or 19!
3. My current exercise consists of an uphill walk with my little girl to the playground every other day.
4. My newest fave blog is (not beauty-related).
5. The last book I read was The Kite Runner.  Good lord, I cried so much while reading it!
6. I really enjoyed the new Glee episode where they sang all-madonna.
7. I would like one day to live outside Manila.


Golden said...

Aww, thanks sis. I love Glee as well. Can't wait for their second season.

Lots of love,

Ida said...

You're welcome :) Me too can't wait!

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