Monday, April 19, 2010

Great stuff from Humanhearnature and Messy Bessy

Lately all I seem to feel is tired. Fatigued, almost. :( I'm not sure why since I don't do a lot of anything that's particularly exhausting. A trip to the doctor is in order, but the weekend did perk me up a bit, as well as receiving my natural and organic goodies from The Good Earth.

I had to get more of my favorite Humanheartnature Hand Sanitizers. The Mandarin scent is for me, while the Watermelon scent is for hubby. I love these as they don't dry out my hands and they smell great. We've tried all 4 variants at this point- Mandarin, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Pineapple.

Pineapple remains my all-time fave. For me it's just sweet enough, and refreshing! I also like Mandarin, which reminds me a bit of orange peels but doesn't smell overly citrusy, and has the faintest scent of all variants. My hubby likes Watermelon best. This one does smell like watermelon, but after a while to me it starts smelling like those tree-shaped car fresheners. We both find Strawberry too sweet (scent reminds me of Strawberry Kool Aid), and that it turns sour as it dries.

I applied my new Humanheartnature's Hand & Body Lotion in Mango all over my body, and gosh, afterwards I smelled like one big yummy mango milkshake. Haha. Really nothing overpowering, just pleasant. I love tropical scents like these when the weather starts getting even hotter. The smell fades after about 5 minutes but I don't mind.

Not moisturizing enough for me as a body lotion though, since I have very dry skin, but probably good for gals with normal skin. I use it often as a hand lotion. My hands smell so good using this and the hand sanitizers.

I'm all about taking care of my poor hands, which I wash numerous times during the day (stay-at-home-mom to a one-year-old here!), so I replaced my old drugstore liquid hand soap with Messy Bessy's Aloe & Green Tea Hand Wash.

Messy Bessy is a Philippine brand which I find pretty interesting and would love to try more of. They sell a range of all-natural and biodegradable household products that are made of minimal ingredients. Plus the products are so inexpensive! The Hand Wash, for example, cost only P160 for a 390ml bottle. It has a mild green tea scent and doesn't leave my hands dry or aggravate my eczema, which is the main reason I ditched my old drugstore liquid soap.

To keep our bathroom smelling decent, I also ordered Messy Bessy's Diaper Bin Odor Absorber. Notice how simple the ingredients are: only baking soda and tea tree essential oil. And they're actually effective. :) One pack consists of 3 tea bag-like packets, each of which can be used for up to 3 months. Love that they cost only P120.

I've also used up a bottle of their Handy Nanny, a food-safe, organic disinfectant suitable for cleaning baby's toys or surroundings with. This is a cool product because it is so mild and safe, but really cleans. It looks like water but feels a bit stickier, and is perfect for moms who travel a lot with their babies.

If you'd be interested in trying out any of these, I highly recommend ordering from Tet of The Good Earth! She replies promptly to any queries and our transaction was so easy and efficient.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

the products look great!

i also have a bad habit of washing my hands's supposed to be good, but when it comes to beauty, it can be bad because it really dries up my nails...i have to reapply hand & nail creams to keep up with it.

i think that aloe hand wash will be really handy.

hope you feel better,sis

thanks for sharing the info,sis

Ida said...

that's so true about frequent hand washing! i used to apply shea butter on my nails after washing, then lotion, but i got lazy.

your comment is *much* appreciated sis. hugs! =)

Sush said...

ive been checking out humanheartnature a lot but have only tried the makeup remover. Next n my list are the sanitizers and insect repellant! hehe

Ida said...

Hi Sush, I use their makeup remover too. Obviously I'd recommend the hand sanitizers, but the insect repellent I couldn't use because of the too strong scent hehe. Curious to know what you'd think of it. :)

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