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Skinfood concealers reviewed: Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream and Rice Concealer Tip

As much as I love mineral makeup, one thing it doesn't do for me is cover up my dark undereye circles.  The skin on my undereyes is also too dry for it, so I much prefer liquid or creamy concealers.  Enter my curiosity with Singaporean brand Skinfood.  I just had to check out these two concealers, which looked promising- the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream and the Rice Concealer Tip.  Both come in only two shades, and I got the darker one for both.

Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream #23

As seen above, the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream is packaged in a jar.  Mine probably tipped over to the side during transit and sorta melted which is why it looks like that.  It has a slight floral scent, which I don't  find bothersome.  It has a creamy consistency, which feels nice and moisturizing, but doesn't feel sticky.  Easy to spread too.  

The salmon undertone to it is a different shade from any other concealers I've tried, so I had high hopes that this would neutralize my purplish-greyish dark circles well.  I'd also read a number of raves for the product from fellow Asian bloggers.  It does deliver, but not as much as I'd hoped.  On days when I get a good night's sleep and my dark circles aren't as bad as they usually are, this works pretty good.  The shade does brighten up my eyes and gives a more refreshed, awake look to them.         

However, on the days that I really need my concealer to work on the dark circles I find so problematic, is when I don't reach for this.  I find that it does not provide enough coverage.  I only need a small amount, which I apply with my ring finger, and if I put on just a bit too much product,  I get that dreaded whitish/greyish cast or the reverse raccoon look.  Perhaps I needed something a bit's really too bad (and kinda ridiculous) that Skinfood's concealers only come in two shades.  

So, if you're looking to simply brighten up your undereye area or only have slight shadows under your eyes, do try this as it should work nicely.  But if you've got pretty extreme dark circles, like I do, I say skip this. 

Rice Concealer Tip #23

I bring my Rice Concealer Tip so often in my makeup pouch that the writing on it has rubbed off, hehe.  I use a clean finger to get a small amount of product off the sponge tip applicator and apply little by little underneath my eyes.  This has a mild scent to it too, which wears off after a while anyway.

The finish of this concealer is different from the Salmon concealer's.  It's liquid, not creamy, and has a matte, powder finish.  I was afraid that the matte texture would emphasize any dryness in my skin, but by making sure my undereyes are moisturized enough, as well as by using a primer (I currently use Sisley Instant Perfect), I was able to prevent that.  This dries relatively fast, so I have to try to blend it quickly.  Also, if I apply too much of it at once, it cakes.  Better to use just a smudge for each layer.  

I use this a lot because it gives great coverage.  If you check out the swatches below, you'll see that it is not sheer at all, so it does a good job of covering up my dark circles.  I wouldn't say it's HG material though, because it does fade about halfway through the day, and it doesn't completely, like 100% (yeah I have high expectations XD), cover the dark rings around my eyes.  But I do like it enough that I've finished up more than half of it.  And it's quite cheap! 

For a good, cheap fix for dark circles, yup, I'd recommend this!  I'm sure I'll be able to use up the entire tube, but I don't think I'll repurchase.  I'd rather try some other concealers  I've been curious about. :)   

Here are the swatches:

Under natural light, with flash.  Left - Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, Right - Rice Concealer Tip.

Under fluorescent light, with flash, same order.


// krissy ♥ said...

I don't really have dark undereyes, but on the rare days I get them (like after sleepless nights or when I'm PMS-ing) I just reach for my Ellana concealer. I have read a lot of raves on the products you reviewed here, I would have to check them out. Good luck on finding your HG Concealer! :)

Chas said...

hi sis, try also using a color corrector first for darker under eye circles. my friend swears by peach colored concealers. you can top it off with your regular concealer.

Ida said...

Hey Krissy, I'm glad that the Ellana concealer works for you. :) I have them too and use them to set my liquid/cream concealer. Thanks! I hope I find it soon.

Hi Chas, thanks for the tip. :) I really should do that. In fact one of my lemmings is Bobbi Brown's color corrector...mahal nga lang sha. Hehe.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

ako i let the salmon concealer hype pass,hehe,the skinfood salmon looks oily...ive seen that medyo nag oioil nga daw siya

Khymm said...

i just posted my review sa salmon concealer hehe.. it worked naman for my dark circles =) wow i didnt know mas heavy coverage pala ang rice concealer tip =) too bad it fades..

Ida said...

Shobe, ako mejo nadala nung hype. :) I don't find it oily naman, baka kasi dry skin ko. Pero dewy yung finish.

Khymm, hehe sakto...checking out your review now. :) Yup, kahit sa swatch lang, kita no?

Wendy Ayche said...

Love your blog :)
Much love,

A said...

Skinfood is a Korean Brand not singaporean

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