Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Of Wisdom GoAway Circles Eye Serum and Eye Majik Cream review

My undereye area suffers from both dark circles and premature wrinkles, so what I look for in eye care products are deep healing properties, that are not only preventative, but will hopefully promote noticeable improvement on the skin on my eye area.

*Photo taken from the GoW website

Most of my skin care items are purchased from Garden Of Wisdom, and naturally I had to try their eye care products.  So far I've tried two: the GoAway Circles Eye Serum, and Eye Majik Cream, which I used separately.

GoAway Circles Eye Serum

This serum is liquid, non-sticky, and is easily absorbed by my skin. It is unscented, and is very mild- didn't cause any stinging sensation or any irritation.  It also kept my skin quite moisturized.  I only needed a tiny dab for each eye, so the sample size lasted more than 6 months of use.  Actually I still have about half of it left in the fridge.  After those 6 months of application though, I did not notice any improvement in my dark circles or fine lines, so I stopped using it.

It probably works fine for other people, just not for me.  It's been mentioned in the Garden Of Wisdom forum that this product won't work on hereditary dark circles.  I don't think mine are, but overall this product still did nothing for me, and I was glad for the sample size.

Eye Majik Cream

I chose the waxless version of the Eye Majik Cream, since I'm prone to getting milia.  This is a very light cream that doesn't leave my skin shiny and can easily be worn underneath concealer.  I thought it was cool how I felt a firming, sort of tightening sensation on my skin every time I applied this.  It felt like my undereye area was being lifted and maybe looked more renewed.  

It did feel at times though like my skin wasn't getting enough moisturization from this product.  I finished the entire sample, which lasted me more than 3 months of daily application.  It also did zero for my dark circles.  I do think there was a bit of improvement on the fine lines and this helped a lot with any occasional puffiness, but since I need something which provides more moisturization (my undereye area can get pretty dry, but is prone to developing milia from super heavy creams, what a frustrating combination), I didn't repurchase.  

I still very much like Garden Of Wisdom's other products, and will be trying their Cellular Eye Complex next.  Also, I hope to post my skin care routine once my skin gets back on track. :)


Marce said...

Great reviews! I hadn't heard of this brand before. Even though these 2 products didn't work out for you, I'm interested in researching more about them! XO

Golden said...

I hope you find a better eye cream that will get rid of those dark circles and wrinkles. Ako naman I use Avon Anew Rejuvenate Eye Cream. I find it very moisturizing pero I don't think it is effective in removing my dark circles.

Lots of love,

Ida said...

Thanks Marce! I very much recommend this brand. These might work for you, I think these would be good for preventing lines, or maintenance. :)

Golden, thanks for the feedback re the avon eye cream, I was thinking if I should try that eh.

Maho Lucil said...

For effective solution for aging problems, you can use GoAway Circles Eye Serum. It effective lightens dark spots. Another solution is drinking 8 glasses of water daily since it helps our skin younger and beautiful. You can also use Body shop's vitamin e eye cream. Always keep in mind that creams and other anti aging products acts only as a remedy.

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